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I Am So Hurt!!!! I Hope Bydureon BCise Works For Me.

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New medicine from my doctor! I also got a Onetouch blood glucose monitoring system.

Hey guys i went to my doctor’s appointment i wasn’t happy i wasn’t pleased with my a1c my a1c jesus was a 12.9 do y’all need i need a 6.5 in order to have my search i need half of what that is so i talked to my doctor and i explained to him about the situation with my best friend that she takes three different types of medicines and she has her a1c down to a 6.2

From an 11. i’m a 12.9 i was really surprised that he didn’t disagree with me about adding another medicine but he was not willing to add two medicines at the same time so i’ll be taking my metformin and he gave me bidrozan b bcs this is it guys buyerson bc is 2 grams the medicine is already in here when you release it it comes right here in this little glass

Area and shake it up until it’s cloudy and then you take the top off you unscrew the top off this off and then you turn it upside down and you press it down on your abdomen you can do it on your abdomen your thigh or the top part of your butt or the fatty part of the back of your arm but you can do that you just press down on it and while you’re pressing it’s

Injecting the medicine into your skin once you just turn it to where the glass this right here is facing you so you can see when it’s done and you just take it off you only do this once a week once a week and that with my metformin so we’re going to see how it how far it gets me down or whatever he didn’t want to do trulicity he wanted to do this one instead

But there they’re applied the same way and they’re basically i was reading angry they’re basically the same they just have a different name but he wanted to do this one he said he had a better result with this one with his clients and they also lost weight so we’re going to see what happened lord then he asked me was i checking my blood sugars no i stopped

Checking him because it just depresses me so i stopped doing it he said no i need you to be aware of what they are and see what triggers your sugars or whatever so i know that’s something i’m supposed to do anyway it just depressed me so bad i just didn’t want to do it anymore but like i told you guys i’m gonna do whatever he say do and that’s what i’m gonna do

So he gave me a one touch it’s a one touch all you do is do your little thing put it on there and it’ll it’ll tell you what your sugar level is he wants me to do this when i get up in the morning which is on a fast because i have not eaten anything from the time i went to sleep and got up you want me to check my sugars then and a hour after i eat he wants me to

Check it to see and i can also do it before just to see what my levels are and then what they are an hour after i eat it’s a lot of work i used to do it and it just depressed me but i have already made me a little little thing where i’m gonna put in my uh let me see if there’s one in here because i made one because i knew he was gonna have me do this i was gonna

Put down each time that i um i took it i was gonna write it down one day i took it in all of that so oh okay so these are all the instructions to this little kid and then you got a a quick start guide tell you how to do it and get it done quickly and that is in english this one is in espanol so nevertheless i’m going to be using this one and this is the little

Carry in case it comes in guys so sexy so it don’t look so whatever so i’m opening this for the first time with you guys this is what it looks like uh this is the meter this is what i stick myself with these are the test strips i stick myself put it on the strip insert it in and it’s going to tell me what my levels are this right here are some um needles that

Came with it but he called in a prescription for me so i can go pick those up i think there are 10 in here but he caught in the prescription for um a month for me checking it three times a day or an excess of three times a day or more so he calls it in i got to go to walgreens and pick it up but this is very discreet i like it um everything is self-explanatory

I’ve done it before i just had a different type but they’re all the same so it’ll be easy to do but i’m gonna use these directions make sure i’m doing it right this is the owner’s booklet it tells you about everything they got one in um english and i got the other one in espanol okay so guys i told y’all i was gonna do whatever he say do i’m gonna do it i got

Um walgreens said it will take about 30 more minutes so i’m gonna drive back up there and get the rest of my uh my needles for this and another thing he said that if this doesn’t work with me doing this adding this medicine to it he’s talking about putting me on insulin y’all that ain’t gonna happen i ain’t gonna give myself no shot i cannot give myself no shot

That ain’t gonna happen i can barely have them prick me when i go i actively on food so what i’m gonna do is add my new medicine to my metformin so taking my fat ass to the gym and quit putting in my mouth i’m just gonna quit putting all this stuff in my mouth i’m not no sodas no bread no starches no nothing i’m just gonna be cold turkey for this month and see

How this actually works so when i go back in a month he’s already made my appointment for me to go back in a month and that’s the usage of all 40s and see how well is taking it down so guys i am so this has to work this has to work for me guys because i just don’t know what the hell else to do so i’m gonna try this and prayer i’m just gonna pray god help me

Through this god make this work because i want to get on the flat side i want to do it before i’m 60. so y’all if y’all know anything else i can do go in the comments and tell me and even if you just go in the comments just to give me some support some encouragement i would love that so here i go guys i’m starting now my guy he’s so supportive he’s uh whatever i

Want i have to do he’s going to back my 110 so i’m excited about that uh the eating the foods i’m changing to he said whatever i eat that’s what he’s gonna eat so you can’t beat that guys so i don’t have to cook different stuff he could eat what i eat okay so uh i’m trying to be uplifting y’all but i’m so hurt i ain’t gonna lie i am so disappointed in myself

Very so um yeah i’m just gonna have to do the right things i don’t have a choice so i’m gonna stay focused and i’m gonna try to stay uplifted because that’s i’m just going to add some added stress but this medicine was made in belgium y’all i’m looking at this this says active ingredients made in belgium so hopefully this foreign works okay well i’m quit

Rattling on i said i was gonna come back on and tell y’all what the doctor said and he said basically what i thought he was gonna say but i was so excited that he didn’t disagree with me about adding another medication so that’s what i’m gonna do so guys wish me luck put send your prayers up for me and even if it wasn’t a surgery i need to get it down i need to

Get healthy so just pray for me guys i don’t want to be on insulin it’s millions of people that are on insulin i just can’t i can’t give myself a shot like that every day no so i’m gonna get it together and i’m gonna keep you guys informed and guys again if you know of anything any foods or any whatever i don’t care i’m trying okay i just want to say i love

You guys thanks for listening thanks for subscribing and i love you guys to the moon like share subscribe and also comment i love you guys bye

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I Am So Hurt!!!! I Hope Bydureon BCise Works For Me. By BBL \u0026 TT JOURNEY TO THE D.R. 2021 TYPE 2 DIABETIC