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Hyperthyroidism (Overactive Thyroid) explained | Dr. Ravi Sankar Erukulapati, Senior Endocrinologist

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Ladies and gentlemen in this particular episode we are going to discuss about hyperthyroidism sometimes also called thyrotoxicosis this is more common in women than men and going back to basics we all have this gland in the neck called thyroid gland which is a butterfly shaped gland it secretes hormones called t4 and d3 also called thyroid hormones then when the

Thyroid hormone levels in the blood are high we call it hyperthyroidism as simple as that so let us look at the various causes of hyperthyroidism hyperthyroidism can be due to autoimmune causes such as graves disease can be due to toxic thyroid nodules that means some of the nodules in your thyroid gland are autonomous and secrete excess thyroid hormone people

Can also develop hyperthyroidism due to a condition called thyroiditis which is inflammation of the thyroid gland sometimes excess usage of thyroid hormone in the form of replacement therapy can also lead to hyperthyroidism some medications can also lead to hyperthyroidism exam contrast media also amuderon can lead to hyperthyroidism so these are some of the

Causes of hyperthyroidism let us look at the various signs and symptoms of hyperthyroidism thyroid hormone excess leads to excess metabolism in your body so everything goes fast you can lose weight you can have various other symptoms as well such as tremor palpitations raising of the heart anxiety heat intolerance excess sweating you can also have frequency

Of bubble movement it can suffer from bulging of the eyes if the cause is due to graves disease you can have problems related to your thyroid land in terms of size we call it goiter in medical terms people can develop irregular menstrual periods or fertility related issues if this were to happen in women men can develop problems with their breasts and we call

It gynecomastia when they develop big breasts and the various complications are irregular heart rate called atrial fibrillation people can develop heart failure people can also develop heart attacks if it is really left untreated for a prolonged period of time or if it happens certainly under numbers of very high in terms of thyroid hormone levels people can

Also develop a very detrimental complication called thyroid storm rarely though thankfully people can also develop thinning of the bones called osteoporosis if this is neglected so how do you identify when you have any of these features do consult your doctor who can do your thyroid blood test called tsh t4 and 3t3 sometimes to identify the cause your doctor

May also do tests such as tsh receptor antibodies a technetium thyroid uptake scan as well and based on these investigations your doctor would come to a conclusion as to what the diagnosis is and treat you by using medications such as beta blockers and also anti-thyroid medications such as methymiazole carbamazole probiotic thirsty as well sometimes and coming

To definitive treatment a radiod treatment can be administered if your doctor feels it is appropriate and sometimes even thyroid surgery might be appropriate we will discuss these in other episodes so ladies and gentlemen i hope by watching this episode you’re able to understand about hyperthyroidism and you will be able to recognize these features if at all

Anybody were to suffer from these within your family friends or yourself do take care

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Hyperthyroidism (Overactive Thyroid) explained | Dr. Ravi Sankar Erukulapati, Senior Endocrinologist By Health \u0026 Hormones