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I have Insulin Resistance | Fitness Love with Zoie

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Hey Fitness Loves! Happy Fitness Friday, today I am sharing my secret of having Insulin Resistance. To learn more about Insulin Resistance and the signs to look out for:

Welcome back to my channel guys today i’m back with a brand new video if you’re new welcome make sure hit that subscribe button down below and if you’re oldie but a goodie hey bestie welcome back make sure you smash the thumbs up and share this video with a friend or a family member so continue growing our squad today you guys i’m here with you much awaited

For insulin resistance syndrome story time this is part one um i feel like i’m going to give it to you guys in two parts so the first part is the diagnosis um the signs all of that stuff in part two will be directly talking about how i overcame it how i’ve managed it all of these years so if you are excited make sure you hit that thumbs up button and if you

Are suffering with this or you think you may be suffering with it comment down below i’m here to chat with you guys let’s get into it okay so i was diagnosed with insulin resistance syndrome when i was in the second grade and the way it came about as i remember it was um i ain’t really healthy i didn’t eat bread uh the only carbs i really ate were fries and

Chips i didn’t like like i said i didn’t like bread um i didn’t eat a lot of pizza or anything like that so relatively i was healthy but the weight kept coming on so one of my beloved like one of my favorite people teachers well she was a librarian at my elementary school asked my mom like oh like you know she eats super healthy you know what do you like do

You think something’s like wrong does she eat different at home because i was just bigger than the other kids but i ate healthier so i remember going to all these specialists especially in second grade when i was diagnosed i went to if you live in atlanta you know of children’s healthcare of atlanta at eggleston i went there and i had i was there all day long

You guys i had test testing ran um to see like if i had like pcos or endo i also had like just different consultations with nutritionists and all these different appointments in one day and so everything developmentally came back correct the nutritionist asked me well do you eat bread i said no and she’s like you should eat bread it’s part of your diet you

Need to eat that okay she’s a nutritionist it wasn’t black but she’s nutritious so we listened to her and it actually messed me up because i would go to mcdonald’s for example and i would get cheeseburger and i would just not eat the bun and then i started eating bread because she said i need to eat bread and i’m probably putting on even more weight so we fast

Forward all the way until what is fast forward to middle school and i remember going to a different specialist and um by that point i have been diagnosed with insulin resistance syndrome one of the key factors was the dark ringer on my neck it’s not nearly as dark as it was but it is a little it’s a little dark right now because i’ve been eating whatever i want

To eat but dark ring around my neck um in your joints my joints have lightened up you guys so much but like you’ll have like darkness like in this area behind your knees just like dark places um around your joints and mine have lightened up tremendously that’s why i’m having a hard time showing you guys but those are some of the key factors and so i remember

Was all these specialists and i remember for me on my 16th birthday that is when i was like i want to lose this weight because before that i was young i was like well my friends are eating fries and burgers and pizza i wouldn’t do the same thing i’m young i’m supposed to eat what i want to eat when i want to eat it like how do you tell a little kid oh they’re

Eating that but you need to eat this you know how do you talk you just have chicken and broccoli but they have fries broccoli chicken all this other stuff so i always am an advocate of saying you can’t make a person lose weight and get better until they want to get better that’s mentally physically emotionally in any sense of um healing it has to be you know

Ready on both ends and so that’s exactly what happened i ended up at 16 years old looking in the mirror looking at my birthday pictures i’ll insert um a couple and i was just like i’m not happy with myself i’m not happy with my body i want to change and so i went on this diet i had a book i think it was one of dr ian’s books i wanted one of his books i lost a

Few pounds nothing major um so i actually ended up going to a black weight loss doctor he used to work in the er and he started his own practice because he said a lot of things he was seeing in the er was because people didn’t know how to take care of their weight and he said he wanted to stop you know that happening so i went to him and he literally you guys

Changed my life i will do a whole separate story time on that this video was just kind of to let you guys know one yes i have insulin resistance syndrome two yes i have been overweight my whole entire life for the most part and three i was also pre-diabetic up until i went to see the weight loss doctor so i will come back and definitely tell you guys all about

The weight loss doctor and just how he changed my life and how i actually overcame it i just wanted to put this out there because it is a question i get all the time is like you exercise you eat healthy why is there weight gain a lot of times there are underlying factors and if you feel like for any reason that you just don’t feel right you feel like you’re doing

All the right things go see a black specialist um if you’re black a lot of times other specialists don’t know our bodies and the thing that that doctor taught me was that our bodies processed completely differently than the other um equation so definitely go and get get yourself an appointment with a weight loss specialist not rapid weight loss um you can go

To any type of weight loss specialist and just get a consultation see where it’s at i will give you guys this little factor i was about two i think i was like two to three percent away from qualifying for a gastric sleeve and by the time i finished up with him you guys i was no longer listed as pre-diabetic and my insulin resistance was almost non-detectable

Now i will let you guys know i did gain the weight back but i’m actually on my way to losing it back my on my own i went through my own things with college and so i have a large story to tell you guys so this video series is probably going to be about three parts long it will also include some what i eat in a day for insulin resistance it is a definitely a

Struggle you guys it is not easy i cry about it sometimes but at 20 years old i’ve been in control of it for four years and i’m really proud of myself so i just want to come on here and kind of get this video going the series going this introduction um if you’ve made it this far in the video and you have not subscribed do so now and if you want to talk about

It like you cannot wait to the next video contact me on my fitness instagram it is at fit with zoe the link will be in the description box down below for you guys i am doing a challenge for the month of july and august so it’s not too late to jump on if you want to join in on that challenge i love you guys so much make sure you like comment share and subscribe

And i will see you guys in my next video bye y’all especially reckless and when i get the money back

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