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Innovations in Contraception: Understanding Your Birth Control Options

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Birth control pill limitations have complicated the selection process for women and their doctors. For instance, birth control pills containing estrogen run the risk of causing blood clots and may not be as effective in women with higher BMI. Progestin-only birth control pills, on the other hand, are burdened by their irregular bleeding and strict 3-hour dosing window.

Today we’re focusing on women’s health specifically birth control which is a very personal decision now while the pill has been the mainstay for generations women today are increasingly aware of the risks associated with the estrogen levels in many of the pills available joining me virtually is dr jessica shepard a dallas-based gynecologist from baylor scott and

White health and we’re also going to meet two of her patients to learn more about their birth control preferences good morning dr shepard thank you so much for joining us hi olga great to see you great to have you doctor so doctor what do you see as the biggest challenges with the birth control options that have been available to you and of course your patients

As a gynecologist contraceptive options are one of the things that we discuss with our patients all the time and historically what we’ve seen is that there are challenges and obstacles when we want to give our patients the right option for birth control methods now when we think of estrogen containing contraceptives we know that there are slight increased risk

For any dvts or pulmonary embolism and also when we think of patients who have a higher bmi we know that they’re not as efficacious and so we want birth control options that will address all of those factors and not make them risk factors and when we think of progestin only birth control options we know that patients have complaints of irregular bleeding and when

They have to meet that strict three-hour dosing window that’s almost impossible to comply with doctor you mentioned a variety of patients who may be seeking an alternative to better address their medical needs and lifestyle do you see these types of patients in my practice i see all types of women and what they’re looking for are modern and contemporary options

In order to prevent pregnancy my patients are looking for an option that is effective safe for those who cannot take an estrogen containing birth control and also maintains their cycle well doctor let’s hear from two of your patients it was important for me to take an estrogen free oral contraceptive because i am a new mom i am still currently breastfeeding my

15 month old baby boy and additionally i have a history of dvt or blood clots dr shepard prescribes slend i’ve been taking it since december of 2020. it’s been great for our family planning and i will continue taking it until we decide to conceive again so my periods used to last anywhere between five to seven days now they’re ranging anywhere between three

To four they’re light they’re regular now i feel great i’m a mom it’s been a blessing having my son here considering we had such a struggle during our journey to reach this point so i’m just embracing the moment and enjoying motherhood so i’ve known dr shepard for three years now we have a great relationship honestly any decision that she makes with my health

I completely trust her with it dr shepard prescribed slend for me about a year ago it has helped me not retain as much water my cycles are about three to four days long now doctor for both women and each with unique medical needs you chose a progestin only birth control why yes i prescribe slind a progestin only birth control pill it’s a novel introduction to

Contraceptive health it can also dramatically improve the pill experience for many women slind is a safe and effective form of birth control that is supported by extensive clinical studies also slind offers patients more flexibility with its 24-hour missed pill window in comparison to other progestin only pills that have a three-hour window now for ashley a new

Breastfeeding mom who has a history of a dbt she needs a progestin-only pill option until she and her husband are ready to try for another child and for caitlyn who has a higher bmi i felt slind was the right choice for her in order to address her fluid retention and also her heavy cycles also slind is a great option for many women women who are breastfeeding young

Adolescent women smokers also have cardiovascular risk a higher bmi and for women who just want less hormones in their birth control options so dr bottom line it’s a great choice for both patients and physicians do not take slind if you have kidney disease or kidney failure reduced adrenal gland function cervical cancer or any hormone-sensitive cancer liver disease

Or unexplained vaginal bleeding be sure to tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and all your medical conditions especially if you have had blood clots high levels of potassium in your blood or may be pregnant slin does not protect against hiv aids and other sexually transmitted diseases common side effects are acne menstrual cramps headache breast

Pain and tenderness weight gain nausea severe vaginal bleeding less sexual desire and irregular menstruation i have complete faith in dr shepard in knowing that we made the best decision for me to make this an all-around positive experience i’m really happy about my switch to slen i’m glad dr shepard recommended it for me with slend many of my patients can now

Benefit from an estrogen-free pill that better fits their lifestyle and needs than previously available options thank you dr shepard for your time and all the information thanks olga appreciate being here and of course our thanks to ashley and caitlin we wish them well for more information on slind just go to their website or check out our website you

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