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So guys as you can see from the title i gave up smoking using champion. I highly recommend them for anyone that has given a few attempts but can’t seem to kick the habit. I have found some information in the following link for you to go and check out, Please leave a comment if this helped you or you have given up smoking another way. Thanks again for everyones support!

Hey guys welcome back to my youtube channel i’m gabrielle schembri and today’s video is about how i gave up smoking what i use and my reasons for giving up smoking first up my reasons for giving up smoking it’s a filthy habit i was just sick of doing it i was i didn’t know my kids to say like i didn’t want my kids to think that it was okay to grow up and i came

Because i’m 18 now i can smoke or whatever i don’t want them to think that that’s normal in any way – i come from a family of smokers and i wanted to try and break that habit not everybody in my family smokes and it’s not necessarily like a genetic thing that’s not what i’m trying to say but pretty much everyone in my family is once at some point in their life and

They give up and they never smoke again and now i’m that person because i never ever going to smoke again also i have kids too before i want to live a long and healthy life and yeah i just i really just want to get healthy and that involves giving up smoking so i started smoking when i was 11 years old that is disgusting i am 13 years old now so more than half

Of my life i smoked and my mother actually let me smoke when i was 14 so i’ve been allowed to smoke the 16 years so pretty much you know i haven’t had to hide it from my parents or anything for the last 16 years so i just continue to do it but yeah one day well actually it wasn’t just one day i woke up and decided to quit because i’ve been thinking about it for

Such a long time and i spoke to doctors about it actually a few times over the last couple of years and they just said to me because i was on a specific medication and it wouldn’t mix well with my medication so it was best off not taking the medication that i used to give up smoking obviously i was on the medication at the time of taking the tablets that i used

To quit but i spoke to doctors and i asked for help pretty much every doctor just said to me i can’t help you because you’re on this medic it was either be on this medication that was helping me or quit smoking that would help me anyway moving on i tried to quit earlier this year i went to an hypnotherapist somebody that i know actually recommended her to me she

Quit smoking from this hypnotherapist so i went to thailand earlier this year with a few friends and they’re like you know this person had given up smoking because of this hypnotherapist and this lady that i know is you know about roughly ten years older than me and yeah she’s been smoking for pretty much the same amount of time as me and they’re like ask her for

The information you know bla bla bla so i did i got home and asked her and then i i didn’t call the hypnotherapist straight away it was probably about two months later that i called her and we booked in an appointment and it was i think four hundred and fifty dollars which i paid and i wasn’t seeing her turns out i can actually be hypnotized the lady said to me

That i actually was hypnotized at the time but what happened was you know when you have a bad dream or you have a dream that you’re falling off a cliff and you’re like and you jump out of your dream anymore that’s what i did i jumped out of the trance i went back i tried two or three times she didn’t charge me any extra i went back to her a couple of times and it

Just it didn’t work so i waited another couple of months and i finally wouldn’t see my doctor and i said look i’m off that medication which i have been for i think about roughly eighteen months at the time i’m off the medication and i really really want to give quitting smoking a chance like a really good chance i was willing to take these tablets so the cool champ

X and what they do is i have no idea you have to look that up or you have to speak to your doctor if you’re thinking about it but um what they did for me was they just made the cigarettes taste really they obviously don’t taste nice but they made them taste ten times worse and i couldn’t handle the smell about the taste of it i i don’t know it just it literally

Made me sick to my stomach like morning sickness have you’ve ever had morning sickness you know how gross that is and you’ll do anything to not feel like that so obviously the only thing to stop the sickness in my stomach was to quit smoking to not pick up a cigarette again so the doctor actually said to me how to you have to set yourself a quit date to make it

Like official so you’re gonna start the tablets on this day and then on this day you’re gonna quit smoking so i started the tablets on and let me just do the quick math in my head on the 8th of august i think the 8th or 9th of august and on the 14th day which is the 22nd of august i quit so when i was a smoker the first thing i would do is get up out of bed and

