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Insulin Resistance Diet: Why It Has To Be Low-fat, Plant-based & Whole Food | Mastering Diabetes

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What is the insulin resistance diet? On this episode, Robby and Cyrus lay out the most practical details. Find out why the insulin resistance diet has to be low in fat, plant-based and whole food.

The insulin resistance diet is a three-piece approach to completely reverse insulin resistance and those three pieces are low-fat plant-based and whole food it sounds simple and trust me when i say that the results are actually pretty incredible that’s why in this video we’re going to talk about three things in particular number one we’re going to discuss the three

Dietary pillars in detail number two we’re going to answer some common questions about insulin resistance and number three we’re going to give you the road map on how to reverse insulin resistance using your food as medicine and you’re going to want to watch this video all the way through because the lessons here might just be the building blocks of the healthiest

Diet on the planet now the mastering diabetes method is based on 100 years of evidence-based research dating back to the 1920s first of all it’s a low-fat diet it’s a plant-based diet and it’s a whole food diet which means that it actually doesn’t just patch the problems of high blood glucose and act as a temporary band-aid it actually reverses the underlying cause

Of insulin resistance which began as a metabolic dysfunction months or even years ago second it cuts out processed foods and added sugars and that’s a big deal because in today’s world everywhere you go it’s hard to escape these unnatural and refined products because they’re added to all types of foods and you don’t even know it and these foods are the actual

Secondary cause of insulin resistance and they can also cause other problems like fatty liver disease like chronic kidney disease they can cause digestive inflammation they can cause high blood pressure or hypertension and they can cause high cholesterol and trust me i know you don’t want any of that and finally when you combine this methodology with exercise which

Is exactly what we recommend you can see quick results and those results last for a very long time we’ve seen people reverse their diabetes symptoms in as little as a few weeks and it’s not just reversing insulin resistance that we focus on with the insulin resistance diet this diet was created by people with diabetes for people with diabetes so it’s also designed

To offer healthy side effects like healthy weight loss more energy and more easily controlled blood glucose levels because if you’re fighting one lifestyle disease there’s no reason to make changes if they don’t result in a fulfilling healthy lifestyle so without further ado let’s go into the pillars of the mastering diabetes insulin resistance diet now the first

Part of this approach is to cut the fat literally cut the fat the reason for this is simple diets that are high in dietary fat have actually been shown time and time again to impair the action of insulin and lower the ability of insulin to do its job inside of the liver and muscle i know there’s a lot of controversy about this but if you look in the research what

You’ll find is that there are plenty of papers performed not only in laboratory animals but also in humans that demonstrate that a single high-fat meal actually lowers the action of insulin inside of your liver and muscle making insulin less effective which makes sense after all insulin resistance by definition is the buildup of dietary fat in cells that aren’t

Meant to store it that doesn’t mean that you should have no fat in your diet your body definitely needs some of those crucial compounds to function but you can get them by consuming whole foods bananas contain fat potatoes contain fat beans contain fat quinoa contains fat not only fat but essential fatty acids as you consume whole foods throughout the day you’re

Consuming fat that your body will use for optimal function of your brain and other tissues so what’s actually in this approach well tons of whole carbohydrate-rich foods are the center of the mastering diabetes method as just shown we’re talking about things like fruits and starchy vegetables and legumes and intact whole grains and there’s a good chance that if

It’s in a whole plant that that food is also good to go these natural carbohydrates are healthier for people with insulin resistance because they’re high in fiber which is great at slowing down the absorption of carbohydrates into your bloodstream and that keeps your blood glucose levels more balanced and reduces cravings that might otherwise cause you to overeat

After a meal wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute hold on a second i thought carbs caused spiking blood sugar and i thought carbs spiked your insulin as well isn’t that right because that’s what you see on the internet everywhere you go listen you’re you’re not entirely wrong but there are just a few misconceptions that are worth clearing up okay it’s true

That when you eat carbohydrate-rich foods that the carbohydrate energy is digested into mainly glucose and fructose units and these glucose and fructose units can actually cause your blood glucose to rise specifically because your glucose concentration goes up that’s not necessarily a bad thing what you have to take into consideration is how quickly does that rise

