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Insulin Sensitivity Factor

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Type 1 Diabetes is a big number game and requires all sorts of calculations. In this video I tell you all about ISF – Insulin Sensitivity Factor and Insulin to Carb Factor…. you don’t need to be a mathematician – all you need is a calculator!

So my sugar right now is 212 and i have not bow list for the last three or four hours so this is the perfect time to calculate how much correction i should be taking so do you often wonder that when you have boldest and after two hours your sugar is still higher how much correction do you have to take so this will tell you exactly how much correction of incident

You need to take with this formula the formula is your current blood glucose level – your target blood glucose level divided by your insulin sensitivity factor which is also known as i sf so let’s talk a little bit about what is f is your incident sensitivity factor determines exactly how much does one unit of insulin bring your sugar down by now how do you

Calculate this the formula to get your is f is 1700 divided by your total daily dose your tdd you calculate this by figuring out how much basal plus how much bolus insulin you take your average of your total daily dose and please do this after a week of testing how much basil do you normally take plus how much bolus so for me personally my bonus of a day is 26 and

My bazin is 24 that comes to 50 so 1700 divided by 50 is around 34 that means my is f is 34 one unit of insulin will bring my sugar down by 34 milligrams per deciliter so let’s put this into action right for example over here now so if i have not boldest for the last two hours and my current blood sugar is let’s say 450 okay i need to take a correction how much

Correction do i need to take let’s calculate with the formula so current bg is 450 my target blood glucose is about 130 right that’s how much i want my sugar to be that divided by my is f which is 34 so calculating that we have 450 minus 130 which is 320 that divided by 34 will give you nine point four so about nine point five units insulin is what i will take or

Nine minutes of instant you can round it up depending on what your rounding is now how do you calculate your incision to carb factor that is basically 500 divided by your total daily dose 500 divided by my total daily dose which is 50 gives you 10 which means that one minute of insulin will take care of 10 grams of carbs simple so 212 is my current bg so 212 –

My target means you will which is about 130 130 that’s 82 all right now 82 divided by my insulin sensitivity factor and my incident sensitivity factor is 34 so 82 divided by 34 is 2.41 so i’m going to take about 2.5 minutes of correction right now i have my pal i am going to bolus it in right now that is bolus 2.5 confirm and there we go correction simple with a

Calculator well the same tightwads have to be great mathematicians you

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