Walk out the back and have a cigarette first thing every morning sometimes it would be 2 cigarettes in a row just because i didn’t feel like i had the first one first single day of being on the tablet i just pushed it back an extra half an hour and then back another half an hour and then back another half an hour and i tried to do that for you know that’s the

First 14 days and i was on these tablets so apparently you have to actually take these tablets for three months straight well i suggest that if you can and you don’t get all the side effects that you do take the tablets for three months straight because even now like it’s been three months and i feel i don’t crave a cigarette like if you’re a smoker obviously you

Would know what a craving for a cigarette is like you have to have it and you have to have it right now it’s not that it’s like my cousins or my friend or my sister will come over and then at the back and have a cigarette and i’m standing there talking and i’m like i wonder what it would be like if i picked up that cigarette and i just had one drag at the cigarette

And sometimes i still to this day dream and actually it’s happened it’s happened quite a few times over the last couple of weeks i’ll wake up in the morning and i’m like did i have that cigarette like i’ve dreamt that i’m at a club or i’m out with friends and i’m like something’s really stressful at the time and i’m like just give me a smoke and then like i start

Smoking a cigarette well obviously i haven’t had a cigarette because i’m dreaming but i wake up and i actually think that i’ve had a cigarette and i feel so disappointed in myself so i think that’s another reason why i don’t actually ask for a cigarette when i have that craving i know how disappointed i would be and myself let alone my kids had disappointed that

Would be or how disappointed you know friends and family and stuff would be but for me the main reason for giving up smoking was pretty much i just wanted to be there for my kids and i don’t want to be that i’m supposed to be their role model and the person that they look up to i don’t want them to think that okay well mum smoke so when i get to her age or when

I get to be older and you know i’m i don’t i can do what i want and i’m gonna have a cigarette i don’t i don’t want them to even say that though you know i just thought that it was just time to tuck them away that’s it and i’m i’m actually so proud of myself for giving up because i thought that i’m one of them people where i’m really stubborn and people like you

Should give up because of this and that and i’m just like you know what it’s my life it’s my body i’ll do what i want but then i just sat there and thought you’re not hurting them you’re hurting yourself you’re hurting your kids just give up so yeah i just came up but one thing with these tablets is that there are so many side effects so you meant to be on these

Tablets for three months but i got pretty much all the bad side effects that were actually making a pretty big impact on my life so i got the bad bad mood swings like the worst mood swings it just it was affecting my kids because i just constantly stressed out and yeah i just i wasn’t my best self so i decided that when i thought that i was okay without them and

I wasn’t really getting the bad cravings anymore that i was just going to get off them so that’s what i did i think it was so i finished the first month and then i got the next prescription and that was for the next two months so i think i took four or five tablets of the first week in the second prescription and then that was it they said on my page for about

Two weeks and i looked at them picked him up and threw him in the bin and i haven’t had a cigarette since the 14th day which was the 22nd of august and today is the 23rd of november so it’s officially been 3 months for myself for doing that even though i’ve said that before but it was a big thing for me but i do i seriously recommend anyone who’s thinking about

Giving up smoking and they’ve tried the cold turkey and they’ve tried the patches and they’ve tried all the other nicotine replacement therapies that there are i’d strongly suggest the champ x for anyone who’s trying to quit smoking and has given it like several attempts because i have i’ve really given it several attempts i’ve tried everything down to it lazer

Being hypnotized for god’s sake the patches the little chewing mint things all of it you name it i’ve tried it and chantix really works for me alright guys that’s all i have for today i’m gonna wrap this video up now i feel like i’ve been sitting here and just talking to you guys but i probably ended up half of it out by now if you did find any of this useful and

This helps you to quit smoking or you’ve got some kind of information that’s going to help you in the future please just leave a comment down below also please don’t forget to hit the big thumbs up button and also if you haven’t already please hit subscribe and i hope to see you in my next video which will be up soon bye guys

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I QUIT SMOKING!!! using CHAMPIX By Gabrielle Schembri