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Hyoscyamus niger L. for Diploma in Pharmacy Pharmacognosy

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Pharmacognostic profile of Hyoscyamus

Welcome learners in this lecture we’ll be discussing on hyoscyamus as a part of drugs acting on nervous systems and the syllabus of pharmacology diploma part 1 how sermonize that belongs to so lunacy family it’s a very important plant and left side you can see the herbarium of this particular plant and the right side the plant itself with the funnel shaped flower

The synonym of this plant is him been black hanmin has a mossad also i must leave the taxonomic profile shows that it belongs to division magnum magnolia fighter which is the flowering plant class magnoliopsida subclass is esther dd solon order is solon alice and family is colony c which is actually a potted to family the genus is hyoscyamus or him in genus and the

Species is higher so much nicer lean which is a black hand men the drugs biological source consists of the dried leaves and flowering tops of hyoscyamus nicer lean it belongs to families hula means the distribution of drugs it is basically indigenous to the europe and specially britain and it is also grown in the south east and north africa and west asia but that

Is introduced or cultivated in india also now the next section is the organoleptic is elevation in this section we mainly concentrate on the leaves organoleptic evolution because this part is mostly used relief the shape is way too long mostly in dry condition that is available in a broken drum stage color is grayish green color the epics you can see the acute

Effects bass is generally symmetric in eco to slight obtuse the petiole is available short petiole or in some cases that is rachel without patil the margin you can see that is irregularly dented margin the lamina is hide lee haeri the midrib is broad the flowers are final shape now the next section come to the chemical constituent the major chemical constituent

Is alkaloid and out of which the point zero five two point one four percent so pain alkaloids profane alkaloid you can see is the ring that is the eight members being here you can see the trophy ring and mostly stolen easiest family consists of this particular alkaloid that improves belladonna house famous and datura so this is actually produced with the fusion

Of the pyro leading and fiber dd marine with common methylated nitrogen methylated nitrogen so mostly it consists of two important rope and alkaloids one is house i mean left side you can see the structure of hyoscyamine and second one is the high esteem or scopolamine on my right side you can see the structure how c or scala mean and the petiole contains more

Alkaloid than the lamina now come to the chemical taste of the tropane alkaloid this is the generalized chemical taste here the taste is literally more interest in brittle maureen’s taste we take the trophy an alkaloid in dry condition with fuming night nitric acid then we apply heat to evaporate it to dryness and then dissolve residue is dissolved in acetone this

Whole residue is taken in acetone and then a methanolic solution of toh potassium hydroxide is added to this dissolve residue in at acetone we get the violet color if we get the violet color that means it consists of tropane alkaloid the main use of this drug this drug is used as antispasmodic mechanism of action of this drug this drug mainly uses antimuscarinic

Or anticholinergics so it prevents the secretion of sweat glands salivary glands too much situation heart muscle activity and axon the smooth muscle so this drug is mainly used in differents spasms including the spasm of you via midi track just winter skin all track this helps in counteract of lighting effect of different targets especially sena castor oil so that

Generates the partition so that can be implemented by this application simultaneous application of this drug as promised this is used as expectorant and also shows sedative activity

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Hyoscyamus niger L. for Diploma in Pharmacy Pharmacognosy By soumya bhattacharya