Happen and how high does it go okay there’s a normal aspect of human biology that causes a rise in blood glucose values when you consume a meal but as long as that blood glucose rise is what’s considered physiologically normal and it doesn’t actually go beyond a specific threshold that is considered a normal physiological response now glucose is a fuel for many

Tissues and those tissues include number one your brain number two your muscle tissue and number three your liver but it’s important to understand that not all carbohydrate-rich foods are created equal because some of them are clearly more problematic than others simple carbohydrates like sugary fruit juice table sugar corn syrup and processed foods like white

Rice white bread and other similar products are quickly absorbed into your bloodstream and that causes an abnormal spike in blood glucose levels meanwhile with complex carbohydrates like intact whole grains beans and legumes potatoes and sweet potatoes these carbohydrates also raise your blood sugar levels but they do so much more slowly and the rise from complex

Carbohydrates is not beyond normal human biology this happens because the fiber and nutrients in these complex carbohydrates slows down the digestion and absorption it’s also important to note that we also classify fruit as a complex carbohydrate because of its overall package and the inclusion of water fiber and micronutrients fruit contains simple sugars such

As glucose and fructose but in its entirety it’s a complex carbohydrate and great for people living with all forms of diabetes now the end result of all this is that there’s a much more gradual increase in your insulin concentrations and that’s a good thing and that gives your liver and muscle more time to be able to import glucose as energy and use it exactly the

Way that glucose was designed that also means that there’s more energy for you and less insulin resistance over the course of time as far as i’m concerned that sounds like a great plant keto and other high fat low carb diets are often prescribed for people with diabetes and insulin resistance and from our perspective this is a misinformed recommendation which misses

The bigger picture yes low carb diets lead to losing weight and an initial dip in your blood sugar levels but they absolutely crush your insulin sensitivity and lead to a spike in insulin resistance so basically you can think of it this way you’re simply creating a ticking time bomb that will go off the next time you eat foods that are high in carbohydrate energy

Including foods like fruits and sweet potatoes and legumes and intact whole grains which are whole carbohydrates that we recommend if you’re looking to create long-term results it’s just not the way to go protein is an important part of any diet especially if you exercise which is an important part of increasing your insulin sensitivity but we have two notes for

Eating protein now first we recommend eating protein that doesn’t come at the expense of also eating a low carbohydrate diet in other words the vast majority of your energy should come from whole natural carbohydrate-rich foods like fruits starchy vegetables legumes and whole grains we recommend eating about 70 of your total calories from those foods and then the

Remainder of the 30 is split approximately equal between total fat and total protein and secondarily we also recommend avoiding meat sources of protein for reasons that we’re going to get into in just a little bit the third pillar of the mastering diabetes diet is eating a heavily or entirely plant-based diet this is the hardest part for a lot of people so we’ll

Break it down and explain why this is a great idea the first reason to eat a plant-based diet is that you’re simply eating a way that’s more similar to how our human ancestors evolved most people think that our human ancestors were hunter-gatherers but it turns out that they were likely gatherer hunters which means they spent the bulk of their time gathering fruits

And vegetables or whatever they could find in their local ecosystem and a small amount of their time hunting we know this from looking at fossilized poop that’s right i said fossilized poop you can carbonate their fossilized poop and you can find out exactly what sources of carbon were present and that gives you clues as to what types of foods they were eating

And some of this research demonstrates that the majority of the food material that was present in their poop actually came from fruit and vegetable sources and a small amount of it came from animal sources so this is definitely what our bodies are used to eating and seeing as how insulin resistance pretty much started when people began focusing less on fruits and

Vegetables it just makes sense to try to bring that balance back the second reason here is that plants are high in fiber and that is very important because fiber acts as a break to slow down the speed at which carbohydrates become available to your blood in other words when you eat foods that are high in fiber it slows the rate at which glucose is put into your

Blood and as a result of that it leads to a much more normal physiological glucose rise following a meal we’re talking antioxidants minerals like magnesium and potassium and all of the vital vitamins that your body needs to function if you’re eating plants in their natural form it doesn’t matter whether it’s fruit whole grains starchy or non-starchy vegetables

