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inhalatory / exilatory exercise device, can it help with my disability?

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just a quick update about some articles that I have seen previously and I managed to come up to a conclusion of exercising my lungs

You know what i was thinking don’t you  exhalatory device it’s got a little ball  here and it helps you expand your lungs i will  tell you why i’m gonna be using this twice a day   two times fifteen breaths explosive ones like  because the muscles that you use for breathing as   a human you’ve got loads of redundancy you don’t 

Just use this bit you do these also your diaphragm   falls down that makes your lungs inflatable there  and they inflate you’ve got your obliques i think   they’re called loads of stuff just to make sure  you’re gonna breathe which is you know makes   sense in the uh evolutionary sense you know people  that breathe tend to reproduce

And produce other   people that breathe it’s amazing it’s not even a  skill you don’t even have to think about it except   think about it you know think about breathing   now it’s not natural is it anyway i’ve got one of  these i’m going to do it for like 30 days because   let me tell you my reasons oh i’m so pleased with 

This i thought of this a long while ago because   i’ve noticed i’m starting to get out of breath a  lot easier especially when i’m talking or getting   excited about something i tend to lose my breasts  my breaths not my breasts i’ve lost them already   moobs someone shattered they had to be across i  had my top off and i was walking

Down the street   and one went moobs i was like i never took my top  off again in that entire town not that i’d heard   anything or was really worried about it now anyway  what i saw was an article recently i have an   with a summary of what’s been said about multiple   sclerosis today so i get that every day so i know 

About all the multiple sclerosis stuff anyway   there was this study there was loads of references  of people with studies to do with people that   don’t have exhalatory muscles well are usually  that’s an indicator of disability the amount of   disability not the function of the lungs because  there were studies with lots of

Different people   and they found that the more disabled you were   causation between that and disability the  amount of disabilities but that is they’ve   my own knowledge is that the brain fatigue you  see sometimes your body as a human you’ve got   loads of redundancy you can’t use all up your  battery completely 100

Or you’ll die so your   body’s got loads of stuff in there and if it’s  looking like you’re gonna be bloody knackered   from doing something whether it’s doing weights  doing walking doing swimming playing tennis or   just existing then your brain will automatically  cut off flip the circuit breaker at eighty percent  

So you’ve still got some reserve you your your  little fuel light is on and you’ve got enough to   get home that kind of thing and that’s natural  that’s biology they’ve known this for ages that   already at eighty percent not a hundred percent   still got a good twenty percent in reserve and   brain will issue chemicals

Into your system   no lactose i think it is i don’t know i’m gonna  do another video and i will show all the things   allows it to do more it doesn’t need to keep any  reserve it doesn’t think i got a second you’re   i better shut you down a bit do you favor me   but that happens a lot with for tip with fatigue  and ms

Because of neurological conditions so   having a bit of problem with fatigue and   between your nervous system from here to there   isn’t registering how much muscle use you’ve got  it may give you an estimated reading and then put   you on right easy by 80 that’s all you can do  do that twice a day 15 a day can’t do 30 

Which is the recommended because i’ll faint   but doing that i feel will give me more power to  exhale because it does in my mind in my opinion   your exhalatory ability and your disability and   because think about this if you’ve got ms you  can’t do as much exercise to work your inhalatory   exercises enough to make you

Have a strong chest  do you ever see that guy there oh betty that guy   he did he got to sing phantom of the opera and he  got really big in his chest and that was because   of all the breaths he was using to sing so all of  these things are joined together join the dots and   linking together stuff that i’ve read stuff that 

I’ve experienced stuff that i will see is that   twice a day for 30 days will benefit me   and how it benefits me or if it doesn’t   like 12 quid or something well cheaper and   inhalatory muscles then that’s good because   cyclists i think it was sky is it the cycle team  sky i don’t know anyway they got some money

And   they did some tests and they found out if you’ve  that can increase your endurance by 26% and  that’s because your brain because your muscles   are developed and thinking it is easier to do this  exercise and so you are able to endure more that   makes sense to me i’ll tell you more about another  video because now i’m getting out of breasts

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inhalatory / exilatory exercise device, can it help with my disability? By multiple sclerosis Vlog