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I shoulda drank the Neosporin | Standard Steph

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Watch this, gets boring towards the end buh ^^^

Oh i don’t need friends they disappoint me so high in a sensation for school and it actually looks like really tough ugh oh my head looks so big what it’s about the hyeyeon i’m with eighth grade now so how’d your minds been going like yeah i felt some good songs i’m not gonna list them because they’re mine videos gonna be about but at least i’ll insert blue bro

Like i’m really like i haven’t seen you guys know big minute like on the way y’all been but so i’ll see you right now what i lost my funny touch i’m not even funny like i can’t even be loud cuz it’s like what’s a showers that was school trips around i mean i missed the whole day i can’t see like if someone’s gonna call the cops this book oh i was just playing

Y’all i love you well back i broke so i got a new one yo i didn’t wash my uniform pants this is the only pair where guys want to see why dr. phil damn you guys digging the hoodie it’s a nike don’t even off-brand me thank you – i’m owned by nike i haven’t posted in so long because i’m busy so i got into my dream high school guys think that drugs are cool i think

Succeeding in school is cool when i watch this video back i know i’m gonna look so dumb but like it’s okay i’ve been recording for six minutes and thirty forty years yeah i lost my outro and my intro i literally have nothing i don’t have anything anyway i had like ten minutes of footage and i just edit it all down and it’s only three minutes them and getting all

These grades and doing all these projects and doing this extra credit and honestly trying to maintain the sports and my friends and having time to do the work and in practice it’s really freaking it takes up so much time doing this makes me happy hopefully mason one you guys smile because i am trying to work hard in this video just for you guys because i deleted

My outro mic baby i just need more ideas for videos because i feel like if i had those ideas i would go on and like do them but i don’t have any ideas and i’m not really creative i mean i’m not even funny in these videos i just actively don’t tomorrow i’m supposed to be speaking i like this thing honestly someone high school cones i’m probably gonna do more videos

Because i’ll have like my i have my first day of freshman year maybe i’ll find out how to like her core to care something because i put on my grind i’ve been liking jayco lately and like yeah actually sounds really good i still play trumpet in everything but trying to be stress-free so i haven’t been practicing oh well i’m gonna just go hopefully you enjoyed this

Short video i have to make it in turn i mean outro now because i don’t have so good i hope you enjoyed like subscribe comment what you want to see next because i never have any ideas

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I shoulda drank the Neosporin | Standard Steph By Stephanie Mora