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Hey loves, just a quick video to talk about my experience with taking terbinafine/lamsil medication and the side effects. I AM NOT A DOCTOR, SO PLEASE SPEAK TO YOU MEDICAL ADVISOR BEFORE TAKING ANY MEDICATION. This is just my experience. if you have any questions pls use the comment box below, and ill will do my best to help. 🙂

Hi guys welcome back to my channel so today’s video is a little bit different it is nothing to do with hair do you see anything like that there’s actually like a bit of storytime and it is about talking about the medication to being a fiend or lambs illinois americans quite to call it we call it anything to be nothing here so yes i owned an art about doing this

Video ever thought do i want to broadcast all my medical issues on the world wide web but i thought no i’m gonna do it because this might help somebody so let me begin this might be a long run but i’ll try make it as fast as possible and i to how i got to having foot issues in the first place so basically last year i went to get a pedicure i was going to on holiday

And i didn’t have time to smooth house i didn’t have time to go to my no pedicurist rightly salir because i was like really rushing work and packing and etc etc so i went somewhere locals where i live i don’t think anything could go wrong but yes i went somewhere local and i percodan didn’t think we much much about it and then about four days later i realized on my

Foot that part of my i can’t spin it like this my thumb i realized this part of my sort of my toe i realize this part of my toe was like was coming away from the nail so it’s like coming away and away and away from the nail so basically the cuticle no the skin around my toe was separating so obviously i was like what the hell’s going on but obviously you know we’re

Holidays i couldn’t do much about it i just don’t okay i’ll get better get better it didn’t it got was a worse worse and wait like a black tooth later can came back from holiday and this tom was like horrendous so i basically went back to paris to cynically that’s my phone and she was like adding to your feed i don’t do your feet aunty feet but she did my thing

Basically so the more other stories guys really do not run into any old manicure pedicure place that you don’t know without checking them out okay very very important anyway so after got back from holiday i went to my doctor’s and showed him my toe and the doctor was like oh oh you’re told now you can matter how bad it looks they were doctors less girl you tell it

Was bad really with you bad so he put me he gave me some cream the court cream she’s this krinsky up doc hot cream she’s kind of leave them actually i will think about this actually and then he put me and then he recommended to be nothing because he basically told me that i had picked up a nasty in the alien section from the pedicurist he told me that okay so he

Said it’ll wear special ability arrest you’ve got with my nails but protection there might be a fungus has gone into your nail bed or in cuticles and it’s like you know he’s flew out basically so um i thought okay lu tome and then i did my research because i’m not one to just be taking the medication willy-nilly i really i mean i know it looks it crazy i do have a

Bar in my house but i really drink i’m not the kind of person that likes to take some medication or anything even ask me to not take so let me just um check out this medication and then when i did oh my god to been athena stripped out when i check this medication are all lord jesus the things that told you the side effects were off the scale the side effects are

Diarrhea which will case the mccain’s rash highs loss and and changed in taste or loss of taste upset stomach extreme fatigue depression or changed in mood chest pain irregular heartbeat vomiting fever sore throat severe skin rash and liver fear or liver damage i was at one now say what now so obviously i was like hell no i’m not taking this this is gonna kill

Me this this will kill me before the foot does so uh i didn’t take it stupidly i didn’t take it so i thought okay i’ll just put the cream the duck or cream and i wanted the medication so i did that for about a week and it seems to get better that the cuticle it seemed to seal back to the nail bed but the skin and the nails still at we’ve dodged ease so within about

Five days let it spread from one foot to the other if you believe this from one book to the other spread it went to my skin around my foot on my toes it’ll spread like wildfire i was like oh my god i’m so stupid i was so scared to take this medicine to be anything i still didn’t take it i thought okay they the cream would do the job it did but with this cream isis

Lethal it’s like a steroid cream so you can’t be using this week and weeks on end it literally says do not exceed past eight seven eight days and really tall because it thins his skin so i decide to issuance in it was such a blissful mess so what month of me put in stupid cream on my feet really told you clear plain english do not use it more eight days i was using

It smooth eight days so i thought okay i can’t cope with this my feet was so horrendous i mean i already have size eight sometimes my foot the last thing i need is like george acosta toes to boot so i just you know got brain after well you know unsuited medication and i took the medication and i was waiting for all this horrible things to happen to me absolutely

Nothing happened i think the first week i had a bit of a stomach my stomach didn’t like to press me but apart from that nothing happened it pretty much cured my foot problem cured it it calmed it down and cure a it can’t be done within like a week it is stop spreading the skin cut better really fast the nails took a least heal is still healing but um yeah so i

I was prescribed three-month course of terbinafine to begin with so you think that i was recommended to take in the evening before my meals or with my meals and i did that for three months and nothing happened honestly it cured my foot so if you’re scared about taking to be anything i would definitely give it a try talk to doctor if you’re concerned about the

Liver damage or this crazy thing to say it gonna happen – it’s definitely worth tackling because my feet were not cute and tongue fungal nail infections are notoriously hard to get rid of be dominant you don’t want to be living with crusty toes and me an infection it’s just not cute it is just not one so i took four three months and then after three months i’m a

Better doctor he tested my level to see if i didn’t limit damage i had zero ly with that liver damage and that’s all and then he prescribed another course for three months like say what now i just took care though you know be a good girl do what the doctor says so he gave me another thing quote of antibiotics and i actually i’m gonna take five months because my toe

Does seem kind of girls adult so i don’t want to sit sit what’s this thing cuz i don’t want to take medication like i said so yes so if you are a bit nervous about taking this medicine please do take it i am living proof that your head will not drop off you probably be alright yes some few rare people will have side effects but i think that’s quite rare sometimes

When you read things on internet and it’s scary basically so yeah take it do not live with funky crap toenails it’s not the one it’s not cute especially if you’re a girl and please do not run to any or pedicurist or whatever and get your feet done when i went back to later to tell her that she messed up my features like an idea of it i don’t even think my even i’m

Sorry what happened she was like anna do you think i don’t think i could be suing you right now i’m just trying to tell you what’s happened so you don’t do it somebody else but whatever were stories make sure you go to something you trust and ask questions don’t be like a british person that doesn’t want a cent anybody doesn’t wanna say anybody asked questions do

You sterilized to start how do you clean and stuff is that clean ask questions because the most precious thing we have in this world is your body so do not be embarrassed or shy offend anybody when it comes to your body okay so yes i know this book was not very exciting video but i thought it’d be nice because well as like i said when i was looking for someone to

Talk about this on youtube and it’s my day i want i just say look i took it and i’m not dead so i’m yeah so thank you for watching i will try and make my next video a bit more exciting but um yeah have a wonderful day and i will see you

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I CAUGHT A FUNGAL NAIL INFECTION FROM A PEDICURE!! Terbinafine/lamsil review By Just Sefe