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How to use Lamotrigine? (Lamictal) – Doctor Explains

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In this video we will cover everything you need to know about Lamotrigine, also known as Lamictal. This video is part of a video series on mental health problems. So for more mental health related videos check out this playlist:

Hey there welcome back to how to medigaid and welcome to this new video on how to use lamotrigine also known as lamictal and this video is part on a video series on mental health problems and for those of you interested check out the video playlist in the description after watching this video of course for those of you are meeting for the first time my name is

Raul i’m a medical doctor from the netherlands and i’m making weekly medical videos to educate myself as well as you my viewers because i believe that medically educated people make healthier decisions which is the whole point of this channel and this video this video also comes with a quick disclaimer it’s meant purely informative this is not medical advice

And if you’re looking for medical advice always contact your own doctor and now let’s get learning as mentioned the generic name of this medication is lamotrigine and it’s sold under the brand name lamictal and it’s available as chewable or solvable tablets which brings us to how to use lamotrigine if you want to use the chewable tablets obviously they can be

Chewed or you can take them with half a glass of water and the solvable tablets can be solved in some water afterwards you can drink the glass now it is important to take this medication at fixed times this will make you less likely to forget a dose lamotrigine blocks sodium channels in your brain stabilizing the neural membranes and thus preventing a release

Of glutamate and therefore amateur gene can be used to decrease symptoms of epilepsy and bipolar disorder now for the correct dosages it’s important that i can only provide you with some guidelines always follow the precise amount of frequency your doctor gave you as your personal dose can differ depending on your symptoms the severity of your symptoms your

Specific indication of use and throughout your treatment your blood levels will need to be checked to see if you have the correct and precise dose now when treating epilepsy in adults the initial oral dose is 25 milligrams once a day for two weeks this could be slowly increased up to maintenance dose of 100 to 200 milligrams a day with a maximum dose of 500

Milligrams a day if necessary when treating bipolar disorder in adults the initial dose is 25 milligrams once a day which your doctor can slowly increase up to maintenance dose of 100 to 400 milligrams a day lametrigine is a very effective drug but unfortunately it can have some serious side effects i will discuss some of the most common ones in this video but

If you’re looking for a complete list always ask your doctor check the leaflet or ask your pharmacist very commonly it might cause a rash or a headache commonly it can cause irritation drowsiness dizziness tremor a dry mouth pain or fatigue uncommonly it can cause double vision or hair loss a rally might cause adverse side effects like steve johnson’s syndrome

Meningitis or conjunctivitis and very rarely it can cause abnormalities in your blood a hypersensitive reaction rashes and several other severe side effects which brings us to the safety of use now first of all do not combine laminated gene with alcohol as this might increase your side effects secondly also be careful when driving aslam a gene can cause dizziness

Fatigue and this may make it dangerous when you’re driving and lastly lumetri gene can cause some interactions with the other drugs you’re taking therefore always discuss this with your prescribing doctor and we will end off this video by taking a look at the safety of lamenter gene during pregnancy or while breastfeeding and research shows that the usage of lamarche

Gene could be safe in both cases however there are some exceptions therefore always discuss this with your own doctor now i hope you know now how to use lamborghine but if you have any questions let me know in the comment section and i will do my best to answer all of your questions and for those of you that want to keep on learning check out the playlist in the

Description keep on learning because educated people make healthier decisions which is the whole point of this channel thank you all for watching and thanks to my patreon sponsors thank you sebastian who’s an investor to your supporter and if you did learn something please leave a like this will help out the channel tremendously consider subscribing because i’m

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All for watching and as always i will see you next week with a new video bye bye you

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