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In Depth: Treating COVID-19 symptoms at home

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As cases surge and hospitals fill, many people with mild or moderate Coronavirus cases will have to recover at home. ABC 10News took an In Depth look at some of the most effective ways to treat symptoms while you recover.

Meanwhile close to 1300 people are hospitalized in intensive care units across san diego county data from county health officials shows our hospitals are at 80 percent capacity and icu’s now have only about 10 percent available capacity now that is a total of 33 staffed and available beds for the entire county what that means is many people with less severe cases

Will have to deal with their coronavirus symptoms at home in a new report this morning abc 10 news reporter jared aaron spoke to doctors and pharmacists to find out the most effective ways people can treat their own symptoms while they recover it’s important to note every medical professional i spoke to told me you should talk to your doctor or health care provider

First before you try any treatment they said the most common symptoms they’re seeing for covid are fever aches cough and shortness of breath when patients are diagnosed with covid19 one of the first things they’re told is go home sharp healthcare pharmacy supervisor marissa corey says home is where most covid patients will treat their disease and for most symptoms

Like fever or aches an over-the-counter pain reliever like acetaminophen works best when it comes to a cough we can use the time-tested remedies so a humidifier a vaporizer work great to help soothe and control a cough so do over-the-counter medicines your doctor may tell you to look for the active ingredient guy feneson an expectorant to help cough out built up

Mucus or fluid if you have a dry cough messen says a cough syrup with dextromethorphan works as a cough suppressant for shortness of breath experts advise lying face down in the prone position and that can help the mechanics of the lung and gas exchange as far as breathing is concerned but it needs to be done cautiously dr atul mahatra is the research chief of

Pulmonary critical care at uc san diego he put out a study showing proning helps with covid patients in hospitals he thinks it can be done at home too if your doctor is on board mauhatra says proning can increase ventilation and relieve stress on the lungs for example the weight of the heart can go more on the sternum the breast bone rather than kind of squishing

The lung that’s at least one way to think about it he also says something as simple as blowing a fan over your face can trigger nerve reflexes in your body to help relax and regulate breathing corey adds movement like a simple walk around the house and deep breaths can help as well taking deep breaths to help clear anything in the lungs that can help facilitate

A better recovery and oftentimes prevent or reduce the need for advanced treatment meanwhile a november study from north carolina state found that green tea dark chocolate and certain types of grapes can fight the disease by blocking enzymes that help kovic grow inside your body corey says they may not be a hail mary cure but they can combine with other home-based

Comforts to make people feel better it’s time to get that favorite book make some phone calls to friends let everyone know you’re okay and stay positive one other important thing sleep and rest dr mahatra told me that sleep deprivation can lead to pneumonia and also make it harder for your immune system to fight any disease jared aarons abc 10 news again we want

To stress while this is all good advice you should check with your doctor first before you start any kind of treatment

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In Depth: Treating COVID-19 symptoms at home By ABC 10 News