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I mixed Adderall and Xanax, What Happened! Addict Shares Experiences!

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As a recovering addict, I put together a video to share what happens to me when you mix Adderall and Xanax together. I am prescribed both for ADHD, depression, anxiety and do not use them other than as directed by my doctor. Both medications are known for abuse along with the help that they can offer others, but what happens when you mix them together? I do not mix them on a daily basis and it helps keep my mental illnesses in check. If you have wondered what happens to someone this explains my experience and sharing the tools that we have can help others. Thanks for watching this video!

Hi youtube this is eric and you know thanks for watching this video it is what happens when you take this which is xanax with this which is adderall what happens when you combine both of them i am adhd and i am prescribed actually both one for anxiety and one for adhd and this is what happens if you actually combine the drugs and yes i am also a recovering alcoholic

So if you haven’t click the like and subscribe button yet click the like and subscribe button subscribe to our channel i appreciate everybody who has so far thank you so much hi youtube this is eric and thanks for watching this video if you haven’t subscribed to channel yet click the like and subscribe button down there and this video is on what happens when you

Mix adderall which is this right here this is 20 milligrams of adderall and a bar of xanax right here what happens when you mix these and yes as a big disclaimer i am a recovering addict wait a minute as an addict you’re not supposed to take any of these am i right well the answer is yes in a sense depending on what kind of fellowship you’re in if it’s a a or na

A lot of different groups look down upon if you’re trying to get sober to not take any kind of drugs that are mind-altering my addiction was alcohol and cocaine i didn’t like cocaine but how it smelled was very very attractive to me and it also helped self-medicate me when i had drank too much and i was about ready to pass out so now that i have been sober over a

Year right now i’m eight almost 18 months you know i prescribed two different drugs that are so looked down upon and and that happens to be both of these and also what happens when you mix these together because it does come a little bit of a cocktail and you’re not supposed to mix drugs without that’s you know recommendation of a doctor especially when it comes

To at all because adderall effects differently with multiple different drugs out there what happens when you mix these let me tell you it cuz i have done it before and why not to get high you just kind of addicted yourself what do you mean not to get high oh wait that’s right if i didn’t take adderall and i didn’t take xanax for my panic attacks in the days that

The anxiety is really high i self medicated with alcohol makes sense but here’s why actually i would take both of them and mix them and it’s not done on a normal daily basis at all so let me first explain to you adderall lifesaver being adhd adderall is a stimulant being adhd i am all over the board when it comes to my thoughts it’s hard for me to focus n it’s hard

For me to be productive i get very big anxiety because i know i’m not being productive and life becomes a very big challenge and struggle to me if i was to take a test i can’t focus in and i’m all over the board like my walking behind me would totally fully distract me from this and i would want to go play with him all of a sudden that’s what it’s like being adhd

It’s it’s like what flipping through the channels just non-stop after all being a stimulant of what it is it does actually counteract that and it allows me to put together to-do lists it allows me to be productive it allows me to focus in and it has that opposite effect on me and i’m very very grateful for adderall and it is prescribed to me i take 20 milligrams i

Take 10 milligrams in the morning and i take 10 milligrams in the afternoon so adderall to me has definitely changed my life i’ve been on it for 20 years and it has helped me in so many different ways and i have tried it without being on adderall and i’ve watched the production in my life just disappear so adderall is a stimulant though because it acts a lot like

Cocaine and even though it is a prescribed drug it does increase your heartbeat it does increase your blood pressure it can cause nausea can cause anxiety it can cause depression a dicted personality to it because of the dopamine firing off in your brain when you do take it so there are a lot of different negative side effects to adderall in any adhd medicine that’s

Why if you’re not adhd and you take something like this and if actually completely different the other drug that i’m prescribed is this right here which is xanax this is a bar of xanax and xanax is designed for to help with anxiety it’s it’s a anti stimulant it’s almost in a sense a depressant in a way that it’s to calm your heartbeat it’s to calm the anxiety it’s

Not designed to help you sleep but it does put you in a sedated state if i doesn’t take a bar of xanax i’d be done for the day done i mean sleeping myself done xanax though it has a lot of good characteristics and it has a lot of good properties too a lot of people use it especially for anxiety if you’ve never had an anxiety attack before it is unreal it’s having

A heart attack in a sense it feels like the world is collapsing on you you can’t breathe you’re you’re gasping for air you’re you’re you start to hyperventilate a you want a downline on one because you think you’re dying you think you’ve having a heart attack and if you’ve had one before you can relate to this if you’ve never had one before i hope that you never

Have one and xanax it has been something that is a good tool you know if it’s used right and properly that can help with anxiety can help with social anxiety and it it is commonly prescribed by doctors pros and cons note of both of them both can be highly addictive so being a recovering addict it’s one of those things that i am very open about that i do take

Different medications for different mental illness reasons because part of the reason i was an addict was to cover over my mental illnesses and to try to self-medicate through them instead of actually getting a lot of help and doing it the correct way so what ends up happening when you mix these two i’m sure you want to know you mix both of these and you go insane

