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Humira Pen Injection Tutorial and Tips!

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Mind my goofy yoga pants 🙂 I inject myself halfway through the video, so just keep watching.You will know: What to expect in the first visit, what shipments look like, how to get rid of pens for free, how to use the pen, and some helpful hints.

I feel like i wanted this to be like three sentences but it ended up being like a whole story so i’m afraid of needles and i’m afraid of blood and i don’t like seeing them but i’m able to do it and if i can do it you can do it too i’ve watched at least seven or eight different youtube videos on how people do the injections differently from me i tried them with

Ice i’m seeing beforehand icing after heat beforehand heat after i tried it with absolutely no heat or ice at all i first started doing the injections into the top of my legs on the very top of my cloth i very muscular legs and very muscular calf so i was having issues with the actual auto-injector meeting with my muscle in my leg and there was actually one time

Where i did the injection and it hit my muscle and the serum spewed or squirted everywhere if you are a very active person i would not recommend doing it on the top of your leg if you’re the kind of person that is active but you you definitely feel like you have enough soft fat on the top of your leg then do it i however don’t i have very tough skin on my legs i

Really don’t have a lot of fat in my in my actual stomach but i do have a lot of skin that i’m able to pull out like a little jelly roll i call it like a little jelly roll of fat that i do the injection into i don’t use any ice and i don’t use any heat before i do the injection usually what i’ll do is i’ll let it sit out but i will let it come to room temperature

And then what i will do is after i’ve done the injection i will immediately just like chill out and put a heating pad on the site and i’ll apply a little bit of pressure to make sure that the serum has completely absorbed into my skin and it’s not just sitting underneath the skin well my recommendation is only use heat only use heat after the injection you can use

A heating pad you can immediately get in and take a relaxing shower you can take a bath whatever you can do to keep the circulation in your body and around your stomach or in your legs so that the serum can absorb the best that it can and that’s the whole point you want it to absorb into your body so that it works so the citric acid that is in the humira is going

To come in contact with your skin and it will create a burning sensation but it doesn’t last very long at first it can be shocking how bad it can burn but then after you do it a couple times it really isn’t as bad and i think you actually develop a almost like a not an immunity to the pain but you get used to the pain and the pain doesn’t shock your system as much

After a little bit of practice it can be really scary at first if no one’s helping you you want to make sure that when you do this for the first time you do it with a doctor you do it with a nurse practitioner and they teach you how to do it and you want to make sure that you do at least one pen independently by yourself i will be honest with you the first time i

Had to have four injections done in that one first office visit they said to me i’ll do two and you do too and i was like okay so they did two and it was so if the sting was so unexpected that i wimped out and i was like i promise i’ll do the fourth one but my doctor ended up doing the first three and i did the fourth one even though she wanted me to do two and she

Did two but i just like i was in shock by how much it’s done because i had never had a bee sting before so i didn’t really know like when they say oh it’s like a bee sting i was like what the beast thing feel like you know i didn’t know what it was what it would feel like so it was really shocking for me but after i did it a couple times it’s really only a couple

Seconds of pain and it’s going to make you feel a lot better i need to be completely left alone when i do it because i don’t like to be distracted so i can’t have anybody in the room when i originally first started doing it i had someone with me and it actually made me more nervous and more self-conscious about it so i do it by myself but if you need somebody to

Do it or just sitting there with you and that’s fine if you have a pet just have your dog or your cat just like hang out with you while you do it maybe watch a show while you do it so it’s like not like you’re really doing anything it’s just kind of like like a chore is don’t make a big deal out of it and don’t feel like you have to sacrifice your whole night just

Because you have to do your injection the only thing that i will say is that you do the injection and immediately get up and start walking around it will absorb into your skin sir and it will burn because you’re moving around and the blood gets pumping and your body feels like it’s exercising or like the body feels like oh i’m moving i need to pump the blood

Faster so it will burn fast don’t wait like five minutes and then get up don’t get up immediately because then it’s just going to absorb into your stomach and you’re like hmm really hurts but depending on how you get humira i get humera sent to my house directly and it comes in this really well packaged box it’s in a big styrofoam box it’s kind of not really that

Eco-friendly but it’s such an expensive kind of injection that they need to make sure that it stays a certain temperature so when you actually open up the box itself and taking everything out so it comes with two pens and generally i keep one pen out obviously because i’m going to let it come to room temperature and it does come with like a couple booklet i’ve

Never ever had to look at any of these booklets and it does come with two alcohol wipes so if you are going to use an alcohol prep you want to an alcohol prep pad you want to make sure that your skin is completely dry of the alcohol before you do the injection because you don’t want to make it already sting it’s already going to sting so you want to make sure that

