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Insulin Resistance Diet – Why Low Carb is WRONG

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Here are 3 surprising truths about insulin resistance diet that go against the system. You’ll learn which foods to eat to reduce insulin resistance.

Hey advila in this video we’re going to talk about insulin resistance and the three surprising truths that go against the stream against the system that you need to know if you want to heal insulin resistance for good i want to ask you two questions number one what’s the organ that you think of when you hear pre-diabetes diabetes type 2 or insulin resistance your

Pancreas right and number 2 what’s the conventional diet advice that you get for these conditions you have to avoid carbohydrates or reduce them to a minimum and introduce healthy fats instead both of those answers are wrong complete misinformation this advice will not help you to overcome insulin resistance and diabetes here are the three surprising tools that

Go against the system and that can actually help you heal and improve diabetes and insulin resistance naturally and long term there are two organs that are damaged stressed out impaired before you experience insulin problems any guesses no it’s not your pancreas it’s actually your adrenals and your liver precursor for type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance

Is hypoglycemia meaning low blood sugar levels this hypoglycemia has nothing to do with your pancreas but instead is caused by an overburdened depleted liver because your liver stores up glucose in the form of glycogen when your blood sugar levels are low your liver usually jumps in and breaks down this glycogen into glucose now if your liver is overburdened

And it can’t do the job and your blood sugar levels are not stable anymore and your second organ the adrenal glands need to kick in and produce adrenaline this will help to raise your blood sugar levels so your body can function but the problem with that is first it taxes your adrenals adrenals are not meant to excrete that much amount of adrenaline the second

Excess adrenaline is highly highly toxic for your blood vessels and guess who your pancreas adrenal imbalance be it too much adrenaline and also not enough adrenaline can cause damage in your pancreas which brings us to insulin resistance truth number one that goes against the system contrary to what experts tell you and the masses is that one factor that puts you

Even more likely at risk to have insulin resistance or diabetes developing is not so much healthy carbohydrates but a high fat diet this is exactly what experts recommend you to heal diabetes and insulin resistance just to be clear yes refined sugars high fructose corn syrup processed food all of those things they are bad for your body and they are bad for your

Pancreas and especially because all those biscuits and cookies and ice cream and processed food they often come in the combination of high fat and high sugar which is a disaster for your pancreas but so is the low carb high fat diet why because number one fruits and healthy complex carbohydrates that come ex for from squash from carrots from sweet potatoes those

Are key for restoring your liver health your adrenals and in the long term also your gland your pancreas because in general the body needs healthy carbohydrates to function optimally if you’re somebody who’s in the keto diet and you bought into that concept i have a video here that i’m linking you you want to might want to check out about the dangers of the keto

Diet before you continue doing it reason number two why a low carb high fat diet is a disaster for healing insulin resistance is because a high fat diet puts an extra burden on your liver which already is overburdened and overwhelmed and can’t function properly and your pancreas gets taxed too because guess what your pancreas does not just produce insulin your

Pancreas has many functions and one of them is in order for your body to not go into indigestion your pancreas needs to build enzymes that help to dissolve the fat in the small intestine and this extra burden makes it even harder for your pancreas to create the right amounts of insulin so you don’t go into insulin resistance before we come to number one one thing

That i haven’t mentioned yet why the high fat and high sugar when they come together why this is a disaster is because when your blood has high amounts of fat in it the insulin that is released by the pancreas actually is not able to get the healthy glucose that is there in your bloodstream into the cell so the pancreas is just working working working but because

There is so much fat in there it’s kind of thick the sugar that is in your blood doesn’t get in and your blood sugar levels spike and they stay high for a long time which brings us to number one if you want to not have your blood sugar levels spike and stay high for a long time and slither into diabetes type 2 you want to start healing your liver your adrenals and

Your pancreas at the same time so you can reverse insulin resistance and the way to do that is to first massively reduce fats we’re also talking about avocado nuts seeds for all the plant-based gut feeders out there and number two you want to bring in nutrient-dense foods that also contain high amounts of vitamins and glucose talking about fruits like berries papaya

Apples are really good for your liver as well fresh herbs leafy greens which helps to restore and cleanse the liver so you don’t have these blood sugar fluctuations anymore and root vegetables for the complex carbohydrates squash carrot sweet potatoes when natural sugars those carbohydrates are binded to nutrients vitamins phytochemicals they do not have the same

Effect as refined sugar or high fructose corn syrup together with some cream cheese on your pancreas and on your blood sugar levels the most important thing is you have got to transition slowly if you want me to help you put together a meal plan where i tell you exactly what to eat you get a shopping list which moves you gently in a direction to heal those three

Organs not just your pancreas but also your adrenals and your liver it’s called the one week healing challenge and i’m going to link it down there in the description what i want you to do now is to watch this video about the keto diet if you haven’t done it already so you learn about the dangers of this high-fat diet before you make any long-term mistakes and

Damage your gut potentially for years so watch this video about keto diet debunked the five days of the keto diet right now

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Insulin Resistance Diet – Why Low Carb is WRONG By Gut Feelings