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Hey guys what’s going on welcome to my channel relationship if you guys are new to the channel please make sure to hit that subscribe button so that you guys are updated on hair loss and hair transplant topics as well as updates on current research for hair loss treatments currently in the pipelines visit my website at to purchase your microneedling

Devices which are scientifically proven to simulate hair growth my low level laser therapy cap hair with vitamins dhd vodka shampoo and serum and a few other products for those who are suffering from hair loss if you guys are looking for a good hair transplant clinic take a look at motion clinic in south korea where i got two fue procedures there they’re

Currently having a 50 off promotion so you guys can get a free online consultation figure out how many graphs that you guys are gonna need and i’m gonna have all of the contact information in the description box below for those who are interested so a few months back i don’t know if you guys recall but i did a video on some incredible before and after results of

People that have been incorporating micro needling into their hair loss treatment regimen to promote hair growth most people were using a combination therapy to target hair loss through several different mechanisms of action including things like fight valve reductase inhibitors you know finasteride dutastride topical or oral minoxidil to stimulate growth laser

Therapy anti-androgens and a few other treatments known to help with hair growth one guy that i covered was from the forum hair loss talk he went by username narwhal 7 and he actually shared with us some incredible results after fighting hair loss as he normally seven his results were incredible because he was a hyper responder to treatment and he literally went

From a lord seven back to a north three after just one year treatment uh the interesting aspect about this was that he experienced advanced hair loss starting from an early age and by 23 he actually went full north seven and he didn’t start treatment until nine years later at the age of 32. so i think his experience and the fact that he was able to reverse hair

Loss even nine years after he went fully bold is truly amazing i’ll share what his before and after photos look like in a little bit but his hair loss treatment regimen basically consisted of something known as a big three plus microneedling he was on one milligram finasteride daily 5 minoxidil twice a day nice roll shampoo three to four times a week and then a

1.5 millimeter thermo rolling once every seven to ten days it looks like it also switched from the derma roller to a dr six pen um he was also taking daily biotin vitamin d3 collagen peptides three times a week um he says that he’s been pretty consistent with treatment other than the fact that he missed maybe a week’s worth of finasteride due to quantification

As far as side effects were concerned uh normal libido although he did experience some testicular aching and there was no indication of any cognitive impairment here is his before photo you can see some pretty extensive hair loss from various angles and he is only left with a rim of hair that would typically classify him as an order six borderline number seven

And then after a year of religious treatment he literally went back to a nord three with his hair follicles revived in the island portion of the hairline we can see a nicely defined north three hairline that was non-existent previously and the crown in mid-scalp has seen some pretty extensive density and growth as well and when you see results like this guy we

Have to classify them as a hyper-responder treatment because the majority are not going to see crazy gains like this guy but nevertheless you know it’s really amazing to see how he was a near fully bulk person didn’t intervene with any hair loss medication for nine whole years and then after just one year of consistent treatment he was able to regrow most of

His miniaturized hair on his scalp some of you guys were commenting that he was using topic or a hair concealer to beef up the illusion of density but he makes it clear in a two-year update that he posted a few months back that he has not used any concealers or hair fibers in any of the photos that he provided so after two years he finally gives us another

Update to his hair and to our surprise this is what actually had happened the norwood three hairline that he once had after one year of treatment is no longer there with significant hair loss once again to the frontal hairline the mid scalp also suffered a lot of hair loss progression as well as with noticeable thinning especially around the crown area but

Fortunately he didn’t go completely back to a north seven which was where we started with we can still see that he was still able to maintain some portion of his hair particularly around the crown area and even the mid scalp so he didn’t go back to square one uh but he did lose ground i’m sure a lot of you guys are wondering what had exactly happened especially

When this guy was such a hyper responder to the big three and michael needling so it turns out that he stated that his hair growth peaked around the 14 month mark in terms of regrowth and then he was able to maintain or slowly regressed over the next year one big attribution to his hair loss according to his own acknowledgment was the fact that he had stopped

Using minoxidil he stopped using minoxidil because he claims that it had made his hair greasy and it made it look thinner and i have to agree that it was stupid of him to stop minoxidil treatment because as a growth agonist that was a significant reason why he was able to regrow a good portion of his hair back it makes no sense to me that he would stop treatment if

He had no side effects because it made his hair greasy and like thin and you know when in reality when halting minoxidil had resulted in him balding even further with more loss and you know all the gains that he had previously uh was just wiped away a huge part of just being able to regrow and slow down further hair loss is to always be consistent with treatment

Hair loss treatments are treatments they’re not a cure and it has to be a lifetime commitment the moment that you stop using either minoxidil or finasteride or dutasteride or any other treatment is the moment that you guys are going to start to see a decline in hair growth and as you know it seven when this guy started off you know finasteride probably didn’t

Really do much in terms of hair growth only because you know finasteride doesn’t work as a growth stimulator uh it just targets the conversion of testosterone to dht so i’m pretty certain that most of his gains were attributed from minoxidil and microneedling and to stop treatment on his part resulted him losing so much of the hairs that he previously had gained

Back he did however get a hair transplant shortly after with a little over 3 400 grafts into the hairline you know the mid scalp and the vertex regions so after a few months he’s probably going to see some good growth and density but i really do hope that you know he doesn’t stop all treatment simply because he’s had a hair transplant because that honestly

Would be just asking for disaster just because you had a hair transplant doesn’t mean that you are not going to have any progression of hair loss there is a good chance that some of the implanted grafts are still going to be prone to miniaturization because hair transplant doctors even to this day don’t fully they don’t understand exactly where the proper donor

Zone is to pull hair follicles that are dhd resistant and even if you may think that a certain region in the back of the donor zone is not prone to miniaturization that can always change over time so having undergone a hair transplant this guy at a bare minimum still needs to be on a 5 alpha reductase inhibitor like finasteride or dutasteride or look into an

Anti-androgen to target the root cause of hair loss honestly speaking you know had he still stuck with minoxidil treatment along with finasteride um i don’t know if you quit finasteride or not but this guy probably could have saved a lot more money and not have to have used up so many grafts especially the vertex and scalp because his one ear results looked

Phenomenal and i don’t know how much of the lighting played for density visualization but it looked like he actually didn’t even need a transplant in those areas he probably could have just gotten by with some graphs to improve the hairline but he ended up having to spend a lot more money and the telegraphs to fill in the areas that had lost regrowth the same

Goes for finasteride especially for those who get on it and when they start seeing the first signs of miniaturization there’s a good chance that those who start early into treatment are able to slow further hair loss so the number one key is to be proactive um the sooner you start the more hairs you guys are going to be able to keep and unfortunately for this

Guy he started a bit too late when he lost the majority of his hair which could have most likely been able to be saved had he started treatment early on we know that finasteride is effective in about 85 of men so um that’s not to say that treatments like minoxidil aren’t going to work even years after hair has been lost since this guy in this guy’s case he

Saw tremendous growth for somebody who was well into the advanced stages of hair loss hope this video shed some light on the importance of sticking with treatment and the commitment that has to be followed if you truly want to slow the progression of hair loss at least with the current medications that we have available um hope this video has been insightful

Let me know what your thoughts are if you guys have any questions feel free to reach me via email through the contacts on my website at or you can leave me some comments below thanks for watching guys and i will talk to you guys in my next video take care

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