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Foreign bank jr um yeah just it’s not an ideal situation what’s been occurring today what’s kind of your reaction and comment to that right now um it’s a shame man you know it’s a shame that we have something now that kind of uh might use the story if anything um it’s a shame when was the first time that you were alerted to this situation that had developed

With connor ventura um i haven’t spoken to him since this announcement to the media so um i don’t know why he said we have but listen it’s down to the promoters it’s down to the sanctioning bodies to make this fight happen i still want to fight um but things have to be right and um you know i’ve done everything that i that i that has been asked of me you know

I’m on weight i’ve trained i’ve promoted the fight and most importantly i’ve stayed clean not just for this fight but for my entire career um you know i am on i’m on a i’m on an app where i have to you know i have to tell these people where my where i am every single day and they can come and test me unannounced between six and seven am blood urine and i’ve been

On this for my entire career i’ve even been tested outside of the country when i’m on holiday never ever failed i’ve been tested more than i’ve ever been tested for a fight for this fight uh no negative tests no no positive tests for me never will be i’m a professional when it comes to uh you know that aspect of the sport which is probably the most important

Aspect there is no it is it is the most important i do my job i am responsible i am a professional even though connor likes to say that i’m unprofessional um so now it’s you know it’s in the hand of the promoters and the sanctioning bodies to uh to see if they can make this fight go ahead i’m ready chris the board put out a statement today saying that they’re

Not willing to kind of prohibit the fight for this weekend i spoke to eddie keller about the possibility of it not being put under the british board this weekend what i know you’ve got an experienced team behind you that are dealing with all these kind of situations but is it a case of you just want to fight regardless of who’s putting the fight on i i want to

Fight absolutely but things do have to be right um you know we will find out over the coming hours uh and over the next day or two what happens uh and for the fan’s sake it’s not even for me it’s you know the amount of the amount of uh people who have you know have traveled have bought tickets who’ve bought their pay-per-view who’ve been talking about this fight

For so long uh i don’t want i don’t want them to lose that i don’t want to let them down um so hopefully we can come to uh you know hopefully we can get it we can come to an agreement and get it done you said things have to be right does that include kind of the weigh-in limits etc and the reiteration has that got anything to do with kind of what’s occurred today

In your head as a concern things have to be right you know i’m not going to go into further detail about that but you know uh you know what is what what he’s done is uh you know that’s being investigated and things have to be right as far as you’re concerned your team are concerned you’re fit ready to go now you see that you see that i’m on wait i did my job of

Course you appreciate your time and i know it’s kind of a bit of a stressful time for yourself and everyone involved in this fight so i appreciate you talking to rfl and we’ll see what happens listen yeah it’s uh like i said it’s unfortunate it’s a shame uh you know i am starving right now i am dehydrated uh you know i haven’t had sex for two weeks you know i’ve

Sacrificed so um you know let’s uh let’s hope that this can be salvaged okay and your gut feeling is that you will fart on saturday i’m ready i’m ready to go chris thank you very much talking to iphone tv and uh we’ll speak to you again very very soon so i’m gonna share something we’ll go that might put me in a very negative light yeah relationships that not to

Play for today see if someone grabbed up my wife for saying completely different ball game i’ll walk away from me and this has been like a therapy session

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