You let the alcohol prep pad dry on your skin so this has been out for a little while already like before i took it out of the cartridge it’s already been out for about 20 minutes anyway i typically let it sit out for about 45 minutes to an hour so i typically just let it hit room temperature how do i explain this if it doesn’t really sing that much you know that

It’s at room temperature if it really really stuns and the sturm was probably still a little too cold and you should have waited maybe another 10 minutes because acidic acid if it enters your bloodstream and it’s a cooler temperature the acids will enhance the pain but if the acid is more at the same temperature of your blood then it won’t really cause a sensation

In your nerves in your nervous system but you want to make sure that you’re doing the injection in a perimeter around your belly button but you need to find a position where you’re able to find like even like a little roll of fat i personally do it on the left or the right and i rotate so that i don’t get a lot of scar tissue on one side of my stomach if you’re

A crohn’s patient or if you’re a person who’s had any kind of major surgery on your gastro tract and you feel self-conscious about the way your body looks at post surgery you shouldn’t feel that you are any less beautiful than you were before if anything a scar shows a journey that you’ve been on and if anybody cares about the way that you look because you have a

Scar on your stomach they shouldn’t be a person in your life here with a person that you know appreciates you for what you’ve gone through and appreciates the strength that you have they’re typically not going to make any comments about the scars on your stomach because they probably think wow look at what you’ve gone through so i guess my point is that if you feel

Self-conscious about your scars or because of your colostomy bag it’s something that i hope that you’ll get over because it really doesn’t matter and whatever person that you end up with one day they’re not going to care or they’re probably going to think that you’re even you know more courageous or more strong that you don’t care you just need to surround yourself

With people who don’t judge you based on the way your body looks because they know that your body is going through a lot and they know that your body isn’t as healthy as it could be because you were given this body and you can’t do anything about find confidence in yourself and it’s possible but sometimes it will take time i just wanted to share with you real quick

This is the container that i put all of my auto-injectors into once they’re empty and it typically can hold quite a few i think it can hold at least a dozen if you have the point that i have i believe it’s the core what it is so they offer free removal of the auto-injectors from your home program i don’t know what they call it i just made that up i just call it

The removal from your home box program but what’s nice about it is you don’t have to pay for the shipping – and away from your home they will handle all of that for you and it’s a really easy phone call you just call and you just say hi my container so i need a new one and they’ll say okay you need a replacement container they’ll verify your address they’ll ask

You if you need any help any tips on your injections the humera company in general on their customer service line is very friendly and they’re very they’re very knowledgeable so that’s what’s nice about the company of humera is that they do really cater to their customers to their patient i took off the first part and the second part of the pen and i just put the

Little pieces aside i just put them aside like you don’t need them and then i just rest the pen like on my hips i like lean forward so i can get like a really good little roll i’m not pinching it really hard but i’m i’m i’m pulling it out enough that i can with my finger i can make sure that it is they really soft kind of i guess the word is bouncy piece of skin

Like i want to make sure that it’s not tough oh i can tell that this is a part of the stomach that i haven’t injected in a while because it doesn’t feel as tough as the other side of my stomach if you’ve been doing the injections for two years like i have you’re going to find spots that you need to give a break like you need to let them heal so i’m going to do it

Right here 1 2 3 4 5 actually well what it’s already done i can already tell okay so i’m going to pull this off real quick serum now has this yellow little it’s weird it’s like this little yellow window like that’s where the injection was that little tiny dot right there is it and it burns a little bit but it doesn’t really hurt that much that’s my scar by the

Way so you’ll notice that there’s no blood there’s no bubble it really wasn’t like a puncture wound the only thing that really freaks me out every time i do the injection is that click and the noise just it just i don’t like it i really don’t like the noise that it makes but i know that it’s going to make me better i know it’s going to make me live a normal life

I know it’s going to help me you know be an independent person and be able to work full time and i’m not be in as much pain with my disease and it’s going to minimize the inflammation in my body so the couple seconds of burning it’s worth it i don’t think i want my thermostat in the last image of this so anyway right there is my heating pad that’s heating up and

I’m going to put it on my stomach in a minute but i hope this video helps you become more confident on doing your injections whether it’s for an autoimmune disease or rheumatoid arthritis share this with people you know who are just starting because it shouldn’t take you two years to become confident to do these injections like i did i wish that i had someone who

Personally used them who could give me tips because your doctor does try their best to teach you how to do the injections in that one office visit but you’re really not going to become good at it until you figure it out yourself and you take tips from real people who do it so watch my video share it with other people see you later alligator after a while crocodile

Isn’t that the other person that’s supposed to say that when they aren’t they supposed to say after a while crocodile i guess i just said both what do you say at the end of a video gutentag goodbye shalom i’ll be buck no that’s we’re not saying that i should just left it as a crocodile thing

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