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Hydrocodone, Dilaudid, or Morphine? Sickle Cell Vlog

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Pain management at home, ER, & Outpatient Visits. What do my #sicklecellwarriors take?

Hi youtube this is frenchie j here and i’m coming to you today with a sickle cell blog what i want to talk to you guys too about today is what pain medicines i take here at home and what pain medicines i think about hospital so let’s get started the first medication that i take for pain as needed mostly every day every would be noticed once a day if i need good times

I’ll take one in the morning one in the evening i’ll break it in half and take the another home at night and if i need another some more medicine after the other half of the medicine that i broke in the middle – croatoan and i said i’m innocent 10 325 t this is also generic the brand name is norcombe and it basically is a senat pain medicine it’s on my opinion below

Those pain medicine affairs from working and allotted and i’m oxycodone ones on the lower end i tend to take this and it helps me with breakthrough pain because i have a five-year-old and i can’t move beyond heavy heavy medication because i don’t want to be sedated so yeah i take high score or pain it is a light tablets on one side it says walks in eight five three

And on the other side it just has a slit to break it and that’s kind of where i bite because i don’t have a pill cutter i said i want a pill cutter because these peels are easy to break into so here i quit 120 of these a month and i used to get up to buy refills on them before the last change here in north carolina so now we have to go pick up the prescription

From the doctor’s office getting refilled the modern browser browser and sonia that’s a trip i hate to have to take if i need the medication i probably don’t want to be jogger or need to be jogging from yeah this is why i take care of home and i also was just diagnosed with restless leg syndrome last week and i’m taking rope in a row it is a medication for als or

Lou gehrig’s disease and an author appoints 25 milligram tablets this it’s a small round tablet with a g on one side and on the other side it has 2 semi-colon will not see me fall number 253 and it just helps with my restless leg i think it helps with like the nerves and stuff like that in malaysia help calm them down but honestly i’m having a funny feeling in

My stuff today like when i push on it hurts this be chilling all day and i usually can pop my knuckle like that and it hurts like heck to do that so i looked up side effects of this medication and it does have side effects of tingly fingers and hands and soreness so it’s kind of weird so i’m not tell my doctor got that he tried to put me on xanax but i wanted to

Try this first because i don’t think this is addictive or not no xanax is but looking at kids and i might have to get worn it because this is my healthiest restless leg which i was also surprised two days in itself disgusting six restless leg syndrome um this is a whole bottle but this is on dan set long i’m just kinda like i see i might even try to put this word

Together but basically this is a generic girlfriend for nausea in the space for milligram tablets take one by mouth every eight hours so yeah this is what i take sometimes before i go get treatment at the doctor’s office for morphine because um heavy medication for morphine or protect to hydrocodone if the fact that i was one of these beforehand that i went get

Sick to the stomach i also take promethazine which is the generic for i can’t think of the name right now finnegan yeah so that’s also an aussie medication for metazine tablets not the promethazine that comes in the syrup for coughing not cough sir promethazine that people abuse in subjects but just the pill form and it’s just for nausea and makes you sleepy and

I left them at least i take a multivitamin three six five adult multi for women it is just really all i can take as far as multivitamins but it has colic acid in it vitamin b6 marble five in privacy the 3ek analyst goes on on the other side of it it also has spinach calcium citrus red clover sleeping and a lot of other cool things like kale and dandelions so this

Comes from on powerful it’s organic ingredients i think help with my stomach because like wanna days and your own account in generic multivitamins at the drugstore make me nauseous and i cannot text them they may be not just ones which only about a thirty minutes before it’s able to settle in my stomach so this is the only money invited me that i can take without

Getting sick to my stomach as well as only thing about this is it makes your pee yellow almost for that was because that i made i think date you or my okay okay it makes your be freakishly forge so yeah it like stains the tissue tmi yeah that’s one thing about these but they’re big horse filled and i’ll show you one and the color has kind of shaken up a bit it

Was more green on body like a bright green would knock a four-string or not by my brilliant the disa cotton in here is growing now roll abs will absorb the color so that’s all take it home of course you take all your body features with water the best way to go in the hospital when i’m going for the our visit i take dilaudid and zofran iv form and just get fluid

And oxygen if i want it for pain management i get three rounds of the lot it it i feel better i go home if i don’t under mit it simple is that being clear and dry in the er a formula as well as hip on a minute i just continue to get the lot it i don’t take benadryl and i don’t take any other medication for some pain medicine and if of course i have an infection

Or two antibiotics with just payments i don’t really get any birthday meditation upon being discharged from the hospital i am prescribed oxycodone or oxycodone it’s a little bit stronger than my hospital so that’s all i take upon being discharged and last but not least when i’m going to my doctor’s office just for our patient therapy i get morphine finnegan and

The iv form and that’s about it nothing too crazy and out there that usually helps me be under control we used to have not a lot of a general pair in the car i used to get that and are really helpful on a lot but because of some type of heart problem people were getting from a year they discontinued that medication so yeah to say but around anything like fentanyl

Patches or anything like that but i would be so happy and excited to hear you guys take it home and what you guys like in the hospital and when you guys take in outpatient at the doctor’s office and what you guys take upon being discharged and if you have any suggestions or what i can take that maybe a little bit stronger than hydrocodone but won’t knock me out

Like morphine being that i have a bottle that worked great to know in the comments below and if you liked this video give it a thumbs up and subscribe button if you want to see more open to suggestion and they’ve shown my sickle cell warriors

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Hydrocodone, Dilaudid, or Morphine? Sickle Cell Vlog By Frenchi’ J.