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Intervention: Kenny’s NFL Dreams Shattered By Drug Addiction | A&E

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Kenny has aspirations of playing in the NFL, but his addiction has other plans, in this clip from Season 24, Episode 1.

This program contains subject matter and language that may be disturbing to some viewers viewer discretion is advised as ken i’m 29 i live in the bay area right outside of san francisco kenny is kind hearted i don’t think i’ve ever met anybody that didn’t like him super easy to get along with always trying to make people laugh is a goofball kenny’s always been

Athletic lightning quick feet hands like glue kenny ended up going to college and playing football on the football field he was in force of nature i was going to nfl speeds i’ll be the quickest and fastest i really love football we felt like no other feeling i felt like i was born and play football kenny’s ambitions were very hard he had dreams of being an nfl

Player in football he had a strong career path yeah franklin but now now he’s lost lost in his addiction i’ve done a lot of drugs cocaine adderall norco’s syrup and codeine right now at this moment i am currently addicted to to know kenny and his girlfriend kame use fentanyl together they are homeless and live in our camper outside of our front yard we spend

About maybe 200 on fentanyl a day when kenny was playing football he was built now he’s lost all his muscle definition he is so swollen his ankles his calves he’s had a abscess that he’s been getting on his cheek at some points it gets so big it was closing his eye he’s also losing his mental capacity about two months ago kenny began slipping into a drug-induced

Psychosis he sees bugs where no one else sees bugs so this this is your p and look at this it was moving when they first came out they’re dead now kenny has been hospitalized four times due to his hallucinations and paranoia if kenny doesn’t stop using fentanyl he’s going to die kenny was born in walnut creek california when kenny was young he was outgoing

Boisterous kenny is named after his father so we had two kidneys in the family kenny and his dad were very much inseparable they were stuck at the hip kenny’s father and i split up around the time when kenny was about seven years old we’re just growing in two different directions after our parents split our dad was still very involved in mine and kenny’s life

Visiting us often and just active in what we were doing at school when kenny was about nine i got him involved in football when kenny was about 15 he played for the high school team it was one of the top 10 football programs in california i started having coaches telling me that my ability level was able to be in the nfl i felt like football was a way i could

Provide for my family and my future in the nfl everything was going great for kenny until one night changed everything when kenny was 18 he got a girl pregnant it was so hard because they weren’t actually in a relationship together i had to make sure i had money in my pocket for the kid i had to start making sure i had a savings basically i had to stop being a

Kid i had to start growing up when kenny’s daughter was first born he was definitely in her life he was doing it physically emotionally and financially although kenny became a parent before he was ready to be a parent he did put in the hard work at school and was able to graduate at the age of 19. after he graduated he was invited to play football rio college

And santa cruz i felt like i had to choose between seeing my daughter or santa cooks being a new father and continuing to pursue his football dream became more and more challenging i just didn’t know how to juggle all of it so it kind of like derailed me from my football dreams i felt like a failure by the time kenny was 21 he was in the sipping cough syrup to

Mask the pain he was feeling i did the concert so i tried to cope with my mistakes that turned into responsibilities at the same time he wanted to be more of a parent to his daughter so he decided that it would be a better idea for him to go live with his father in sacramento to maybe find his footing and to spend a lot more time with his daughter for a long time

My father was dealing with type 1 diabetes and it caused a lot of problems for him didn’t have a lot of energy not a lot of patience so kenny and his dad were having a lot of friction yeah me and papa falling out because he would always want to argue with me and it kind of blew my mind how he used to come at me sometimes to a point where i was separating myself

From when kenny was 23 he moved out of the house and ended up living out of his car for quite a while and then when kenny was 25 his father suddenly passed away this diabetes he ended up killing him i was confused and i felt hella miserable that’s when i see my dad we admired each other to a point where he he didn’t want to call me a son anymore after kenny’s

Dad passed away kenny kind of became the shadow of his former self he did start going downhill he was very manic talking really fast i didn’t entirely understand it until about five years ago kenny was arrested for possession of methamphetamines i then realized that he was selling i believe that drugs mask the guilt about not being there for his daughter what’s

Up with y’all i’m gonna socialize a little bit you ain’t got my knife huh hell no after that i’ve had a few business things like to sell marijuana and uh make up a hundred or something it is extremely dangerous to be in the tenderloin there’s a lot of drug dealers standing around on the corners anything can happen to him just by being in those areas where’s his

Daughter right now his daughter is currently in sacramento but he doesn’t have a relationship with it right yeah that’s correct not because he hasn’t tried though the last time kenny saw his daughter is about six years ago if i couldn’t see my daughter i would tell her that i loved it most in the world plans down and i just cherished all the times we had all

Right what’s up man hi unless you go as you come over here what’s up with it the heck when did you get here thinking about the cut oh everybody mama first i want to tell you that i love you so much i’ve missed so many moments with you because of drugs you deserve all the good things this world has to offer i don’t want you to die i am begging you to take

This offer of help you have nothing to lose but everything to gain although i love you with all my heart i will no longer stand by and allow you to slowly kill yourself here in front of me guys you can read it mom you can do it man i have new boundaries if you do not take this offer of help i will remove the trailer from the property and close the family

House to you no more money no food no rights nothing i care about you so i refuse to not help one of y’all and not help the other it’s a package deal and we all family it’s very clear they love you the gift that they’re offering you is phenomenal the gift is detox and treatment the gift is a medical detox so you don’t go through withdrawal cold turkey they

Use medicine we’re going to offer you a brand new start all you have to do is say yes excuse me thank you kenny kenny kenny kennedy philly cleaning kenny the only way you’re gonna be able to get a better life is if you go and get sober i get sober today bro i understand that but none of you ain’t gonna just bum rush me and think i think i’m just gonna up and

Change lanes because they want me to everybody’s story different nobody live the same life you can bounce back from the other stage i seen your daddy bounce back from mistakes everybody needs help at some point will you let the sister walk you to the car and i’ll be right behind you go ahead and go come on come on you want to get in the van and get some help you

Want to go with us let’s get in the car and go you want to go let’s go come on you guys did it you did it you did it you did it you

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