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I Can Reverse Rheumatoid Arthritis’ Dr Joel Wallach (Message Me For More Info)

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Well everybody says it was gonna be an epidemic of arthritis coming that’s because there’s 80 million baby worms come along we all have 72 joints and every one of them can have arthritis right and so what’s the problem here why would 80 million baby boomers get arthritis well because they listen to medical doctors they exercise put a lot of wear and tear energy

Under those joints they told them don’t take any vitamins you could overdose so there’s no raw materials to kind of maintain or repair and then of course they say drink plenty of water well you drink water or sweat is more than water sweat is a soup that contains all the known essential nutrients 90 essential nutrients unless you’re only taking in 65 and then

It’s worse right or you’re not salting your food so you can’t make stomach acids not really well how much eat or what cheese is what you absorb mm-hmm so we have all these sort of ifs sort of conditions does it have to be met here before you get optimal amounts of nutrients in your food you get hopital amounts of nutrients absorbed and you get optimal amounts

Of nutrients deposited in the bones well before we go on and tell you how we’re gonna do this about july of 2002 in the new england journal of medicine harvard medical school did a meta study they looked at over 300,000 people who had gotten joint replacements from all over the world and they said knee replacement hip replacement shoulder replacement unnecessary

Worthless worthless okay and that’s because it doesn’t stop the ongoing deterioration of the bone doesn’t stop the ongoing deterioration of the joints and all the other places right it just takes one joint or the two joints that they’re replacing throw them in the garbage can and so they can’t feel anymore but it doesn’t stop the ongoing progress of the problems

With systemic problem and then four years later the same group of doctors from harvard medical school look to the backs of these people and they said oh surgery prior sciatica is worthless and dangerous don’t do it they’re talking about low back pain degenerative disc disease of restless leg syndrome peripheral neuropathies burning numbness in the feet and as a

Result they say don’t get surgery for these problems what i always say is give me 90 days gift not give dr. 90 days and you are going to see one of those miracles and basically what’s going to happen here is we are going to support and promote maintenance repair of cartilage ligaments tendons connective tissue discs between the vertebra bone matrix and bone itself

And to do that you need a whole 90 sn solution that was 60 mil 16 bottoms 12 essential amino acids 3 essential fatty acids and of course you might need some anti-inflammatory stuff which we can do with herbs and roma therapy oils and there certainly might need some extra stuff if you have bone to bone arthritis to again support and promote maintenance repair of

Cartilage ligaments tendons connective tissue discs between the vertebra bone matron bone cell you actually have to lay down new bone matrix kind of like the rebar the bone is a 10 like material britain lay down new minerals and of course you just can’t take calcium that’s not enough because you need more cofactors to make it all work your bones are made up of all

90 essential nutrients so i urge you to get a hold of that trilogy of books let’s play doctor let’s say herbal doctor and the passport moment that are being learned how to support and promote maintance repair of cartilage ligaments tendons connective tissue just between the vertebra bone matrix and bone itself so what you do to do that is you take one healthy bone

And joint pack per hundred pounds of body weight that’s going to give you one jar of the cm cream to applied topically to joints for pain relief great analgesic cream topical use and this is going to give you one large 240 count bottle of gluco gel and one healthy start pack so you weigh 150 pounds of 210 pounds i would take 2 of the healthy bone and joint packs

For month if you weigh 50 60 pounds i’d have you take one healthy bone and joint pack if you’re in a peewee league you know kid sort of thing and you have a knee or promis shoulder problem back home go ahead and take one healthy bone enjoin factor that’s going to last two months 100 pound person this can last 1 months for a 200 pound person give or take a few pounds

It’s gonna last 2 weeks goes bare body weight and you’re going to get 245 nutrients in this package including all 90 essential nutrients plus the extra gluco gel to support and promote maintenance repair cartilage ligaments tenon’s connective tissue discs between the vertebrae bone nation and bonus l give doc 90 days let me tell you this never fails if you’re not

Getting it even if the speed you wanted to guess what hims here just means you got to get it on a gluten-free diet saying maximize your absorption you are not what you eat you are what you absorb and then of course there’s also another possibility no reason why i couldn’t have both problems as your bins restricting salt in your diet you’re not making stomach acid

Is very difficult to absorb minerals without stomach is a very absorb very difficult to efficiently absorb b12 because the intrinsic factor won’t work off stomach acid is almost impossible to digest proteins without stomach acid pepsin won’t work and as a result you’re gonna be in a real struggle so you have to deal with that salt your food to taste you make sure

That you’re going ahead and allowing the chief cells in your stomach to make your stomach acid and then of course you want to get on a gluten-free diet and you will actually allow your villa those little finger-like projections to rebuild regrow and you want to regain some of that lost absorptive surface and of course this happens progressively slowly but surely

Over time if you’re gluten intolerant get hold of that cd0 killers and learn how it affects you and all the places the gluten is hidden give doc 90 days you will you will be happy and you won’t get knee surgery hip surgery backs or your shoulder surgery what are what are the peak surgeons to do really care do certain foods cause you to bloat or experience gas do

You wake up in the middle of the night with heartburn are you forced to sleep on piles and piles of pillows to cut down on heartburn have you been diagnosed with acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease if any of these describes you that you’ve got digestive problems i was awakened with heartburn almost every night for over 20 years then i heard dr. wallach

And realized all of the antacids i’d been using were actually part of the problem my stomach acid wasn’t too strong it wasn’t strong enough so i started taking the ultimate enzymes from youngevity now all of the heartburn belching and bloating are gone and i can sleep through the night without piling on the pillows and i’m back to eating the spicy foods i love

If you’d like to learn more about nutritional supplementation call your local youngevity associate and don’t forget to ask about home-based business opportunities numerous studies have shown the link between the intake of antioxidants and disease prevention foods and supplements are measured in an orac scale auric is an acronym for oxygen radical absorbance of

Disease-causing free radicals from the human body youngevity cell shield rtq has an orac value of fifteen thousand eight hundred points per serving cell shield rtq contains resveratrol known as an anti-aging compound tumeric known for promoting healthy digestion brain function in

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I Can Reverse Rheumatoid Arthritis' Dr Joel Wallach (Message Me For More Info) By Ken D.