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I Started Tretinoin…

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What’s up guys derek more today we are going to be talking about tretinoin and uh anti-aging so people have been asking me about um what am i doing for skin care because i mentioned maybe like a few months ago at this point i was gonna start taking it more seriously because up until this past year i had really only looking at uh i had only really

Looked at body composition stuff hair loss stuff i’d sort of like foregoed any kind of research into skin care which is kind of you know uh ironic considering the self-improvement niche that i am uh immersed in and that is one of the main things you should be doing is taking care of your skin and i sort of like fell into that uh dumb crowd of people who thought

You know i should just blast uh milano 10 and hit tanning beds and when i was uh earlier in my 20s so anyways now i’m sort of like you know longevity minded in skin aspect here and i’m starting to take measures to uh kind of try and uh i don’t know reverse some of the damage that has been done as well as uh just maintain what i have for the uh as long as

Possible at this point so you know i’ve talked about some of the basic i’ve implemented which was basically just like a hyaluronic acid serum um as well as a moisturizer blah blah blah the same you know the standard we have a good one through girl of mine that’s the one i’m using um but above and beyond that the prescription grade stuff i mentioned how i’d

Be starting trenton owen so that is something i started about a month ago at this point and i started out with uh 0.01 percent tread knowing apparently this is not going to uh you’re going to focus there buddy you know focus dude all right so i started off with .01 which is really weak and basically just to assess my skin’s reaction to it and i didn’t really

You know notice anything and everyone talks about how your skin just gets mulled when you start this stuff so i was thinking okay well obviously i can tolerate 0.01 pretty easily so let’s move on to point zero two five so that’s when i went on to this point zero two five and that is what i have been using to date and this really dries out my skin i literally

Before i record videos i have to go in the bathroom get a cloth and like wipe the dead skin off on some aspects so in some areas of my face on some aspects of my face so anyways i’m at point zero two five right now and it’s pretty substantial in terms of the uh i guess it’s not substantial and irritation but it’s definitely having an effect on like flaking and like

Skin uh dead skin etc so once i get used to that and i kind of like plateau i guess i’m gonna try and bump it up again i have this uh compounded medication from one of the pharmacies we use through my hrt clinic and it has treadnone vitamin c vitamin e in it and this one is at a unifocus hell this one is at a 0.03 concentration and it is um made in the us and

You know fda approved form of great medications in the u.s anecdotally for some reason like some of the indian pharmacies you’ll get your from for some reason it seems like the generics often aren’t up to the same snuff in potency in some aspects um and we shall see if that is uh the case when it comes to this tretinoin that i had compounded so this is point zero

Three so i’m going to come at it pretty much from the uh angle that uh just to test if it is significantly more potent than the generic uh um indian pharmacy 0.025 stuff that i have and then after that i’m going to keep tapering up and i’ll just have our compounding pharmacies continue to make me higher and higher concentrations until i can get as close to 0.1

As possible i know there is uh you know conflicting data suggesting that cosmetically 0.025 yields these same photo aging benefits as 0.1 but with a relative lack of irritation like i guess there is a minimum effective dose for everything and that you’re just increasing your side effect profile just like with anabolic steroids once you saturate a certain pathway

And you just like crank the dosage up you’re just kind of like overflowing and overspilling and causing a myriad of issues that you may otherwise avoid should you have not just stuck with the minimum effective dose or the max effective dose before you get into diminishing returns and have your side effects go through the roof so with tread knowing i don’t know

If .025 is actually that max effective dose where then anything above that is just like you know side effects on top of it and there’s no additional like cosmetic benefit at the end of the day but i’m willing to you know taper up and see to be honest like i’m gonna see how my skin tolerates point zero five and then go up from there and hopefully eventually get

To point one maybe i won’t need it maybe i will i don’t know but i want to see ya i want to give it a good shot because at least even though the data suggests that there is no difference at the end of the day um there is data that suggests you get to your end stage final result quicker if you use a higher dose so i don’t usually wreck i wouldn’t recommend anyone

You know it almost reminds me like front loading gear or some you know like get get to the heavy duty part like quicker i don’t know with skin care maybe my uh stance should be more conservative like it is with everything else so i don’t know maybe that’s a bit uh haphazardly approached the way i’m doing it but that is sort of the strategy for now obviously

I’ll keep you guys updated as it goes as of now the only negative issues i’ve seen are ridiculous amounts of flaking and dry skin and like some irritation and whatnot but it’s not uh it’s not significant enough that i’ve had to discontinue or anything and i’m at .025 which is at least something that produces a clinical result so that is good to know that i can

At least tolerate the minimum effect of those so um i don’t know we’ll see let me know what your guys experiences were with uh trent noah in the comment section down below did you find that you needed to go up to was there a difference when you went from point zero to five to point zero five to point one um did you notice uh significant increase in your skin

Like flaking like a when you went from well you doubled your dosage up or uh from point two five point zero two five to point zero five to point one um what was your experience how long did it take to see the uh benefits in your skin um any tips or tricks you have would be appreciated i’m sure by everyone in the community because not many people talk about this

Even like again this is like one of those things where it’s like where are the main self-improvement channels talking about it like i don’t have i don’t think i’ve seen them talk about trenton owen to date um even though i’m pretty sure that is a medication that would probably be promoted by some of these you know like cookie cutter telemedicine services that they

You know promote their uh the finasteride and through so i don’t know maybe that maybe they have made a video and i just missed it but anyways this is uh seems like the number one thing you can pretty much do for skin care is adding in tretinoin into your regimen and people have been suggesting it to me for a while at this point and you know it’s time to pull

The trigger i wanted to wait until summer was over because you know there is the uh some people suggest that it is going to make you way more prone to uh skin damage from the sun if you wear it out in the summertime and um you know i just i just didn’t want to have to worry about that at all so i just figured i’d wait until um we get into uh closer to winter to

Kind of start it up because i’m not gonna be outside really much at all and even if i am it’s not gonna be as problematic so now we’re full blown into it boys so let’s see what happens we should have a good idea of how this works for me in particular by next summer hopefully and um i don’t know any and all anecdotal reports are appreciated in the comments down

Below because at the end of the day frankly i feel like my comment section is probably more useful than uh like a lot of different places on the internet like obviously there’s good places like uh there’s forums there’s reddits like subreddits i should say and things of this nature but it’s like other than that there’s not like a whole lot of places you can get

Like very specific info from people who are trying to like intentionally like make their dicks bigger make their skin as good as possible like all this crazy so um let me know what you guys uh your experiences anything is going to be appreciated and make people um have more data to make more informed decisions for their own personal use and whatnot so um yeah

Anyways take from that way you will let’s see how this goes and hopefully i can get some pretty blatant improvements in the next uh eight to twelve months here so thank you guys for watching like subscribe check out my blog more follow me on instagram add more points underscore more dates facebook snapchat you twitter tick tock apple podcast

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Below so thank you guys for watching talk to you soon

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