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I Quit Caffeine – Why you’re TIRED all the time

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So I quit caffeine. I did this multiple times so I’m not even sure if that means I’ve quit but I’ve definitely reduced my intake over the years…mainly because it makes me blind but I’m sure you already know that. Who doesn’t like a cup of coffee occasionally right? I know I do but often it’ll leave me with anxiety and increased heart-rate so it makes it a little difficult to be productive and get my work done.

So as some of you may be aware i’m in fact allergic to caffeine and you would have been made aware of that fact thanks to the previous video when i explained how i went blind thanks to caffeine maybe i’m just unlucky or perhaps as a fact of life that the things that we love most will hurt us most hmm now if you are a lover of caffeine don’t click away just

Yet because i too am a lover of caffeine and have recently become addicted to it again and i had to go through the ups and downs of cutting it out why i cut it out well i’m about to explain that to you you see there’s a common misconception that caffeine actually gives you energy and that’s not the truth at all the way caffeine works it binds with the adenosine

Receptors in your body and simply masks the symptoms of being tired so you’re synthetically awake you’re not actually awake your body and mind is still tired you just can’t feel it you experience some effects from medicines that you may receive over the counter at a pharmacy that’ll simply mask the symptoms of whatever illness that you have you still have that

Illness you just don’t experience the symptoms as much now i’m not gonna bombard you with a bunch of scientific information as to why you shouldn’t cut out caffeine because often i emotions matter more than facts and if you love caffeine no matter how many facts i throw it to you you’re not gonna cut it out so rather i’ll explain to you the experiences that i’ve

Had i’ve been drinking caffeine for most of my life and i’ve really enjoyed it i really like the taste of coffee i really like the taste of tea there are a few downsides to it and one of the main reasons that i did cut it out is that i didn’t like that it was making my teeth yellow or darker and when i first decided to cut caffeine out that was the main reason but

Little did i know that i would experience both horrible withdrawal symptoms as well as an increased level of energy and decreased anxiety you see caffeine is a drug and in fact it is listed as one of the most addictive substances in the world high up there with heroin cocaine and alcohol so you can in fact become addicted to it even if you think you aren’t and we

Know this because of the withdrawal symptoms that you may experience when you try and cut it out and there are a couple ways that you might want to try to cut out caffeine the first is by going cold turkey and cutting it out completely the first time i ever tried to cut out caffeine this is what i did and i experienced horrendous headaches for the next two days

I didn’t last as long as some people may experience withdrawal symptoms which could be up to two weeks long of headaches and wild migraines confusion anxiety depression and a general feeling of wanting to punch a wall there’s a couple reasons you might want to cut it out completely perhaps you feel it would be easier to just cover up and forget about it completely

And you’ll have more time to experience the positive benefits of not having caffeine in your life but maybe you don’t want to experience a few days of downtime or maybe even a few weeks of downtime while your body readjusts to its natural rhythm and biological clock so you could try weaning yourself off by using a month-long system in which every week you use 25%

Less caffeine than before so you substitute one cup of coffee every day with a decaffeinated cup of coffee or tea but don’t forget that decaf does in fact still have some caffeine in it so if you are planning on cutting out caffeine entirely then you may want to use something else instead of decaf the method that i use most recently is to cut out one cup of coffee

Every day so i was having up to three cups of coffee a day and i would cut out one and replace it with decaffeinated tea i did this over a period of six days so every second day i would cut out one cup of coffee and replace it with decaf and on the seventh day i replaced my decaf tea with water instead this time i didn’t experience too many side effects as bad as

It was the first time i tried to do this where i experienced excruciating headaches and i tried to take a nap and my headache was so bad that i couldn’t even that so i sort of lounge around all day and eventually caved in and had a cup of coffee and a headache tablet but it also made me extremely tired and i fell asleep and wasted the rest of the afternoon overall

Even though caffeine makes me lose my eyesight i do enjoy the taste of a nice cup of coffee now and again if you found any of this information useful please hit that like button and i’m not going to tell you what else to do because this is said at the end of every single youtube video and i’m sure by now you know what to do so i’ll see you in the next video subscribe

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I Quit Caffeine – Why you're TIRED all the time By Sheldon Evans