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I Overloaded On Caffeine For 8 Weeks – Heres How It Affected My Testosterone Levels

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In a study posted in the nutrition journal it found that men who had higher intakes of caffeine typically had higher levels of testosterone than men who didn’t the men who also drank more caffeine had lower levels of sex hormone-binding globulin the claim seems even more legitimate when you take in other studies that showed that caffeine drinkers had higher levels

Of libido and better sexual performance caffeine even tended to provide a viagra like effect in men who were suffering from eddy so in this experiment i tested my testosterone with no caffeine in my system for two weeks after that i decided to increase my caffeine intake to 400 milligrams of caffeine a day for eight weeks to see how it affected my testosterone

Levels so to help me conduct this experiment i’ll be using an at-home testosterone testing kit from today’s video sponsor let’s get checked let’s get checks at home testing kits are so easy to use they send you the kit you prick your finger provide a small blood sample mail it back and get your results online all without having to leave your home so if you’re

Feeling tired all the time suffering from hair loss or low sex drive you may want to get your testosterone levels checked i’ll put their link below in the description along with a discount code that will save you 30 off your next purchase i’ve used several tests from let’s get checked and i highly recommend them so my testosterone levels before this experiment

Were as follows my sex hormone binding globulin also referred to as shgb with 64.9 nanomoles per liter now shgb transports testosterone through your bloodstream and is produced in your liver and if you produce too little or too much it can be a problem my free androgen index was 36 and this is the ratio of free testosterone in your system to shgb so if you have

Too much shgb it will bind the testosterone and your body won’t be able to use it so even if you have high overall testosterone levels if your shgb is too high it can show us you having low testosterone and my total testosterone level was 640 nanograms per deciliter so after finding my testosterone levels without caffeine i decided to go ahead and start ingesting

400 milligrams of caffeine every day for the next eight weeks now i’m not a big coffee drinker so my caffeine came mainly in the form of these caffeinated meals i also drink black tea so after eight weeks of drinking over 400 milligrams of caffeine per day here are my current testosterone levels my sex hormone binding globulin was down slightly to 63.2 nanomoles

Per liter just like the study had shown my free androgen index was also up now at 41. and my overall testosterone was up as well coming in at 711 nanograms per deciliter in regard to the increased libido i’d say that’s true as well i’ll give that two thumbs and something else way up so even though my testosterone levels were up it did come at a bit of a price if

I didn’t drink caffeine soon enough in the morning i’d get a headache and if i drank too much at once i’d also get a headache and i just seem to get headaches more often throughout the day so i hope you found this little experiment in lightning that’s all i have for you today i’ll see you in the next one

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I Overloaded On Caffeine For 8 Weeks – Here’s How It Affected My Testosterone Levels By Simple Man