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Ian Frizell testimonial / review of Parkinsons Regeneration Training Workshop

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Here’s a review of the March 26, 2018 Parkinson’s Regeneration Training workshop in Medway, England

Hello welcome to lot number 69 today i’m going to talk about workshop oh i attended this week in chatham-kent called parkinson’s regeneration training from my american trainer called carl stirling about a year ago i met carl in london following a hospital appointment for a dbs adjustment i rocked halfway through day one of a two-day workshop but saw enough to

Make me wish i’d been able to attend the whole thing so when i was contacted by phil bungay he runs the parkinson’s uk midbrain district working age group asking if i would be interested in attending one of cal’s workshops in chatham it was somewhat of a complete no-brainer we started earlier with the social gathering the night before the workshop my wife and i

Joined carl and a dozen other attendees in the barmy’s hotel where i introduced him to the delights of hobgoblin beer and refresh my memory of course we didn’t drink too much though we were all mindful of the workshop the following morning the parkinson’s regeneration training workshop is designed for people with parkinson’s but also for trainers and care providers

Tablet to understand the condition and help those who have it the program starts with a fairly hefty lecture mainly for the benefits of the trainers and characterises which discusses what parkinson’s disease is who gets it symptoms etc kyle discusses strategies for avoiding falls improving bounce stability in gait strength flexibility in grip posture mobility and

Movement and improving cognitive function after the lecture is time to put some of the strategies into practice and pretty soon the whole class is getting involved in one way or another this is the way i’m overcoming difficulties in turning over in bed become an issue people with parkinson’s this exercise shows the positive effect that a vestibular research can

Have upon balancing gait firstly you’ll see d washington price of the exercise note the arm swing the procedure the law say you can see the most immediate improvement was to walk across the room afterwards this is something that carla told me about before and i was really interested to see i’ll definitely be trying this out this shows the effects of vibration upon

My tremor i’m holding a hypersphere vibrates in both we use to sooth loosen or activate muscles particularly useful we relating the discomfort of restless leg syndrome here you will see me using it see if you can moderate my tremor so i’ve turned my dbs off i didn’t notice any benefit but those watching said they noticed an amazing reduction in tremor while i was

Holding the vibrating ball carl well demonstrated how balancing gates are improved by consciously swinging the arms of improving posture on reward the automatic helps me something that many people with parkinson’s lose early on in the progression of the disease then we tried using these smoothie rings and these are something that i’ve had a lot about who was keen

To try smug earrings are a spiral tube construction containing a number of steel balls which move within the spiral tube when exercising thus creating vibration which i’m told is particularly beneficial to people with parkinson’s certainly just the mere fact they have these in your hands helps maintain some sort of rhythm i got to meet da oakley someone who i was

Aware of through some of the facebook groups that we both belong to and she found that smooth earrings were so beneficial to her that she actually sells them so if you’d like to buy some of these just contact d on her email which is smoke for health uk or visit her facebook page smoke for health uk overall i for only enjoyed the workshop and took a lot

Number of strategies that i know i can use or incorporate into my daily routine additionally i managed to reach a few people put faces to the names on you phil bungay t oakley and paul rubbery so just let’s take this opportunity to say hi dee hi paul hi phil it was great to meet you and thanks for watching as for mr. sterling i think you can see how much fun he

Was having oh it’s a pleasure to see you girl if you’d like to find out more about the parkinson’s regeneration training workshops just pop along to and i’ll do my best to respond and we really see you next friday you

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Ian Frizell testimonial / review of Parkinson’s Regeneration Training Workshop By Karl Sterling