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I feel like having an argument but I’m going to town anyway vlog 360 5.7k video

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I’m going to town to take a parcel back

I’m going to down to return the parcel down there this is a 360 video you can move the screen around you can drag it drag it and you can look over there there’s a man with a dog over there look over there look look i wasn’t gonna go you know joe but i figured i might as well i kind of pictured myself arguing with people we know those kind of arguments you have

In the shower the ones where you always win and you’ve said the perfect thing when you didn’t think of it the next day and go oh should have said that you know but i decided i should go i should go i’ll just go you know i’m first we’re gonna stay up just go go go just go huh so plus i’m not going double speed because i was doing double speed and i thought this

Is really stressful you know going so fast i have to be careful i don’t it’s crashing something destroy humanity you know but once i went down to proper speed then it was okay but i thought i’d make a video anyway even though i’m not in the mood for making videos you but i thought of all sorts of things i got a 3d camera in my bag i was going to go around the

Yard and take 3d photos and put it all to the video to a soundtrack but couldn’t be asked oh i’m gonna well i i reconciled everything i didn’t have all the uh the self-guilt thing going on because i justified not doing anything because it was uh if you feel like doing it you’ll do it you know and turns out i do feel like doing it i’ve watched some videos back

Of my top performing videos on youtube because we’ll decide thing that you know lets me do a random thing like change the bed which i had yesterday which i did give everybody 10 points which i did and then today i can’t remember it did something and i did something because of it and it was done i’m not in the best frame of mind today i’m having a little bit of

Trouble seeing a bit of the old cognition cog fog kind of thing but i’m gonna see if i can take this puzzle back look at these flats up here oh my god that was michelle no that was um not michelle that’s her friend that was sarah beach i knew her on facebook and there’s such places it’s not nice i’ve got a beef in the street in the nice people know me you

Know there’s at least one person that knows me that’s how failures i mean so ah i’m gonna go across here to union street this is quite old time see if i can make it across the street without any cars coming oh look at that job let’s go down this way to union street there’s the phoenix pub here that i feel was like should be famous because it’s like phoenix

It’s a combination of two letters i know in the phoenix i reckon it’s an all-time all-time pub people in there what about beehives you know hair not carrying coming in by the beehive and uh puts it on the floor and says i’ll have a plan a bit of please gav and the bomber says you can’t leave that lion there and he said it’s not a lion it’s a beehive that’s a

Hilarious joke you could travel the world with such a thing easy just get onto union street now come with me oh maybe tina’s in town with cap that have been nice running i don’t think we’ll have time to get there we could find that let’s go down there oh there’s the phoenix blah blah global overlord the phoenix i wonder when the last time that was a pub east

Street in the plymouth phoenix one of them in the last time that was open there’s got like olden style look at the stained glass windows when jesus used to drink wine the spirits i’m sure that’s what it was now normally there’s some bums here some vegans some street people having a drink but no oh over here but there’s a there’s a soup kitchen i donated to them

Because they let me use that toilet and it saves me so i’ll give him a donation so i gave him a donation i’m turning in bloody hell that’s noisy you know i saw a guy going along here carrying a bag he was thinking i said we got there he said no it’s taking that mo back your boy you’re off the road so what the what i opened it it says look let’s have a ganders i

Had a look inside and it was nothing but horse manure it was just poo all in the bag i said what the hell is that he said oh it’s a sucker you’re freezing tell that regal your friends with your amazing humor oh look over there you got kfc the best kfc i’ve ever ordered from this place always fresh always crispy always nice no monkey stuff at all kfc university

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I feel like having an argument but I'm going to town anyway vlog 360 5.7k video By multiple sclerosis Vlog