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I stopped taking my beta blocker / Afib / (Bicycle racing)

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Hey cycling community this steve bruce is the cycling greek the 50 mr. cycling greek is inside feeding the dog so i’m stuck out here in the garage and it’s getting pretty warm right now i think it’s a high of 102 today i’m gonna be giving a call to my doctor give them an update on what’s going on i thought i’d give a little test as in terms of what i’m going to say

With doing a video for you guys so if you’ve been watching my videos now it’s been a month since i got a tip again after one year two days after i got zapped out of it a week and a half after i got zapped out of it i went off of my beta blocker now i just didn’t go off of it on my own i called it my doctor and said this is what i want to do he left an opening when

I saw him last because he was saying that i was taking so little beta blocker it was 25 milligrams of this particular type that i’m taking once a day there was more homeopathic and he asked me if i wanted to go off but at the time and i didn’t want to eat i just got a bate there and so do you want to change too many things a little nervous about that so i stuck on

It but weekend off later i’m thinking and now i’m feeling all these things in my heart all the time so if i go off of my beta blocker a second to improve i called them up and said okay i’m gonna go off and they said okay give us a call in a couple weeks and let us know how you’re doing so a number of areas first is the feelings of my heart sometimes where my heart

Wants to accelerate neg it’s often caused by some outside influence it can be something happening at work it could be a car pulling out in front of me or it could be the exercise that i’m doing so it’s almost like a sometimes it’s kind of like an empty feeling maybe like a skips a beat usually when i know it’s going to happen i have an idea it’s going to happen

I’m doing this and i’m not seeing a skip beat maybe one time i did but other than that no it’s almost like it’s it’s priming the pump that it wants to accelerate and when i’m working out when i’m starting to ramp up let’s say i’m growing up a small climb and my heart rates gonna go up to here sometimes i’ll feel it on their way up and when it comes back down and

Then comes up for another little climb i won’t feel it again i usually won’t feel it again so when i’m working up to a certain heart rates and it gets that heart rates then i usually don’t feel stuff again after that and i’m gonna peeling a lot of stuff with heart so now it’s been two weeks since i’ve been off to beta-blocker and i’m so i still have all the same

Feelings so i figured okay it’s it is what it is no worry is it just something that i done what i’m aware of now okay the other test is the blood pressure heart rate test in the evenings before i go to bed i usually put on the low pressure machine you know get a reading and that includes the heart rates and the heart rates be after the zapping after my second date

It had been down to like 35 to 37 beats per minute every evening and now since off taking the beta blocker yeah bottoms out where it’s usually supposed to bottom out at forty forty you know in low forties although the other day it came in at thirty seven i don’t know if the beta blockers reason for that it could be that during that time was a lot more rested and

So my heart rate was dropping more as opposed to being a little higher because i’m working out all the time now the another little test of benchmark is the commode test so the commode test i have this go to restaurant at work and when i got zapped when i was on a wednesday and then i stayed home just resting and then went to work on monday my go to restaurant has

This commode that’s that’s fairly low you usually don’t have compose that low anymore and i noticed soon after i would get on it i start to get a dizzy feeling and last thing i want other than another case of afib is have somebody find me passed out in the commode at work well now i don’t have that since i’ve been off the beta blockers i’ll say that’s definitely a

Beta blocker thing the other thing that i notice is that four days after i went off the beta blocker i started feeling stronger i don’t know if that’s because i went off the beta blocker it could be because i had a few more days between the time i got zapped and how i was feeling much better whenever you get zapped it’s a bit of trouble on your heart even though

It’s low joules that they use but it’s a little bit of trauma so it could be that it could be that my my easy exercise seeing had been you know helped you to build up from that and so i was just feeling stronger since then my workouts have i’ve gotten a little stronger i actually started to do hiit type of workouts high intensity interval training and i started

With my first set on a climb the other day so i did three one minute max efforts you know pretty much max efforts with four minutes of somewhat easy spinning between after the third one i was you know pretty tired then i figured hey i got a lot of time no need to push stuff so i am working out three days sometimes am writing excuse me three days maybe four days a

Week and it ranges from 60 minutes to the long run being two and a half hours eventually that well once i get to the top of the climb that i usually work on that would be three hours and that would be as as high as i go no more it’s gonna be racing now obviously and no more ultra training and that is assuming that the ultra training is what was causing problems

And based on the data that we have i’m thinking that’s the case for me so on those other days when i’m around not writing i’m taking walks or i’m in the gym and i’m doing a push pull lake splits but i think that’s about it remember comment like subscribe and for those of you that have had a tip or have a fit and exercising let me know how are you doing let me know

The things that you’re going through put your comments below that’s why we have a comment section the cycling greek

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I stopped taking my beta blocker / Afib / (Bicycle racing) By The Cycling Greek