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Injecting Lidocaine for Pain – Watch the procedure and see what happens…

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Watch as they inject a Lidocaine Injection on a patient who suffers from a lot of pain in their arm caused by bursitis.

Hi today i’m at the health and wellness clinic in beverly new jersey i’m here because about six years ago i had suffered a injury where i broke my collarbone it took about eight months for the collarbone to heal i broke it in three places and it was very painful but even after the healing of the collarbone i never was fully the same i would have a very difficult

Time lifting my arm even taking off a bra was very hard for me i couldn’t lift up my arm i couldn’t i wasn’t mobile and then i went and tried lots of various different types of treatments and i even went for pain injections and the pain injections helped me temporarily but i was warned that i couldn’t have any more because if i did i would do permanent damage to

My bone and i would cause scar tissue which would hurt me further in the future so today at the health and wellness clinic i’m here with nurse practitioner patricia she’s going to do a lidocaine injection which is a healthier injection to help reduce the pain and she’s here right now she’s going to explain what a lidocaine injection is and she’s going to go over

Step by step as you watch her inject it into my arm thank you so the purpose of today’s injection is solely for pain management we use lidocaine which is 100 no steroids and no narcotics in evidence use of steroids in an injection is actually not recommended because the steroids long term will eat away at healthy tissue the lidocaine injection is one percent

Which is about 90 to 95 percent water and about five percent uh lidocaine it will hydrate the area and the one percent lidocaine will give it a little bit of an aesthetic enough to decrease pain and we’re able to range her and start the physical therapy process without her having pain in the future the other type of injections that would benefit this type of

Injury would be more of a restorative product and that would be prp plasma rich protein and or human cellular tissue or healthy homeopathic so we want to fix function and when we fix function we decrease pain that’s our our motto that’s how we approach every patient is using a healthier option and um restorative medicine or restorative products so right now i’m

Going to have a little bit of jelly i’m going to you and another thing that we use is ultrasound ultrasound helps us know we are exactly where we need to be versus other uh practitioners that might just do landmarks and really the evidence shows that’s about 20 effective not every single person has the same landmark ultrasound makes it 95 effective 95 accurate

Okay so little jelly first thing we’re doing is i’m surveying the landscape as i call it stacy is sitting neutral and relaxed i want you yeah just like that good and i’m just looking i see your humerus and then i’m going to just quickly just give you a little good range i’m sorry no that’s okay i’m just like relaxed yeah i just wanted to let you know that a

Lot of the pain when they did my mri not to phoned up they found two bulging discs in my neck okay they found a herniated disc in my neck and also they diagnosed my shoulder and arm with bursitis correct okay i’m looking here landmarks look good tender looks intact okay now i’m just gonna bring this around okay you can still relax okay all right yeah okay i

See your infraspinatus and those and supraspinatus those are the muscles of part of your rotator cuff i do get a lot of pain in that area where the rotator cuff is that’s where a lot of pain is and usually after i lift my arm probably i would say about four to five inches up is when the pain starts to increase and the higher i lift my arm up the more pain i start

To experience and if you can freeze that for me just bend and yeah and i just want to show stacey freeze it again so if you look at the screen this is your humeral head or your the phone right here is where the inflammation is bursa is spaced between muscles and it should be flat when you have bursitis there’s fluid and it’s between those muscles so then those

Muscles separate a little bit and that’s why you’re having pain so right here okay okay i can see it all right so unfreeze um and that’s pretty much located in here okay okay remember things are referred so function can be here but pain can be referred right so i’d like for you just to shimmy and just for perfect because i want to get the post here a little

Bit so right now i’ve looked at the anterior aspect i looked at the lateral part and now i’m just going to go posterior same thing landmark i see again nice okay it doesn’t look so bad it really is inflammation of that bursa okay so let’s now um we’ll wipe sit back normally we’re going to face each other first injection is going to go here okay the top

Injection just goes right below the skin we’re trying to hit where the clavicle and the acromion meets and get it from the top and then we go posterior and hit it from there again this is just light okay this is just for pain relief it’s not permanent it will eventually wear off but give her a little bit of relief so we can get into ranging that shoulder some

Physical therapy and prepping her body for the next step which would be prp injections and human cellular tissue this is iodine this is just for sterile okay okay and then i’m just going to bring it back a little bit and again using ultrasound really gives you the accuracy you need so you know that you’re getting where you need to be so now i’ll take a alcohol

What i’m gonna do actually is actually i would mark it okay because what i’m going to do is i’m going to squeeze i’m going to use a little bit of a freezing spray so hold on to that my dear i want you to look away so i’m going to squirt you okay good we’re going in 90 degrees ready little pinch one two three good and we’re advancing putting a little bit of

The solution good and then a little bit more how you doing i’m doing okay okay good we pull back to make sure we’re not in any vasculature and give me good a picture of that good and then and then we one okay that’s one cc in that um anterior aspect okay hold on to that let’s turn you a little bit all right same thing give me a little more jelly this

One injection is really just underneath the skin you locate your landmarks there we are and it’s a very tiny joint right there there we go all right all right ready one two three and we go in good and just a little bit and out you really don’t feel the injection it’s just like a tiny little pinch of it we’re gonna now go back to posterior and get the rest of

That lidocaine in there okay how are you doing my dear i’m doing good good i’m just going to do a little bit of a little bit more jelly please turn this yes please okay yes are the ladder cane shots just good for the shoulder and arm or they could be put in all different little cane injections are good for any uh part of the body that has a problem they’re good

For joint capsules we do a lot of trigger point injections breaking up muscle spasms using lidocaine and they’re good for knee injections wrist in any joint that has a problem all right let’s get that back that layer mark all right i’ll take the needle and an alcohol swab will give me the alcohol squat first please thank you and then um give me a little light a

Little bit of when does it start taking effect in about a couple of minutes we’re going to arrange your arm and you should start feeling the numbing effects shortly okay little pitch here we go one two three and and we go ready and good how are you feeling i’m feeling good good we’re right in there you okay i’m fine i’m putting it all almost all in there okay

Okay and we are done relax and let’s just start moving it i feel tension but i feel movement where i couldn’t move actually right so see how high she’s getting wow she did not do that i couldn’t 10 minutes ago now okay we’re gonna oh good well the purpose of this injection again is to get her moving okay it’s getting her arranging above and below what she could

Not do 10 minutes ago this is just again a temporary type of fix just enough to get her moving that shoulder and getting her rehabbed then we will do the restorative injections in about a week or two i like to have patients have some physical therapy in them prepping the area when i go in it makes the condition or the real estate optimal and the only bleeding

You have is here expected because it’s right underneath right the best ones are there okay i’ll give you a little bit of band-aid and that’s pretty much it thank you so much you’re absolutely welcome now if anybody has any questions reach me i’m patricia the nurse practitioner at health and spine wellness they can reach leave me a message contact us through our

Multiple media outlets facebook um instagram i mean let’s really see how you’re doing no really yeah oh i couldn’t do this before oh my god a lot of people are afraid to need it yeah i see needles but with this procedure that you just did on me i barely felt anything it was and it was very quick and even when you injected it in my skin it was it was less than a

Pinch very minimal and i it didn’t hurt me at all wonderful particularly because the pain was so intense and so bad and you you can’t do anything when you have pain you’re so limited on what you can do in life and it can be really very frustrating because it’s a lot of the things in your daily lifestyle that you enjoyed doing at one point you can’t do it when

You’re in confident pain and that’s why here is our is our motto it really is it’s getting you back to the things you love you

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Injecting Lidocaine for Pain – Watch the procedure and see what happens… By Health \u0026 Spine Wellness Center