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Humira – 1 year and 3 months in.

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I’ve been taking Humira for 1 year and 3 months. Find out what I’ve learned in that time. If you have any questions about humira please ask them… I will answer them all x

Hello i’ve had some questions about what humira is like after the first month i think i went up to like first month or so on my on my videos and so people want to know what it’s like after that and i’ve written a little list i’ve been on humira now for a year and a year in three months actually so i was rattled through this list because firstly it doesn’t hurt

I’ve covered it before but it’s worth mentioning because a lot of the early youtube videos go on about that it hurts but they my own understanding that they’ve taken that ingredient out and the only thing that really shocks me is the loud click i have the injection pens and the when you first inject is like but other than that no pain from the injection secondly

There is occasional bleeding and bruising it’s no worse than when if you get your bloods taken and so bear that in mind if you want to wear a short skirt or something or thoughts and you’re injecting in that site and you don’t want any bruising or anything it’s just having it in the back of your mind thirdly traveling when the injection is a right pain if you

Can avoid it do try and plan your your injections around the train plan you’re traveling around your injections wherever possible this basically i traveled to america last year and you know you need like a letter you can’t put the injection into the hold you have to carry in your hand luggage and it’s a whole thing and short distance is not problem because the

People who make you mean rail will send you like a little travel case and you can just pop your injection in that and it’s fine so and also the little travel case looks like a like it’s your lunch box so i you know it’s low-key so yeah so try and plan your traveling around it if you can secondly oh no falsely wow i’m getting through these fourthly tell your wife

Manager i spent a little time trying to hide my injection from my work manager and i don’t know why is sort of wanted to keep it private expose but you know because you know with the delivery and the storage and everything of the injection it’s just a pain and trying to you know make up some stuff about why you need to be working from home eventually just said to

My manager look i got silmas as you know i need to inject there’s a whole issue around the storage and delivery i can’t have it left with a neighbor it’s a really expensive drug so i have to be there and they’ve always been fine always been fine so yeah tell you manager it’s simple fifthly and every duke annie and is you can’t they’re not supposed to eat on this

Injection i’ve eaten them i’ve had a runny egg i’ve had unpasteurized brie that’s not to say that you should but i have and nothing’s happened so you know you do you but um it’s never been problem for me i don’t have it all the time i have like a poached egg once every you know a few months as a treat so just something better in mind if your poached egg lover and

You’re like the guy boss um so sickly sexily anyway point six you will start to look forwards to giving yourself an injection it’s pretty twisted but i’ve actually have developed a little bit of a routine around it because i sort of feel like if i’m gonna give myself an injection i’m gonna make it nice so you know i bring it out the fridge and i make myself a cup

Of tea biscuit and sat down and it’s all lovely and then but it’s you know it’s sort of like a weird thing where you feel like actually i’m doing putting something gurdon to me like i’m something that’s really gonna help me so that’s just you you may start to look forward to doing it i know i do seventh the its and this is worth bearing in mind actually because

I feel like this isn’t talked about a lot it takes a while to work it’s not like when you take like some ibuprofen or something and it takes like an hour and your headaches gone and this injection takes a while to work i started taking in an october i still wasn’t feeling great in december so yeah you should bear in mind that it takes a little while but once it

Starts to work and this is my final point when it works really really works i feel like i have been given my life back i i’ve increased my hours so i can work more hours i’m no longer crawling home from work sitting in front of netflix not doing anything not being able to move i’ve gone from seventeen and a half i was a we can work to 28 i couldn’t even dreamt

That before like a year and a half ago couldn’t have even dreamt it so i’ve increased my hours i am excited this is me my exercise kit yeah i can i can exercise these days and that was i can they couldn’t walk down the street it’s love when i was first taking it before i first started taking it i could my my joints ache i was in pain i was in pain sitting on them

Kids sleeping nothing weekend i was in pain sitting at my desk it was awful and that i i can move now i run i run 5k two times a week it’s the same and yeah it’s given me the ability to move at that socializing with my friends and not like i’m not making plans and then cancel in them last minute because you know the exhaustion has just become too much i’m all

Fancy depressors which is you know huge because i was just in so much pain nice to think this is my life now this is my life forever i’m gonna be in pain i’m gonna be a burden to my husband and that no shining light and but yes but i’m off them now because i feel so good inside being able to lose weight because i have motivation and i honestly have said i’ve told

My rheumatologist probably a hundred times this is mine erica this has given me my life back and everybody’s different and i’ve read plenty of stories about humira not working for people so that and and that is you know like i said everybody’s different but for me i just want to talk i just want everybody to know that i actually feel like it it’s it takes a long

Mile to wait but when it does oh my god it is like it’s just given me everything back it’s given me everything and and so i feel like everybody you know if you’re thinking about star in it and you’re reading online about people you know about it being painful or about it not working for people i just want my story to be in the mix as well where it took a long while

But it works man it’s like it’s like this is what it feels like to be normal that’s what it feels like so if your doctor’s offered it to you and you have any questions for me about what it’s like about the adjustments that you might have had to have made or or anything anything really you can pop them down below and i will answer every question on humira because i

Really think more that we can talk about how good it is the more doctors will will will feel like they can prescribe it it is an expensive drug but people need to know that you know it works works really bloody well for some people and and you know if it can work for you then i really feel like you know give it a try because if you were in position i was waiting

For that hopeless and you just felt like oh so another another medication on top of all the other medication that i’m taking is not an appealing thing but this felt like your last-ditch then then try it and if you don’t want to try it or you’ve got any questions before you try it ask me ask me anything and i’ll answer it okay i am off to the gym now looks like i

Said i can exercise these days bye

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Humira – 1 year and 3 months in. By Cashmere And Pain