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Influenza vaccine and enoxaparin

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Hi my name is michelle and i want to be given two injections today one is for a subcutaneous injection of 30 milligrams of enochs of herring eat not subpoena and this one this injection is gonna go at the abdominal area to two centimeters in weight or two inches away from the umbilicus the next injection that i will be given in the intramuscular injection and this

Injection can go into three different sites one is the deltoid and order to find the deltoid you wouldn’t first locate your acromion process and this is in the upper shoulder once you locate the upper once you locate the chromium process you would go to so3 so two to three finger widths down and it’ll be right right in the middle the next site for this injection you

Could give it in the ventral gluteal and this is basically next to your your trochanter this is the hip the hip bone the where the hip in the thigh kind of meet and this would be a ball the trochanter is a ball you will want to make sure that you put your the palm of your hand on the trochanter and but you will be given the actual injections on the iliac superior

Iliac but in order to give this injection injection you will want to make sure that your patient is laying sideways facing for the nurse the last injection site is the right rectus femoris the rectus femoris and this injection site is basically in the middle of the thigh so yeah in order to find this dislocation you would want to use your thumbs basically as a

Guide and we’re here you want to put both one of your thumbs at the top of your thigh and the other one on the side and wherever they meet up that is where your injection site will be so yeah right now i’m going to prepare my solution for the intramuscular and this is actually a vaccine for influenza so and it is for 0.5 milliliters my subcutaneous on that is 30

Milligrams i think i already explained that of enochs appearance so i’m going to prepare my intramuscular injection i have checked my mark i have the right patient the right times and light dose the right site and location i have washed my head now i wanted to get my needle and i have my bottom my volume i’m gonna first open up my syringe that is my trash right now

We’re gonna get fire 0.5 milliliters of air and so this ranch next i’m going to clean off the top of my fire making sure that it air dries alright it has air tight i’m just gonna take the top off i’m going to insert the air into the container and now i’m going to fill my syringe no i have 0.5 milliliters of solution and my syringe i really did good cuz i have no

Air bubbles 0.5 milliliters of solution no air bubbles all right i’m gonna recap money until i get to the patients every kept my needle and then i just make sure that i write write the information on this semen hi i prefilled that before going into the patient so now i have my this actually says a 40 milligram solution of an egg in exile perĂ³n and our order calls

For a 30 milligram solution so with this i will actually aspirate it so that i have 30 milligrams of solution i will check my mar once again this is my second time check-in my medication order my right pinching right time dosage and stuff like that and now i’m going to enter in my patient room introduce myself explain what i am giving which is the solution of an x

Apparent and the vaccine for influenza so i have explained the procedure to the patient i have washed my head once again i have washed my hands i’m going to put on my gloves i have my octave head so this one is i’m going to do it in the deltoid area so i will first want to find the criminal process and i will go to – i would go two to three finger went down once

I spot the location i will mark it i would grab my my wife my alcohol hat flop i will wipe this night and it’s like circular motion i will wait for that to dry as this is drying i will be parents and administer so in order to inject this solution i’m gonna hold the skin taut they can show that it sprayed out so that it can go right into the intramuscular into the

Muscle so i’m gonna go right in and inject the solution i’m going to bring it out put pressure on the location spot i’m going to cap put the safety on my needle and this is my container to my sharps container this is my sharpie i will make sure that i have put a bandaid on this area now before i injected the d vaccine i would have mentioned that this spot was free

Of rashes free of redness that there wasn’t anything that would have prevented ephraim from injecting the medication into that site so the patient was free of any redness or swelling on any pain i have put my bandaid on the patient’s arm and now i am once prepared to administer the anecca knocks apparent from this one this one goes into the abdominal area so yeah

You want to make sure that you that you administer this medication two inches away from the umbilicus so i catherine anita i’m 2 inches away from them bilikiss and i’m gonna hold the skin so that is kind of flush and i’m just gonna inject the medication right into the spot it is in spot you’re going to pull out make sure that i’m holding on to the plunger and i

Am going to use my safety this goes into the sharps container all right but it goes into the sharps container i would have i would have cleaned this area before administering the nox appearing into the injection site yeah i will have clean the area make sure that i didn’t administer it and the same location twice you want to make sure that you always rotate sites

When administering ybox appearing and this is for d5 to prevent defined thrombosis all right i’m gonna take off my gloves don’t in the trash i’m gonna wash my hands and just assess the patient for any signs of faintness or any signs of pain or all right all right done thank you and after that i will chart and write my mind and self

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Influenza vaccine and enoxaparin By Michelle Walker