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IBD in Hindi Crohn’s disease ‘ Inflammatory bowel Disease Symptoms & treatment Dr Vikas

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Dr Vikas Singla

Pain abdomen, bloating, diarrhoea, blood in stool can be due to crohn’s disease ibd can lead to swelling and ulcer in small and large intestine. ibd can be ulcerative colitis or crohn’s disease crohn’s disease mostly affect small and large intestine, it can affect oesophagus and stomach also our small and large intestine has two type of bacteria harmful bacteria can disease such

As typhoid bacteria can lead to disease such as typhoid fever and diarrhoea other type of bacteria are useful and help in food digestion and provide essential elements such as vitamins and calories activity of immune system against these useful bacteria can lead to crohn’s disease crohn’s disease mostly affect large and small intestine if small bowel is affected patient will

Have pain in naval area and large volume diarrhoea patient can have iron and b12 deficiency leading to diarrhoea, vid d deficiency can lead to bony pains few patients can have bowel obstructions. symptoms are colicky pain, vomiting, bloating, gola formation, decreased flatus and constipation. if large bowel is affected, symptoms are lower abdomen pain, small volume diarrhoea,

Urgency and blood in stool patients with esophagus or food pipe involvement will have pain during swallowing or difficulty in swallowing or drinking weight loss can due to decreased food intake, as food can cause pain eye involvement can lead to pain and reduced vision. backache knee pain and other joint pain can occur. painful swellings on skin known as erythema nodosum

Can occur liver can be affected and can lead to jaundice. primary sclerosing cholangitis can lead to narrowing of bile duct and jaundice to diagnose first we do haemoglobin test, liver test and vitamin level with colonoscopy we can see large intestine and lower part of small intestine known as ileum. in crohn’s disease, there can be ulcers in small and large bowel. biopsy

Is taken from these ulcers ct and mri can diagnose narrowing in small intestine, thickness of small bowel is increased. capsule endoscopy and enteroscopy are special test of small bowel in capsule endoscopy, patient swallows a capsule, which has camera. camera take 50,000 pictures of small bowel photographs are recored in data recorder, which are downloaded in computer

And diagnosis is reached during spiral enteroscopy, small bowel is pleated over the endoscope by the help of rotating overtube, we can see whole small bowel we can take biopsy from ulcer and dilate stricture disease severity is defined by cdai (crohn’s disease activity index) asa, steroids and biologicals are treatment for induction of response for maintenance mesalamine,

Azathioprines and biological like infliximab are used stricture and abscess are complications of crohn’s disease stricture can occur in small and large bowel and lead to pain bloating and decreases passage of gas stricture due to swelling are treated by medicines, stricture due to fibrosis are treated either by endoscopy ballooning or surgery abscess can occur around anus,

Known as perianal abscess, abscess is treated by medicines rupture of abscess can lead to fistula. initial treatment is medicines, and if required surgery crohn’s disease can lead to cancer, screening colonoscopy is required

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