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How to use the new Bydureon pen device

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Dr Eggitt explains how to use the new Bydureon pen device

Hi i’m dr. dina get one of the gpc at the oakwood surgery here in kathy doncaster and i’m making a video today about a new pen device called by geryon actually by geryon it’s been on the market for quite some time about 2005 and then licensed to be using this form in 2012 and i’m making the video really because the device has changed so it’s to help teach my patients

On how to use the new pen device so by darien is a drug that’s used in type 2 diabetes and it’s a drug that’s used once weekly and it’s injected into the skin and i think it’s a great drug and the reason why i like it is because it helps to get the sugars down in my patients and it also helps patients who struggle with weight problems to lose weight and although

It’s not licensed for use in weight loss it does help and type 2 diabetics help lose weight and therefore help the diabetes so like all dogs and by jurian is not 100% side-effect free the common side effects of this medicine are making you feel nauseas bringing on tummy pains diarrhea and and weight loss but again weight loss is one of the side effects that actually

Were hoping for usually in this drug one of the things to bear in mind with the by geryon is that if you do get severe tummy pains with this or actually any of the symptoms that you can’t tolerate you you find it’s not not something you can live with come in and pay me a visit or pay your doctor a visit toy your diabetes store endocrinologist and let them know that

This drug is not suiting you but especially if you’re getting severe stomach pains one of the main side effects or social does a major side effects of this drug call they’re quite rare is swelling of your pancreas which is a big problem so if you get severe too many pains let your doctor know so by jared comes in a box and you open the box and you get two pieces

Of kit in there you get the pen device itself and you get the needle tip for the end and effectively it is dead easy to use turn the pen tip onto the device twist the base of the device anti-clockwise until all the green is gone and you hear a click click now what you’ll see when you look in the window on the device is that some of the powder and the liquid emits

Together it’s all gloopy so you need to mix it so give it to good and eighty hits on your hand twisting every now and then it’s about a minute and a half worth of mixing and then give it a twist turn it round and give it some more pace and just continue that for about a minute and a half roughly eighty hits until you look in the window and you can see that gloopy

Powder and the solution are all mixed together so it should be a cloudy solution rather than a gloopy solution when that’s done you continue to twist the device until you hear another click and what you’ll now see is at the end of the devices come out so this is the plunger that you can use to inject yourself with so this is now ready to go ready to inject take the

End off the device where you reveal the needle i’m saving myself an injection today i’m using my lunch and apple sorry mrs. agate and so inject into your skin and the injections can be given around the tummy in the top of the thighs or in the back of the arms the fleshy bits so inject into any of those regions this is plastic and then push the plunger again you’ll

Hear it click and wait about 10 seconds for all of the solution to go into the skin to make sure it’s all gone in take it out hey presto you’re done you just need to dispose of the device safely so pop it into the sharps pin that you have and that’s pretty much it remember to rotate the sights that you use so they don’t get too much skin irritation and that’s the new buddy orion device

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How to use the new Bydureon pen device By The Oakwood Surgery