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I’m Taking PREP | Descovy Review | #SexualHealth #Gilead

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What’s up everybody welcome back to my channel it’s your boy ty cd back again with another video today i want to bring you guys an informative video so if you read by the title that’s right i am starting prep and for those of you wondering what prep is i’m here to break the entire process down to you and for those of you inquiring about what prep is i’m here to

Break everything down to you one by one i’m here to break the stigma i’m here to inform guys i’m here to educate i’m here to give you guys the keys and the tips to have a safe yet fun sex life so without further ado let’s go ahead and dive into this video for those of you wondering prep is a pill that you take once a day to prevent your chances of catching hiv

Studies have shown that those taking prep it currently eliminates your chances of contracting hiv by 90 so 99 so let’s go ahead and just throw those facts out there first and foremost i’ve always been a heavy advocate on stage six now i talk about sex here and i’m very transparent with my sexual life i do enjoy sex so i’m gonna be very transparent with my viewers

I am a gay man so at the end of the day i do want to take the extra steps to protect myself i always use condoms but with my partner i don’t use condoms when i’m in a relationship i don’t use condoms i’m just going to be real deal that you never know what a person is doing not saying that i’m getting cheated on anything but you just never know so i just always

Want to take that extra step to protect myself now boom how you get on prep i’ve always been in top hill i’ve always been like uh i don’t really want to wake up and you know see those commercials that say uh have you are a loved one taking truvada discovery you may be titled to legal compensation no i didn’t want to i didn’t want to deal with that so luckily i

Did my own research i connected with the great doctor dr tillman shout out to my doctor i connected with the doctor i asked her all the questions i asked her about the side effects i asked her about you know the studies the trials just overall how is this is this going to be something potentially good for my body now let’s get into the process you can’t just get

On prep now you can’t just jump on prep you have to go through lab work you have to go through blood work you have to see a doctor you have to get examined you have to go through the actual process because it is a medicine that goes through your kidneys just like any other medicine so i actually reached out to this organization to where they said they could give

Me prep for free now i don’t know about you but prep is not cheap if you ain’t going through an organization or if you don’t have insurance it’s not cheap luckily i was able to connect with a great organization here in the dallas fort worth area and they got me connected with the doctor she answered all my questions it was so fast that the process went from i

Was literally on prep within a week it was literally schedule my appointment sit down with the doctor boom schedule my blood work boom go do the blood work boom they send the results out to my doctor boom walgreens contacts me and they ship the pills and this is what i’m currently on i don’t know if y’all can see it but this is the scoby you mean i’m gonna show

Y’all what it looks like and you take it once a day for 30 days but it’s a blue pill it’s a blue peel like this and i mean hey i already took my dosage for the day i it’s day three for me so i said i was literally on prep within a week i literally talked to my doctor asked her all my questions um did my blood work and walgreens literally sent my prescription you

Do have to get checkups every three months of course they are checking to make sure i don’t have hiv your doctor is going to constantly monitor your blood work your liver your kidneys your functions they’re going to be monitoring those things so you see a doctor every three months just like you would do if you were going to get tested et cetera so if i have any

Other questions for like my doctor i can always pick up the phone hit her through the virtual virtual portal and i just feel like i love it for those of you out there that are anti-pill anti i don’t want to do that i think condoms just work for me because i thought that way i thought that way but you have to take into account that condoms aren’t always effective

From you contracting something the condom can break the condom could slip there’s always that chance of something going wrong but if you already take this second step to say hey i’m already on medication you know even if i am put at risk or anything like that my body is already equipped to fight okay so that’s why i love discovery and i’m gonna just be honest i

Haven’t had any side effects now everybody’s body is different now i’m gonna be honest i was anti-truvada now y’all know about truvada truvada got a bad rep in the community but you know i that’s what turned me off of the whole medicine thing when i started seeing people with their livers and stuff getting messed up i was like no i’m out but luckily they came out

With the scoby once again this is the scoby it is a smaller pill because truvada was a little thick but the scovie is a lot smaller it functions your liver and things like that so i advise anybody out there my honest opinion is even if you are having sex i encourage everybody it’s not even about just gay men being on or bisexual men being on it i advise women to

Get on it too because you never know like i advise everybody to get on prep because you know you never know what may happen you never know and even though a person might love you can love a person and y’all it could just take one time for you to contract something that you can get rid of so i’d rather take this one-a-day pill to prevent me from taking several other

Medications now you do have to be hiv-negative to get on prep they have to constantly monitor your blood work and you have to go to a doctor every three months so i think i answer all the questions um the biggest misconception is that you know a lot of people don’t want to talk about it like a lot of people don’t want to talk about their sexual health a lot of

People want to sweep things under the rug now i will say this truvada and the scovie is not meant to treat stds or sti’s let’s throw that out there so with that being said although you do have the medication for hiv this does not cover you from chlamydia syphilis trigonomeal etc so protect yourself people like i said we have been in a pandemic i know a lot of

People have been getting a little extra the the it’s been the build up has been there and i know that sometimes we get a little horn every now and then but you guys have to just take your sexual health serious and i mean a lot of people don’t want to have the conversation a lot of people don’t want to talk about it but over here we gonna talk about it we’re gonna

Talk about testing we’re gonna talk about the things that people don’t want to talk about it’s uncomfortable but go and get tested find you a doctor that you can trust because your doctor can’t share that information even if you were positive and for my hiv positive people out there do not let allow people to shame you we do not shame people over here we embrace

All people but for my girls that are positive it’s like even having hiv nowadays the medication is so powerful to where people are undetectable so get this misconception out of your head take your sexual health serious and you guys go and get some prep now for my people in the dallas fort worth area i will link the organization that i went with down below in the

Description so that if you are interested in getting our prep you need testing you need treatment low-key you need some need go ahead and hit these people down here i’m gonna leave the number i’m gonna leave the address and i’m leaving the website they have everything you need they offer a full inclusive services from free prep to testing to treatment so you

Guys i hope this video was informative i feel great i’m up i’m back on the youtube and y’all can help me out by hitting a thumbs up on this video and make sure that you subscribe and make sure that you follow me on all my social media you guys official tv i love you guys until we meet again for another video stay messy not too messy but with just a little bit of

Shade and take your sexual health serious boo all right until we meet again i love you guys and this is exciting

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