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InstAlert Amphetamine Drug test kit information DAM-101

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This video demonstrates how to use & interpret the InstAlert Amphetamine drug testing strips available in packs of 50 tests strips cat ref DA-101 Information on Amphetamine drug testing issues, drug test products and instructions provided by

Okay welcome to this presentation video showing you the installer brand of amphetamine test ropes now installer is a internationally branded product manufactured by in of a car they produce drugs of abuse tests in various brandings tuition that international market you can see this is a european branded product see ii marked shown here on the corner manufactured

By anna vacon and distributed in the uk by uk drug testing the installer brand is available in packs of 50 individually foil-wrapped test strips this particular one is the dam1 o1 product which is unfit amin in a test strip format it squeeze for amphetamine and on the reverse foil or see expiry dates and the lock numbers together with the usual eve iv d dedication

Logos as perform a test it’s very easy just tear across the foil and contents of the pouch we should have a desiccant in there somewhere doesn’t want to come out just show you that do sometimes get some queries first time users what’s the pouch what do i have to do with that nothing it’s just there to keep the test strip in prime condition and dry and here we have

The standard into the loop 5 mil dip strip you can see the handle end with the anp coating on maximum dip line indicated by the arrows in a straight line with wavy lines indicating where the fluid goes central flattening section the narrow section is where the test results will show so if i just take that off camera dip it into a sample for between 3 and 5 seconds

Usual guide with these is when you start seeing some colored dye coming up the central portion of the test strip these are quite long test strips so it does take a couple of seconds before you see that and then you just remove any excess urine from the side and place it flat on a non absorbent surface like that and you’ll see if i focus in on that with the camera

Try and get a close focus on this for you know possibly see the dye traveling in the central portion of the test strip pinkish dye and we can start to see developing there in this area here a control line that forms newest the handle end and then we’re looking for the presence or absence of a test line that forms about five mils of the other end the dipped end of

The urine dip’s trip now you’re looking for the presence or absence of a test line in the presence of a control line the control line must always fall to indicate insufficient urines been added to the test strip and the membranes run fully the color density saturation and things that the test line will vary from sample to sample depending on the various parameters

In the urine but any test line forming in the presence of a control line within the designated time is a negative result even if he was very thin and very faint and on this particular test trip you can see both the test line and a control line have formed nice and quickly indicating a negative result in a positive result you’d have just a control line and no test

Line showing and the insular brand of tests read between eight and ten minutes usually advise is to discard the test after 10 minutes and not come back to it and try not to any lies and fall beyond that time it’s really no reason to do that the accuracy of these tests is around ninety nine percent compared to a gcms gas chromatography mass spectrometry test which

Is a gold standard lab test still so all your negative samples with these tests the quality is perfectly adequate to rule drug abuse out and move on to the next test to be done positive test should be confirmed using a gcms laboratory service these are indicative near patient screens giving you instant results they’re not 100% accurate 99 is very good percentage

Accuracy but the should proceed to confirmation testing in all positive results in all cases before any action is taken so that’s the insula branding of near patient instant amphetamine test strips available in packs of 50 from the uk drug testing website in the uk they are extremely easy to use reliable and very good value for money the 50 pack will set you back

Proximately 23 24 pounds so under 50 p a test

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InstAlert Amphetamine Drug test kit information DAM-101 By Valuemed Medical Supplies