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Hello dear students welcome back to my channel i love pharmacology in today’s session let us learn about the immunosuppressant agents so in continuation with the previous session and this session let us see regarding the cytotoxic drugs which are also known as anti-proliferative agents which can acts as an immunosuppressant agents so first let us see the as a

Thioprin so basically azathioprim will inhibit the cell-mediated immune responses this azathioprine will be metabolized to form a active metabolite that is six mercaptopurin this six mercaptopurine purine will going to inhibit the denova purine synthesis thereby it will cause dna damage apart from that in addition six more cap top urine will also inhibit the t cell

Function and also it will going to inhibit the cytolytic lymphocyte activity so where this azathioprine can be utilized it can be used in case of renal transplantation to prevent the rejection it can be used in case of refractory rheumatoid arthritis it can be used to treat inflammatory bowel diseases and also in treating vitiligo as it normalizes the pigmentation

In case of vitiligo patients next you have got the methotrexate so methotrexate is the folate antagonist it has got two activity it will going to inhibit the cell mediated cell mediated immune responses in addition it also has got anti-inflammatory action so this methotrexate can be made utilized in the treatment of autoimmune disorders like refractory rheumatoid

Arthritis chronic uveitis chronic active hepatitis it can be used in the treatment of fame figures severe psoriasis and myasthenia grievous next moving on to the another cytotoxic drug that is cyclophosphamide so here is the graphical representation showing showing a cycle and the accessory that is cycle pump or blow so cyclophosphamide activity can be remembered

As so mainly on the seat who will sit the humans will sit so it mainly inhibits the humoral activity so blow stands for b so b stands for it mainly inhibits the b cell activity so mainly it is used as the reserved drug or rescue drug and if you pedal this cycle which are the muscles which will going to strengthen mainly the skeletal muscles so basically this

Cyclophosphamide can be used during bone marrow transplantation and these are the rails or the spokes so r stands for it can be used in chromatin arthritis since this rotation of the pedal is done systematically so it can be used in case of systemic lopus erythematosus and apart from that there are other two indication so it can be remembered as initial letter

P and the ending letter p that is idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura and also in the treatment of fem figures next moving on to the another very important drug that is mycophenolate morphetel that is mmf it can be remembered in the mnemonic that is mig-db m stands for mycophenolate morphetel this microfinance morphetel will going to inhibit the high that is it

Will going to inhibit ionosine monophosphate dehydrogenase which are responsible for guanosine nucleotide so this virus in nucleotide is required for the t cell and b cell functioning so once you once this microphone mosfet will inhibit the ionosine monophosphate dehydrogenate in then it will inhibit the guanosine nucleated production thereby it will inhibit the

T cell function as well as the b cell function so this macro vanilla morphetel basically they are going to inhibit the lymphocyte proliferation they inhibit the release of antibody and also they inhibit the cellular mediated immune responses please remember that there is a caution for the use of microfinance officer please do not use along with the as a thioprin

So it has got a side effects such as leukopinea it can cause opportunistic infection mainly that cytomegalovirus and also it can cause gastrointestinal bleeding so this triple combination that is mycophenolate morphetal glucocorticoids and the cerolimas these are the triple drugs which are very safe and they are divided of nephrotoxicity when compared to calcium

Urine inhibitors next moving on to the glucocorticoids example is prednisone so basically this glucocorticoids will going to inhibit the cell mediated responses how it will going to inhibit the cell mediated immune responses by inhibiting the t lymphocyte activity in addition it also inhibits the major risk of compatibility complex activity it also inhibits the

Interlocking two interlocking six interlock into function it also inhibits the cytokine activity so all together it will going to inhibit the cellular mediated immune responses glucocorticoids are very useful during graft versus host rejection reactions and also in case of severe autoimmune disorders basically it will going to decrease the exacerbation stage

As well as it maintains the remission so glucocorticoids are the preferred drugs during acute rejections so this was about the class on the cytotoxic drugs which are also known as the anti-proliferative drugs so you have learnt about important things under azatio prin cyclophosphamide methotrexate mycophenolate morphetel and also in addition to that you have

Learnt about the glucocorticoids as a immunosuppressant agents so if you find this video useful please do subscribe to my channel i love pharmacology and do not forget to share and hit the like button for more updates on pharmacology thank you you

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