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Indian govt ditches most popular drugs in new COVID-19 treatment plan | Ivermectin | Doxycycline

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India’s health ministry has revamped the prescribed treatment for COVID-19 patients. According to the new guidelines, the use of ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, antiviral favipiravir, doxycycline, zinc, and vitamins have been completely scraped off.

In a significant development india’s health ministry has revamped the prescribed treatment for covert 19 patients according to the new guidelines the use of ivermectin hydroxychloroquine antiviral doxycycline zinc and vitamins has been completely scrubbed off ivormectin hydroxychloroquine and favi piravir were till now used for asymptomatic or mild cases in fact

All medicines have been removed for such cases except antipyretic for fever and antidosive for cold in case of mild patients according to officials experts found that these medicines did not help covert 19 patients the asymptomatic patients have been advised not to take any medication and there is no emergency detection needed more meanwhile medications for other

Comorbid conditions should be continued the dghs has said that uh tokyo zuma which was in high demand during the second wave should be used only for severely and critically ill patients the new guidelines also warn against the unnecessary use of high resolution ct scans in india mostly the guidelines are released by the health ministry and the indian council

Of medical research however the icm still recommends the use of both ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine even though it dropped covalescent plasma from its treatment the manufacturer of the widely sought after drug in april favipiravir a drug which was authorized for emergency use made some shocking revelations the drug had been tested in just 150 patients with

Mild to moderate illness but the trial didn’t even determine whether people taking the drug were less likely to develop severe forms of the disease or die from it the drug has also been approved for emergency use in china and russia but regulators in the united states and south korea have not authorized its use on to the other medicine ivermectin the world health

Organization had warned against its use german farmer giant merck had said that there was no scientific basis for a potential therapeutic effect from covert 19 against coven 19 from pre-clinical studies the u.s drug administration fda had also in april last year recommended against the use of ivermectin in treating covid patients fda said and i quote taking large

Doses of this drug is dangerous and can cause serious harm there is also no indication that zinc and vitamin tablets cause improvement in cobit patients both of them had become household names and achieved record sales during 15 months of the pandemic both have several side effects including stomach pain dizziness and headaches according to aiocd a pharmaceutical

Market research company at least 15 pharmaceutical companies are selling these drugs in india and sales reached 8 million dollars at its peak world health organization’s chief scientist samya swaminathan has hailed the new evidence-based guidelines developed by the director general of health services she has stressed on the fact that mildly ill-covered patients

Would be fine with just paracetamol cough syrup and butysonide inhalation she has added that there is need not be prescribed any antibiotics or major drugs at all thank you

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Indian govt ditches most popular drugs in new COVID-19 treatment plan | Ivermectin | Doxycycline By WION