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I Went to the DOCTOR’s OFFICE [4/10/10] – 353 – TheFunnyrats

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Hey guys we went down to kristas aunt and uncles to change some belts in her car i am still itching like crazy hadn’t really gotten any better it seems but from a couple people today we heard that we should try taking a bath but putting a cup of clorox bleach in the bath they said that would help to relieve some of the itching so we’re gonna go home and try that

But right now we’re stopping at walgreens we’re getting some calamine lotion and maybe some claritin i got the benadryl that you take orally usually just for headaches and stuff that works really well for relieving your itch but it only works for a couple of hours and then whenever it wears off man you are itching like crazy and it knocks you out i was out for

Two hours maybe at kristas aunt’s house on their couch because it just knocked me out so hard so we’re trying to get this done hopefully it’ll be gone soon i’m really tired of this got any ideas leave them down in the comments below i’m trying everything taking an epsom salt bath hydrocortisone cream which works pretty well x polyphenol fingernail polish that’s a

Joke by the way chiggers most people think that they’re living in your skin while you have it you got to kill the bug to get rid of it that’s not how it works i look it up the gets on you he puts like a little straw into your i guess your pool he kills it kills the tissue skin cells because that’s what they feed off of they kind of suck it up through the thing but

Once they do that they’re done they don’t get their little straw thing back on no it’s called and they mature into a different kind of sugar the next stage of their life what’s left in you and what’s causing the itch is the straw and your body is trying to eliminate it also with triggers the bugs can bite you and you won’t notice anything for up to 24 to 48 hours

So think a couple days back from before you started itching and that will give you some insight as to what it might be that’s causing it last night i did a bunch of research on it to figure out what i could do that read up on it so there you go a little bit about chiggers hopefully that helps you guys if you all have a problem with all right so here’s the update

On the itch tune that clorox bath did nothing for me so i took another bath just kind of wash off all the clorox because it made my skin extremely dry itchy and we decided to take a trip down to the doctor so went down the doctor and the dermatologist was there so i actually got to talk to him and he thinks what i have is chiggers maybe a little bit of poison ivy

Here and there cuz some of them are in a line as opposed to just being spotty so he gave me a shot where does i want to believe and then i have two prescriptions one i just went and picked them up and read walgreens one is pregnat own and the other one is glucose intoning fl u oc i in 0 ni de blue oak gonna die not 9 i don’t know how to say it so one’s a cream and

One’s a pill and the cream i just need to mix with some lotion and then rub it on so that’s where we’re at we’re going down to ricky’s comedy show in about an hour cuz we went down to the comedy show had a good time there we decided to just come home and go to bed pretty tired this shot in my butt feels so weird it feels like there’s like this jelly substance in

There it just kind of moves every time i walk or put pressure on it so go and lie down good night

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I Went to the DOCTOR's OFFICE [4/10/10] – 353 – TheFunnyrats By l4anyrat