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How to Use Fentanyl Test Strips

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Roseann and Abby, peer navigators with the Erie County Department of Health, demonstrate how to use fentanyl test strips—and how they can reduce the risk of overdoses and death.

Hi i’m roseanne and this is abby and we’re peer navigators with the erie county department of health as peer navigators we have lived experience with substance use disorder we have seen firsthand the damaging impact of opioids and other substances on people we know and in our community we have also seen how harm reduction strategies like the fentanyl test strips

We are about to demonstrate can reduce the risk of overdoses and death if you’re watching this video you probably know why it’s so important to use one of these test strips on any drums you are going to take but we’re going to say again why it’s important to have fentanyl test strips on hand unless you’re getting your own prescription medicine from a licensed

Pharmacy you have no way to tell what is actually in the drugs you are going to take we have too many cases in erie county where someone used cocaine heroin ketamine club drugs pills or other substances that contain fentanyl and they died of an opioid overdose fentanyl is a powerful opioid which can cause you to stop breathing and lead to death by showing how

To use these fentanyl test strokes we are not advocating for drug use we just want you to stay alive to use the strips open the package and take out the strip you will want to have some clean water a small clean and dry container or plastic bag and a way to measure a half teaspoon put a small amount of drug residue in a clean container or bag and add a half to

One teaspoon of water hold the test strip at the solid blue end and insert the wavy end into the water for 15 seconds take the strip out of the water and wait at least five minutes then look at it in full light and count how many lines have appeared positive test result one red line means that fentanyl or a similar synthetic opioid is detected in your drugs and

Using this substance is extremely risky a negative test result two red lines means that fentanyl are a similar synthetic opioid was not detected in your drugs invalid tests result no red lines means that you should retest your drugs but remember no test is 100 accurate test strips are one of many harm reduction strategies that you should use if you are using any

Substance these test strokes reduce your risk of overdose and death they don’t eliminate that risk number one have narcan also known as naloxone on hand you can text 716-225-5473 to have narcan mailed to you for free the only question we ask is what address to send it to and opioid overdose is a medical emergency don’t hesitate to use narcan and call 9-1-1 if

You are with someone who has overdosed number two never use alone have a trusted person with you and if you are using together take turns go slow by taking small amounts and waiting in between uses consider calling the never use a loan service at 1-800-484-3731 remember that erie county has resources for you and family members the buffalo and erie county crisis

Services addiction hotline can refer you to the support you may need call 716-831-7007

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How to Use Fentanyl Test Strips By Erie County NY