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Irbesartan Review | 75 mg, 150 mg, 300 mg, Side Effects and with Hydrochlorthiazide.

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Review irbesartan discuss dosage 75 mg, 150 mg and 300 mg. Also talk about uses and potential side effects. Plus discuss the combination of irbesartan and hydrochlorothiazide.

Hi this is josh pharmacist with going to talk about the medication that you’re basarten the uses the dosage and the side effects of this medication first off disclaimer you can read the full disclaimer below this video is for informational purposes only uh earbusartin it is an angiotensin ii receptor blocker oftentimes we just abbreviate that

Arm arb er b it’s used to treat high blood pressure it’s also used in certain diabetics that are having um nephropathy or kidney issues typically some protein coming out in the urine so in a select population of diabetics that can be used but probably mostly used to treat high blood pressure the main effect it has in the body is that it blocks vasoconstriction

So the vessels dilate then as the dialect your blood pressure goes down in the u.s sold under the brand name avapro uh the dosage typically uh it’s available in 75 150 and 300 milligram tablets typically we’re going to start out at the once a day um of the 150 if you use the diabetic dose maybe start a little lower at 75 up to a max dose of 300 milligrams per

Day it is taken with or without food ideally we always want to take it at the same time each day so that we’re getting 24-hour coverage of our blood pressure it is also available in a combination product known as aerobic hydrochlorothiazide and that of course is the arb plus a diuretic or a water pill the two together work synergistically to lower blood pressure

In the u.s uh it was sold under the brand name abalide and again for high blood pressure initial dosing usually about the 150 slash 12.5 tablet once a day up to max dose around 300 25 milligrams most common side effect hyperkalemia that’s elevated potassium typically this is going to happen in the diabetic population not common in the folks just taking it for

High blood pressure but this is why you need to get regular labs with this medication other side effects can include diarrhea headache dizziness fatigue low blood pressure and heartburn as a whole this is tolerated really well most people do just fine rare side effects can include angioedema that’s a swelling of the the face tongue throat can be very serious

Typically on the first dose again very rare liver kidney problems rarely occur birth defects so arbs are not to be taken during pregnancy and muscle damage uh so how long till it starts working uh typically we’re gonna get that initial onset in one to two hours however full of fat can take about two to four weeks to notice the full effect so you got to give it

Some time make sure you’re taking it at the same time each day monitoring your blood pressure so a few key points to remember with herbicide we want to monitor our blood pressure of course we’re taking it to lower blood pressure we want to make sure it’s effective for that need to be careful for dizziness especially as we first started we need to be cautious

When we’re driving or anything that requires alertness we need to be cautious if we take it with anything else that can cause dizziness drowsiness that sort of thing of course we want to get those labs see our provider regularly make sure we’re not having any problems with potassium or any other issues and avoid dehydration that could cause dizziness and as we

Mentioned not for use during pregnancy and with blood pressure medications you don’t want to stop that abruptly your blood pressure could come back up and that high blood pressure could put you at risk of heart attack and stroke appreciate you watching uh please like this video and subscribe to my channel

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Irbesartan Review | 75 mg, 150 mg, 300 mg, Side Effects and with Hydrochlorthiazide. By Pharmacist Tips