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Insulin’s Partner Glucagon

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Insulin and glucagon work together to keep your blood sugar levels in check—find out how!

Now glucagon sounds like glucose because it’s   let’s just talk about what this hormone is   important hormone glucagon simply because i’m   emphasizing this insulin in almost you know 50 of  my videos but let’s take a look at this so insulin   has a job of pushing the blood sugar down okay  it takes the sugar out of the

Blood to regulate   the blood sugar so it gets triggered by a high  carb diet and that’s what insulin does so it’s   constantly pushing things down it’s doing other  things as well like storing fat and storing   glucose as glycogen but it’s helping you regulate  blood sugars by lowering it to a normal level   right

Then you have this hormone glucagon that’s  pushing it up so it’s countering it and both of   these hormones work together to keep your blood  sugar at normal so glucagon is kind of like a   counter regulatory hormone to prevent hypoglycemia  because if you have massive amount of you know   carbohydrate and massive amounts of

Insulin that  could push this thing way down here to a dangerous   level where your blood sugar there’s nothing left  and your body can’t have that so this is one of   the hormones that will help bring it back up so  what does it do it mobilizes glycogen which is   stored sugar okay to glucose in your liver so it’s  kind

Of taking all the stored sugar in your liver   bring this back up so that’s one thing it does   is the formation of new sugar so it’ll turn   sugar or glucose for two reasons number   level but also if you’re not eating any sugar   red blood cell parts of the eye parts of the   can’t use ketones they can’t use

Fatty acids   so a certain part of our body needs glucose but  don’t think you need to consume glucose because   this hormone can turn non-carbohydrate material  into glucose okay so your body will make as much   there’s other hormones that will help but this is   one that also helps we’ll also enhance lipolysis  this

Is fat burning it’ll help to mobilize fat   sugar and used up all the stored glucose   in there and mobilizes the fat tissue and   feed them as well as into the liver to make   ketones or your cells can use fatty acids directly  okay so now what is insulin is triggered by it’s   protein like amino acids so if you eat

A   high protein meal okay so that can trigger insulin  frequent eating and msg can trigger insulin   glucagon is triggered by low glucose okay low  blood sugar as in a ketogenic diet okay it can   also be triggered by amino acids in the blood all  right now look at this amino acids protein can be   triggered by this

Hormone and this hormone but  what’s the difference between the two hormones   well if you have a high protein meal very large  amounts of protein okay you’re going to get   more of an insulin spike if you have a moderate  amount of protein or adequate amount of protein   then this guy is being triggered but just realize 

That this will be triggered to some degree with   any type of protein because every time you eat  anything you will trigger insulin so this is why   protein is kind of interesting because you have  both of these hormones will be triggered the   point is that if you keep your protein moderate  it’s going to be more of this being

Triggered and   this hormone will kind of keep it in check   so it doesn’t become out of control all right then  we have exercise exercise will trigger glucagon   what type of exercise it’s the high intensity  type or something that’s exhausting or something   that’ll trigger glucagon and also other hormones  

Like growth hormone so obviously we need both of  these mechanisms in place what i would recommend   routine exercise to keep this in normal avoid   the excess carbs avoid the high protein diets  avoid the frequent eating and also the msg so   if you’re enjoying my content which i hope you are  and you’re applying this knowledge

To your health   and you have a success i would really appreciate  you sharing your success story so click the link   down below to my website where you can upload  your success story so you can help inspire others

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Insulin's Partner Glucagon By Dr. Eric Berg DC