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Hyperthyroid Cats and Vidalta Issues

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For more help and information, join my Facebook group at: I’m doing a series of short videos covering aspects of feline hyperthyroidism. Hope they help.The videos are free, but odds are that we wouldn’t mind if you wanted to make a donation. Pretty sure our creditors won’t object either. You can do that via Paypal using or via GoFundMe through the Al’s Legacy Cat Fund at You can also find some of my writings about feline hyperthyroidism and cat stories on my site.

Most of the medications used to treat hyperthyroid cats are some form of methimazole which is the generic name you’ll also find find it call tap azole thyra norm which is different in the uk from in the us and some other versions there is also carbon assault which is not easily available in the united states but is used in a lot of other countries sometimes also

Called neo merck is all and there is a 24-hour formulation called the delta it is one of the most commonly used in the uk and some other countries and i really don’t think it should be used at all yes the 24-hour aspect only having to pill once a day can be a big deal but there are two major problems with vegalta one is that the smallest size made is an overdose for

Most cats that’s the ten milligram size and many vets actually start with the 15 milligram size the other problem which is in some cases fortunate given the overdose factor is that vidhata does not have a very good absorption record members of the thyroid groups have found undissolved vegalta pills in the litter pan so we can only guess how often that really happens

And how much of the vidhata is absorbed on average my guess is that it’s pretty low because we don’t have a lot of cats dying from it which is not to say we don’t have any cats dying from it now carbons all converts into methimazole in the body and it converts at a rate of about 70 percent that means 10 milligrams of carbons all of adult a’ is equal to about 7

Milligrams of methimazole now i’m going to run through some numbers please bear with me the most common starting dose with methimazole is two point five milligrams twice a day a total of five milligrams for the day and that is actually documented as being too much for the majority of cats and yet the delta at ten milligrams means you’re starting with almost seven

Milligrams a day twice young two milligrams higher than what’s already confirmed as an overdose for many cats that means the 15 milligram the delta is about ten milligrams of methimazole so it’s double what is already confirmed as too much for the majority of cats so you have to figure the only way cats get by on vyd alta is if they don’t absorb that much of it

Now it’s possible to cut the dalton the company says not to but it can be done safely you can’t crush it without losing the 24 hour part of the formulation but personally if your vet says vyd alta i would say no thank you let’s talk about thyra norm if you’re in the uk that’s a liquid form filum azole and i know in the uk they use what’s called the cascade system

And the ones that are recommended at the top of the cascade is what the vets are supposed to use first byron ormond filum azole would both be right up there with vid alta so your vet really shouldn’t park you too much and the generic methimazole i would assume is available but let’s not push it too much too you know too soon but given any choice of treatment well

That might be a little extreme but let’s say any of the medications the dalton is bottom of my personal list and if i had the choice it wouldn’t be on the market

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Hyperthyroid Cats and Vidalta Issues By Hyperthyroid Cats