Or any of the other types of plants you’re getting crucial nutrients now we said we were going to talk about meat on the flip side another reason that we recommend eating plant-based foods has to do with the risks of actually consuming too much meat there’s plenty of research that demonstrates that eating foods like bacon sausage and other processed meats that are

High in saturated fat and cholesterol can increase your blood glucose values over the course of time and they can also increase your risk for developing pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes and they can actually set the stage for the development of cardiovascular disease including hypertension high cholesterol and coronary artery disease over the course of time the

Other risk is that they’re often full of harmful chemicals used during processing especially if it’s cheap factory farmed meat and even pesticides from the animals themselves not only this but meats are actually classified as group 1 and group 2 carcinogens meaning they directly increase your risk of cancer it’s just not worth the risk now the third part of the

Mastering diabetes method is a focus on whole foods now we’re talking about foods that are as close to their natural state as possible that have either not been processed at all or they are minimally processed and they don’t have added sugars or preservatives added to them now processed foods are unfortunately very common in today’s world and it may feel like

You have to dodge them when you go to the grocery store just to try and eat an unprocessed diet the problem with most processed foods is that they’ve had so many nutrients stripped away that they lose most of their original nutritional value these nutrients are often artificially added back in with preservatives and flavorings to make them more delicious and

You start to see that we might not even be consuming food anymore if a snack or a candy bar from the grocery store tastes too good to be true it probably is millet brown rice chickpeas fresh vegetables fresh fruit fresh green beans and legumes these are all examples of whole foods on the other hand processed pasta white rice white bread potato chips canned fruit

Sugary fruit juices candied nuts and donuts these are all processed foods hopefully that makes sense some people get a little nervous about this part but a healthy diet that’ll keep your blood sugar under control support weight loss and increase your insulin sensitivity can be delicious and affordable in fact once you learn how to shop and prepare green light

Foods these meals can actually be cheaper and more delicious than what you might have been making before this is true for two reasons first most vegetables if you know where to shop are vastly cheaper to produce than meat and those cost savings can get passed on to you so that you have to spend less money at the grocery store and the second is because once your

Body takes a break from the processed and hyper palatable foods that cause dopamine receptors inside of your brain to go crazy every time you eat them your tongue begins to appreciate more subtle flavors that come from real food you’ll actually be surprised at just how tasty good tasting fruit can be once you eliminate the sugary and refined carbohydrate-rich

Foods that may be present in your diet we know that managing insulin resistance weight loss blood sugar and your insulin sensitivity all while trying to make sense of high carb low carb whole wheat whole food etc can be daunting that’s exactly why we’ve put together a set of simple guidelines that we call our green light yellow light and red light foods this very

Simple reference puts all the foods into a very simple easy to understand guide that you can use anytime you’re shopping or making dinner all you got to do is click here to watch a recent video that we made on this topic and download that guide you can find a link to that guide also in the description below this video as i’m sure you know by now we love to share

The results of people who apply the mastering diabetes method to their daily life please read this screenshot carefully once a person has an a1c in the non-diabetic range for over a year and they did not use any diabetes meds during that year you can say they have reversed type 2 diabetes that’s the case here this person has lost 130 pounds following the mastering

Diabetes method their a1c has been in the non-diabetic range for well over a year and in this case she’s saying goodbye to her private coach and moving into a maintenance program if you want this to be your story we highly recommend getting on the phone with our enrollment team simply click the link below and book a time that works for you now that’s why we have a

Dedicated team of coaches who have helped people just like you overcome insulin resistance and get their blood glucose incredibly well controlled while reversing conditions like pre-diabetes type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes and also getting incredible time in range living with type 1 or 1.5 diabetes in addition to that people who eat the mastering diabetes

Way lose weight and they lose weight permanently and they can dramatically improve their cardiovascular health lower their blood pressure and lower their cholesterol at the same time and ask me who doesn’t want that now don’t forget to push that cute little like button with your thumb or with your mouse and also turn on notifications and subscribe to the channel

I know that’s a lot of things to take care of but trust me you’re going to want to do that if you like this content because we got a lot more content coming out and if you turn on that bell icon then you’ll be notified when our next videos do show up thanks so much for your attention and we will see you in the next video

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