No you actually know they actually counterbalance each other there are the biggest thing of taking both of them together is both more highly addictive ones a benzo ones that one’s a stimulant they are highly addictive drugs and they are prescribed they are supposed to be monitored by a doctor and unfortunately a lot of these drugs are extremely abused yes i’ve been

Offered money for the xanax i’ve been offered money for the adderall i know people who use them and on a daily basis and abusive form but that is one of the biggest things that happens if you’re mixing these two is that one you have to be very conscious that they are highly addictive drugs secondly they counteract each other so it’s not like your brain blows up

Or anything what happens is you have to remember adderall is a stimulant and so it increases all of that now they say that with adderall it increases anxiety with me it doesn’t in fact it decreases my anxiety because i know that i’m being productive i know i’m getting a lot of things done the xanax though what that ends up doing is it slows your heartbeat and it

Slows you down and it counteracts the anxiety what i have found is when i mix both of these though it does help me and here’s how and here’s why here’s why it helps me is i get anxiety from a lot of different things and it becomes very overwhelming even with my adderall’s i try to push through it and i will end up collapsing in my brain and my focus will shift if

I take a quarter of a bar of xanax that will actually kind of counterbalance it and it gives me more of a of a relaxed feeling where i don’t feel the pressures of the world mix on me but i still have the focus that i need this is what happens when i mix both of them and i don’t do it very often i only do it when i feel that panic is starting to come on and i feel

Very overwhelmed the counterbalancing of it is a one with a dural i’m still very calm and yeah it’s increased my heartbeat but you know i’m now focused in i take the the xanax with it and instead of still feeling the pressures and i’m doing this massive to-do list and i’m overwhelmed with everything that i have to accomplish it may it relaxes me to the point that

It’s okay and i can do it so it’s not like i’m taking any of this to you and get this massive higher anything from it it’s actually it prevents any kind of panic attack happening with me and i don’t take them necessarily together i’ll take them about 30 minutes apart but i don’t get a massive anxiety attack that hits i don’t not take the the adderall and alson

Have a non-productive day mixing them both you know they do counterbalance each other a little bit so the effects are a little bit lessened because again one’s being an upper one’s being a downer you’re mixing them both if you don’t need these drugs though or use these drugs for any kind of reason other than the high though it’s gonna give you those mixed feelings

And it’s gonna give you those mixed results and it’s gonna give you that mixed thought process and that’s where that addiction part really kicks in and so you have to be careful and when using these drugs and that’s why they are prescribed and if you don’t need it go to the doctor you know get help you know let them prescribe you the correct medication maybe that

You need or get into a program where sobriety is extremely important get sober but mixing these two drugs in my experience has helped me because i don’t have the anxiety attack even when i’m still on the adderall just because i feel extremely overwhelmed and it’s not like i didn’t take the admiral i just took the xanax and i’m just sitting there drooling xanax if

I’d forgotten that i’ve taken it and i take another dose of it it really puts me back a lot for the day that’s why i do – a little checkbox to make sure of when i’m taking my medication so i’m not taking it incorrectly and i do communicate with my doctor very much of what’s happening i take both these medications or what’s happening you know just on a daily basis

Of taking the adderall just so that it’s monitored to make sure that it’s correct you know everybody in sobriety they look at it a little bit differently because you shouldn’t be taking both of these they say and i understand i get it i do so deal with it and that’s what my thought process is on it i was never addicted to popping pills i was addicted to drinking at

7 a.m. and not stopping until i passed out at night all day long every day no popping was never an issue of me so if you are addicted to you know pills this is something that bet that can provide a very unhealthy unbalanced and very damaging cocktail so don’t take these if you don’t need them is the biggest message i can say but what happens when you mix them and

You need them i will tell you this you are able to push through the day they do balance themselves out they do counteract each other a little bit but you know what you don’t have to i don’t have the anxiety i don’t have the panic i don’t have the overwhelming feeling and i’m still focus i’m still productive and i get my job my day done so that’s what happens when

You take both i hope you got something out of it i know that maybe you were watching this video i’m hoping to watch somebody’s brain explode and it didn’t and that’s not really what happens when you take pills and you know you wouldn’t if i was a shoot a video of me taking both of these it’s really not that exciting because i’d be working and so i wanted to do

Something where i could just share the experience with you so if you haven’t click the like and subscribe button yet please do comment below tell me what your thoughts are on this because these are two drugs that are heavily abused these are two drugs with very negative stereotypes around it but then if you do use them for medical reasons and they’re prescribed to

You it’s one of those things that they have been lifesavers for other people so please comment below i’d love to know what your thoughts are on this if you haven’t click the like and subscribe button please do it means the world to me and i really appreciate everybody who’s joined my channel and subscribe to me i can’t thank you enough and you know what no matter

What it is that you’re going through there is support out there for you there is a community out there for you that will embrace you you are important you’re special and believe me you’re not alone in the struggles of life so thanks for watching this and i appreciate you you

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I mixed Adderall and Xanax, What Happened! Addict Shares Experiences! By Eric B Zink