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How We Got Rid of Our Acne! | Accutane (Isotretinoin) Experience

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Hey guys so this is part 2 of our video if you haven’t seen part 1 go ahead and check it out and hear milla’s story so this is my story growing up i’ve always had kind of like a little bit of acne was always kind of like a little bit on my forehead you know a little bit like a little bit on my nose and on my chin but nothing too bad not like not like my cystic acne

That recently popped up um so i’ve had acne kind of all throughout my teenage years you know i was never very happy with my skin and i always like felt like a little embarrassed like oh i have a pimple i need to cover it up but that was nothing compared to what happened to me last summer i won’t what date is it today right now is august 30th 2013 this time last year

I was that my skin is like was like at the worst that it’s ever been in my life which i am not sure what happened but lately different my my skin got so bad they started getting kind of bad in june and then july got worse than i guess she just had yeah everything’s like erupted like all right yeah like my skin like you could like see like it was puffy like i was

Like even just painful to thinking about kind of now but i’m so glad that’s over um yeah so you know i went to like the doctor yeah i never went to the doctor i was i was looking at mila’s she’s like you know all on accutane and like i’m like looking at like the side effects of accutane and like how she has to you like pregnancy tests and i’m like that is insane

You are crazy for taking like that kind of pill with those kinds of side effects like i do not want anything to do with me no pills cuz like i always believe that like oh if like you eat healthy you exercise then your body was just like yeah your body will kind of clean out it – okay no like i was always eating like a lot of spinach i was running a lot like i was

You know like everything that the magazine’s tell you to do kind of like those teen magazines i get enough sleep eat right exercise i was doing everything i possibly could you know so unless like maybe a little stress from school but in the summer there was no stress so i started getting this terrible acne and i’m like i’m freaking out you know every single night i

Used to like wake up and like cry because my acne hurts so much so i was like okay that’s it my skin is terrible everything i’m trying to do has not helped um like the only way to clean it would be like on the inside like nothing topical is helping so it was really embarrassing cuz everybody try to give me advice on what to do and you know i’m like one doing them

But nothing is helping um and so yeah i went to the dermatologist for the first time i believe it was in august the end of august i got what i got a referral i went okay so first i went straight to my doctor i told her i want to take accutane i don’t want to take all the things that mila take i don’t want to see somebody i clean dachshund cyclin i don’t want any

Of that i wanna accutane right away because i wanted a clear skin like you know mila had and she knew like from my experience that like since we’re so blood related you know like basically i think the same stuff that didn’t work for me wouldn’t work for her so i was like okay like don’t even let you don’t even let her like give you the other stuff just tell her

No you want accutane like yeah not the other side of marina so i went straight to the doctor i said i want to be put on accutane so right away she gave me referral to the dermatologist so at first to the first month my dermatologist put me on doxycycline which is just an antibacterial because she couldn’t put me on accutane right away because of the tests that it

Requires so i actually had a kind of a bad reaction to doxycycline because i had it was like a photochemical reaction like we went we went bike riding a weekend in san francisco and i kind of got like these red scabs on my index fingers it was right here and right here they’re not obviously they’re not here anymore but my skin burned yeah my skin like burned and

It was really bad my dermatologist was like wow i haven’t seen this in like years but then a month later she i did get my accutane prescription finally and it was the reaction i had were kind of like me loves at first just dry lips dry skin drying everything well oil up here yeah just kind of everything i expected so my dermatologist had me on 80 milligrams a day

For every day except on monday wednesday and friday she had me on 120 milligrams every day i was taking 340 milligram pills it was really kind of a difficult time for me on sales i guess like some of the symptoms of a cuting are like depression right and besides dry skin and so many others sometimes like depression is one of them so so i did struggle a little bit

With depression outside but i you know i kind of tried not to show my emotions too much um so as the first month passed my skin kind of already started getting better that i would say that for sure i stopped waking up in the middle of the night you know from itching spells and i wasn’t crying every night anymore the second month was pretty much the same as well a

Third the fourth i would say that i finally started seeing results like my skin started getting a lot better starting in january i my cysts got a lot smaller and also in january was the first time that my dermatologist kind of gave me like injections into my skin it’s just like it kind of helps the big cysts kind of they go a lot deaf weight i guess is the right

Word thing to say so that being is like i’m a seen what she does like consists usually like they would go they would take months to go away and they would leave a huge scar but like when she injected it has literally be gone in like three days and it didn’t leave a scar all right so but they only inject to you like our dermatologist she only injected like my big

Huge one and she injected hers a lot more because she had more yeah i would get like about seven injections kind of in january that was about my fourth month on accutane i would say so you know winter was hard you know the days were sure the skin was dry the depression was there definitely but it’s all worth it but it was definitely all worth it i was on accutane

For six months total total of it i did five months she did six and i still met with my dermatologist after those months to kind of talk about scars i want to show you guys my scars so just as like as my skin yeah so here’s my skin now so here’s my skin now i’m not wearing any makeup besides mascara right now i don’t know if you can see but i still do have some

Scarring here that needs to be taken care of still so what i’m i’m going to show you guys what i’m using for scarring so my dermatologist recommended this brand to me it’s like this 100% silicone gel and it’s got like these massage balls on the ends so i kind of just put it on every night it’s really simple really easy um doesn’t hurt and also she recommended that

I get these scar away silicone scar sheets it’s the same brand so they kind of look like this they’re like little band-aids you just you peel off the back part and it’s sticking you just go ahead and stick it on your skin wherever you have scars so leave it on all night yeah you sleep with it at night they say recommend i think a minimum of 12 hours per day and

Each sheet is washable so you don’t throw it away like the next morning you keep it for seven days and i’m actually i was actually really surprised because you you just wash in it still maintains that stickiness you think i gave you something or that they are helping uh yeah so at first i started using the sheets i would say that i kind of i saw the redness kind

Of go away and also now i’m using the pen wore this so yeah i would i really liked the products i would definitely recommend trying them and seeing how they work for you so if you guys have any questions for us about accutane or you know we have any internal acne go ahead and just post the questions below we’ll get back to you guys as soon as we see the questions

And yeah i can’t wait to hear what you guys just have to ask because i would love to help anybody with kind of the same experience that i had and if you have acne if you’re struggling with acne you’ve been trying a lot of things then we would personally definitely recommend going to see your dermatologist and asking about accutane and if that could help you because

It definitely helped us so we would say a keychain is kind of like our saving grace and grades because not only did it get rid of our cystic huge acne that we’ve had for years it also got rid of our oily skin like excessive oils in our skin our hair doesn’t get dirty oily as fast and also our lips got a little bit bigger like i do not i don’t know we i don’t know

What’s in there but it kind of makes your lips bigger so that’s cool yeah my dermatologist would say i’ve got the angelina jolie lips so yeah so thanks for watching and like we said if you guys haven’t seen part one you guys can listen to my story and yeah leave your comments down below and we’ll try to get back to you guys bye i’ll get a little where’s your head

Cut off i got hair down okay that’s what i’m like cry because my acne hurts so much sorry okay sorry this is fairly recent for me so that’s it for a milla’s story but if you’d like to hear my story go ahead and clean cut some rays

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How We Got Rid of Our Acne! | Accutane (Isotretinoin) Experience By Mila \u0026 Jenny