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Now we’re going to be talking about what he promises to deliver versus what he actually delivered hi guys welcome back to my channel i hope you guys are doing good and fa and my channel is all about beauty diy skincare product reviews and lifestyle so if that’s the sort of content you like please consider subscribing and if you enjoyed this video do give it a like

So we’re going to be talking about the ordinary skincare now it’s a skincare range that i had so much about before i tried it you know basically you always have to be sure of what it is you’re going to be buying before you actually purchase it so i did not do impulse purchasing of the ordinary the first time i heard about it was my older brother had told me about

It and he was raving so much about it which was a bit weird because he is not one to be on and on about his skin of course the older we are the more we need to start becoming more deliberate in taking care of our skin and so when a friend told me about it i decided i needed to buy it my skin type is normal but i do i tend to be quite oily on my t-zones so it’s

Like normal combination skin and i started experiencing acne in my older older years i didn’t have any problems with acne when i was a teenager so it was a bit annoying when i started having acne well into my 30s you know so um i started using the ordinary uh about a month ago one habit i do have i’m so into my diy skincare and i’m so into my natural skincare but

The thing is it took me a while before i actually jumped into trying out the ordinary and what i got i got a couple of products but we’re going to be talking about today is the vitamin c one i don’t know if you can i don’t know if you can see that properly so this is basically the ordinary ascopic acid eight percent and alpha outputting two percent so before i

Tell you um how my skin has responded to it i will tell you a little bit about the product and what it promises to deliver so it’s got a powerhouse of two active ingredients now these two ingredients is the ascorbic acid which is your vitamin c and it also is combined with two percent alpha albertine now these two ingredients are renowned for working to even up

The skin tone it fades back spots it makes the skin definitely more supple more radiant and with that glow so when i saw the combination of these two it actually picked my interest even more now the unique thing about the ordinary vitamin c is vitamin c normally is less soluble in water and less stable in water so it you always have to use it’s like an oil-based

Foundation for vitamin c to be properly incorporated into any skincare product so the thing about the ordinary vitamin c is it is a lightweight oil now i don’t really like oily or that oily residue on my face so when i applied it on my face it was a light oil which was a bit forgivable obviously to get your vitamin c at its optimum strength the ordinary skincare

Started making waves i would say a few years ago um it’s a canadian-based skincare company and the key selling points that it came into the market with was the offering affordable priced skincare products that tend to work so when you visit sites like amazon you know sephora the reviews on there are quite phenomenal so obviously this played in sway me outside of

All of the youtube videos now just a bit background about vitamin c now the vitamin c here that is in this product is eight percent and when you take vitamin c daily even as a multivitamin supplement it helps to heal damaged skin vitamin c is really good for evening out the skin tone now it also reduces any signs of aging that you might have so using it early on

Before you even start noticing any signs of aging is actually the way to go now this particular product has got eight percent of vitamin c which basically is quite potent again potent but safe to use so it would address anything from fading out dark spots or dark marks on your skin to evening out and brightening the skin tone and also helping and protecting from

Environmental factors again it helps to reduce the signs of aging so these are the benefits of vitamin c in a nutshell now it’s combined with two percent alpha albertine which basically is a derivative of of hydroquinone now hydroquinone has got a really bad rep because of setting things that it actually can cause on the skin from hyperpigmentation to accelerated

Age spots and you know on the extreme side even skin cancer now one of the beautiful things about this product is it hasn’t got alcohol in it because alcohol can be quite drying and irritating to the skin so it is an oil-based serum okay so it just goes right into your skin now take time out to make sure you actually massage it into your skin so it goes right

In so it doesn’t leave like an oily residue on the surface of your skin so i’m going to give you how it it’s worked on my skin so i’m just going to show you the bottle so it comes in a very i love the packaging it is just very clean um it’s very clean and they’re branded as an honest um skincare company where they don’t really put any heating ingredients and

They are quite transparent with all of the ingredients on the labeling of the bottle so basically i just go so basically it comes in a dropper form now with vitamin c you have to be quite careful vitamin c doesn’t like anything to do with direct sunlight it doesn’t like any hash lighting at all uh the darker the place where you store it the more effective it

Will be on your skin so i typically use this at night time now remember when you use vitamin c you have to make sure you use sunscreen now sunscreen is something that you have to use regardless of whether you’re using this product or not it really helps to protect your skin from environmental factors but when you use vitamin c remember the chance of your skin

Becoming photosensitive is there so you have to ensure that you protect your skin when you do go out once you open the product you’ve got six months to use it which basically is like a six month shelf life upon opening it remember vitamin c doesn’t really like exposure to direct heat direct sunlight it doesn’t like exposure to the environment so one of the ways

You can store this is you can actually store in the fridge so that way you get that really cold refreshing uh feel when you put it on your skin so since i started using it i’ve noticed it’s sort of starting to lift off some of my dark spots now these are dark spots that have been left behind by acne so it basically helps to not just brighten my skin but also to

Fade out that sports as i said so overall the question is is it what the hype yes i think it’s definitely what the hype one of the benefits again is the price point the price point is very affordable and it’s not just affordable because we’re not just looking about affordable skincare you’re looking at you’re looking at affordable skincare that actually works

So the ordinary definitely works if you pair it with other um products in the range like the niacinamide and the alpha albertine on its own that’s fine but if you do get the ascorbic vitamin c combination i would just advise for you to use it because you basically need you don’t need to rush into using it using it quickly but you do need to use it consistently

For you to begin to see the benefits and the results of what it has to offer in your skin now the beauty about this product again they are not water-based so while it might feel oily the formulation is actually oil-free it just feels that way after a few seconds but again as i said if you take time out to just massage it right into your skin then you wouldn’t

Really get that oily residue sitting on the top of your skin now if you have problems with age spots or acne scars dark spots dark marks hyperpigmentation then this product is certainly one for you to try so i hope you enjoyed the video i will be giving a bit more update as i continue using it i’m going to be trying the up the alpha opportunity it’s a bit of

A mouthful isn’t it i’m going to be trying the alpha arbutin as well because what i’m going to do is i would use each bottle up so that way i can give a review on the product that actually is not interfering with any other product so that way i know what’s working and what’s not so after i finish with this one this is my second bottle i’m going to be using the

Alpha appetite and then see and compare what sort of differences we’re working with so i hope you enjoyed the video and if you did don’t forget to give it a like and definitely consider subscribing and so until i come here again it’s fa signing off take care

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