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Insulin and Oral Agents for Management of Diabetes in Pregnancy, Q and A, Part 1

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Insulin and Oral Agents for Management of Diabetes in Pregnancy, Q and A, Part 1

First question our hospital staff has noticed that babies with mothers on glyburide seem to have more problems with hypoglycemia does the research support this observation if so would it be better to use insulin in most just facial diabetic patients like we used to thank you so much for the question rather the question that are found in the past and i actually 14

Commercial 30 will be looked at but visually her main factor in the development of me on the offensive gardenia and when we love dad medication dosing um there were no difference in speaking blog reading room for it appeared that being born lg or macro soulmate is what triggers for me i’ll help of like quinoa my concern is that most generations glyburide eid and i

Am a little concerned that that doesn’t need to offer low glycemic control because dr. hebert showed us really the butcher foie gras concentration in gestation diabetic is lower and not of type ii diabetics i’m support under tilting library so my concern is that if you’re using all variability they’re actually not going to accept people as you weren’t all ucsd says

We use target dose and ferg library and people’s control so far not saluting that fire rate or you know a couple of people from our infant point library means that has been nice way thank you question now that there’s a for the use of levemir in pregnancy have you started using it yet and if so do you see a difference or benefit vs nph insulin i’ve just started even

Never here so it’s a little bit early we will we will give you a good clear perspective i know we’re so good in our own me a little useless living near the film type 2 diabetes but i must say that i just started using it anymore we should say that thank you regarding the type 1 bonuses does that mean that there are that you’re just doing two injections a day only

Speaking i have patients injected insulin in the morning humalog to control de post-breakfast postprandial value and then mph at the same time to control their postprandial lunch valleys and then humalog again at dinner time and then mph after temple so they actually inject a total of three times during the day and then sometimes i add another dozen can go out for

Lunch depending on if i know that they’re females are actually very well control putting the post frankerz continue to be a problem then i act in the log adult strength to control the fasting the fpps is that 10pm to 12am of what do you mean not at bedtime think that because most people go to bed i’m law in depends upon pretending that i may not that time because

I nothing specific limitation construct location to hear themselves against comfort and peace we should play better i’ve even have fish and set alarms and different poses he knows what i am because not every patient follow the rules are going to go see my lawyer a little later or yours and my husband these are king okx question do you prefer one hour or two our

Postman jewels 180 for one hour plus the reason is my mentor dr. more talking that with into our personal value you might miss the actual peak of hyperglycemia that occurs after rules and so in order to really treat that pete hyperglycemia line i continues allah allah photo gallery and so and i believe in mount that’s what we’ve been using today try to talk about

Animator welcome thank you and slide 17 for insulin distribution is not on the handout will it be available on the archive and yes it will i will put all of the last set of slides will be on on the archives next question do you use reduced carbohydrates for your gestational diabetic for example less than 20 grams at meal and none at snacks you yes when i didn’t

Personally desire countering that usually happen i really to anybody i medication that we needed on a fabulous apartment oh okay thank you what is the best time for lantus administration i was taught qhs but have seen qam to actually add these boats and sometimes i’ve even have to do of the ide depending on occasion a guy sent throughout my presentation i thought

You thought this more commonly 2011 was my chance i’m most appreciative of ideas about how special hard managing the type of an email and popularity but i end up teaching them that intermediate okay thank you would you have patience with gdm on n phx bedtime check their blood sugar’s at bedtime offer it depends on presentation good morning in few recordings them

This is this hyperglycemia or snack for example i suppose you can check after their ball clubs now or if they’re having some severe hypoglycemia then i symptoms that are raising the last images in general i feel that way the diabetes patients aren’t having to thank you do you recommend insulin injections in the abdomen or the arms during pregnancy and does the

Slight matter i have on website really does matter i generally tell them to inject it around america’s actually have most of our sub 2 in fact the position we don’t have as much from of q in the arms and we have more muscle in my moms and so for example if you have somebody who’s using the arms a lot for work their absorption making higher and that in the abdomen

And may not be s mu and so that’s for those reasons i come to that person no two people and their abdomen thinking for our publication 570 put i pump in their abdomen and not in the arms or your legs because i just see that it into an absorption just really diverse on people’s mouths but there isn’t a lot of solution like that okay thank you and so you would use

Collaborate before lunch this would be a tid dose yeah i do these very cool blog writing okay good okay we’ve got a couple questions that came up after i put the slides together so let me read those please let me know if you need me to read it again is there a sick day insulin protocol that you recommend yeah so sometimes we go against an efficient 34 it ends up with

Move like i don’t do leave can become actually quite at the bumpy nick so general people have them in cooper i’m going by wonderful scent and i have them call me on a near daily basis so that actually make adjustments to love them and i caution them but after they get very illness something me and sometimes i significantly i’d also gotten them to use pop serif or

Sugar springs in your pocket they are not a triple okay can you go over the tactical use of glyburide slide again when i can’t then up minimize it go to webinar control panel but here’s a slide so again generally speaking eyes at the dose based on maternal weight so 1.25 f it is the mom is wilson 201 two point five milligrams is there are over 200 i instruct them

To take the driver id about 60 minutes before a meal in other words an hour before the meal for breakfast lunch and dinner and again increments of 1 point 2 5 to 25 milligrams start so for example in a mom who birthed they have some pretty good fasting values but it always seems like her lunch and her dinners are elevated then i instruct our to take the library

155 of emunah start under to become an hour before lunch in an hour and then i increase it by 1.5 to 2.5 more than we commence generally i would frameless my questions are you think you’re quite welcome to party but again i don’t make changes but every four days because we need to let die varieties and stayed in the maternal serum and that makes about four days to

See a difference so if you don’t see a difference in the first two days i would leave two more days and then you can also change okay okay next question how how how high would you go on your insulin dosing for very insulin resistant patients as high as i can possibly get again if i get over if i reach if i’m giving the patient over four units of insulin whether

It be in two hrs humalog i usually split it in half so the vacation ends up in back pain that goes into two different sites i’ve actually also used you 500 confirm which is highly concentrated in fluent in our very important assistant type 2 diabetes patients who are overweight and i’ve had good experience with some anything thank you the atlantis make more sense

Than inh i think that’s wrong and kicked for women who go to bed early and have high fastings yeah it probably does but again remember nothing different peaks or it’s going to appreciate you don segment purple icing you so just be careful

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