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I Could Have Died | How I Got Off Blood Pressure Medication

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I Could Have Died | How I Got Off Of Blood Pressure Medication

I could have maybe had a heart attack maybe i could even died how you doing everyone welcome to the green dream project just in the hopes of just getting some things out there some things that i’ve never really covered before maybe this will help somebody this is probably a man it’s hard to ban two to three years ago that’s a bit overweight i’m probably a little

Overweight right now but back then i was probably a little bit worse just being a guy i never went to the doctor much got checkups or anything like that i was working at this company they brought in this like health check-up clinic and they tested a number of things and one of them being uh blood pressure when i tested it was bills pretty high i didn’t think too

Much of it yeah i just didn’t take it probably as seriously as i should have i let it go on my time go by there was another opportunity to get things checked and when i did my blood pressure was was crazy i get was at the level where i could have stroked out maybe he had a heart attack maybe i could have even died it was pretty serious the person that checked

My blood pressure was just like hey feeling sick are you do you have any headaches i mean symptoms she didn’t really want to let me leave because really at this point it could have required a actual hospitalization and that’s when i had to get serious about it i did go to the doctor and the doctor immediately recommended medication which i i couldn’t turn down

Necessarily but i really wouldn’t hoping to get to hunting medication just some of the things that i’ve heard about medication at the time and things i knew about the medication was just absolutely scary i mean sometimes you get on these things and it cause side effects and you need other medication to deal with those side effects and sometimes once you get on

These blood pressure medications you can’t just get off that’s sometimes you got to ban it for life and i asked the doctor with diet and exercise could that help with the blood pressure and his first answer was like no but then it kind of backed off is like well you could but you’d have to lose a lot of weight like why is this first answer know about these see not

Personally where people can’t get a healthier diet and exercise and then maybe control the blood pressure that way but i agreed to the medication so i started taking the medication but i was determined to find another way for me that was going on the ketogenic diet a lot of people’s bodies are different people are gonna respond differently to different things

And for me personally keto worked it worked very well i lost a lot of weight very quickly so quickly in fact people thought i had contracted some kind of illness my blood pressure also went down dramatically to very healthy levels when i went back to the doctor i mean this wasn’t even that long and the doctor was shocked i call you you lost a lot of weight your

Blood pressure looks good i’m like can i get off this medications like well now about it probably but i keep you on it most doctors out there i hope their incentive is to help people and their health sometimes i like that i’ve heard hope bad stories but hopefully that’s not the case here but i did stop taking the medication but one of the things we wanted to do

When we came out here was to live a better healthier life eating better a lot of exercise and man when we moved out here i was getting a lot of exercise but one thing that did kind of fall to the wayside was the diet i wouldn’t say were you eating bad just not the healthiest because we’re still kind of pressed for time it’s so much going on out here but i think

What really affected me this time was the census work being out in the car lot just driving around not really being very active i had to eat a lot of processed food during this time because you know i was out there i was hungry really couldn’t bring stuff with me so i think because of the inactivity and the processed food you know i just wanted to check my blood

Pressure recently and it shot back up again i think almost to like a stage to blood pressure again so i made it a point to get back on the keto diet because it helped me a lot last time i probably been at it for about a week now and we’ll see how the results go and the most important factor here of course is the blood pressure i have to see if that blood pressure

Comes down i’m pretty confident that it will maybe i’ll lose that extra 10 15 pounds we’ll see that’s the thing i went for a very long time who knows how long i went with high blood pressure i could have had it for years and one day it just could have pushed me over the edge i got a stroke heart attack maybe even death so yeah i urge you if you don’t go to the

Doctor’s watch are at all like i did then i get checked out because you don’t want to live with that it’s a silent killer sometimes you may not feel any symptoms until it’s too late i didn’t i didn’t feel anything that’s scary being healthier it’s a process it’s not like we moved to an off-grid homestead and pam we’re the healthiest human beings alive all this

Is a process and we’re gonna get there and as far as diets go i mean find out what works for you whatever works for your body i mean i have a history of heart disease in my family so i have to take that very seriously just kind of wanted to put that out there and just you know i promise to share everything and i don’t want to keep anything back especially if it’s

Health concerns laying everything out on the table alright thanks a lot for joining me i really hope you enjoyed this talk you know we’ll get back into projects soon so much going on will definitely give you a bee update we’ll catch you on the next video everyone

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