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Injecting Humira/Adalimumab Pen (4K POV Video)

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I use a GoPro HERO 8 to film my biweekly Humira injection.

Hi everybody i got a gopro i was inspired by kenji lopez alt um this really famous uh food writer for serious eats to get a gopro and do uh pov videos can you all see me okay um so i’m gonna take my humera shot um if y’all guys wanna follow along and see how it goes um so this is the let me make sure y’all can see me okay so this is the the kit um not the starter

Pack this is a month supply it comes every month um and it comes in a cooler from my pharmacy with some ice packs so you open it up and you’ve got your quick instructions can you all see okay too high okay it’s got the quick instructions just you know just to remind you um it has two pens i’ve left this out since this morning to let it come to room temperature

Because that’s supposed to make it less painful to inject because this is the original formula that has citrate in it each pack comes with alcohol pads so actually the first time i ordered this they asked me if i wanted alcohol pads and i said yes please not realizing that they come with the humera so i’m not ordering them from now on you’ve got your medication

Information um you’ve got and you’ve got your instructions and a guide again this comes with every pack if you ever forget so i’m going to take this out where’d it go okay all right last connection there for a second uh let me come sit down okay there was a kitty over there okay hi okay i need to prep okay so prepping for an injection the first thing you do

Is you choose where you want to inject it your either leg or your belly um i injected on my left leg last time so i’m gonna do my my right leg okay last time i on my last time i injected on my right leg it was somewhere over here so i’ll do somewhere over here let me just choose a random spot i’ll just do right here and i already washed my hands okay so you

Check the medication each time and make sure that um i don’t know if y’all can see this put it up higher um that it when you’re holding it this way uh the fluid comes up to this black line and it does i don’t know if y’all can see that check the expiration date and make sure that the fluid isn’t like cloudy or anything like that so it looks good so take off cap

One um ever since i’ve got it little drops fall out every time i take off cap one okay and then you take off cap two exposing the button all right ah i don’t want to do this okay i’m going to put on my brave face for y’all i grip grip it like a burger mmm big juicy burger like i cooked last night press it down and three two i don’t wanna do this three oh you

Can see this is how much medication has dripped out this like amount of liquid that’s on my leg okay i’m just stalling three two one all right and i’m done the little yellow indicator came out and i’ll just put the caps back on i’ll throw these away in my kitchen trash and i’m gonna go put this in the sharps container that i have there you go gotta make

Sure y’all see me that’s it guys thanks for watching let me know if you have any questions bye colitis queens

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Injecting Humira/Adalimumab Pen (4K POV Video) By Sarah Makes