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Isotretinoin (No prescription)

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Can’t find the exact link to the website I bought it from. Just go with your gut in finding a reputable website. Feel free to ask questions or comment.

Okay accu team say it’s a crazy drug a lot of side effects or whatever but if you living with acne acne is a side effect of itself that you gotta get rid of it like forever like our if you look at me something like that far you can’t even really tell now i got a couple marks couple scars my acne isn’t severe it never was severe it was moderate but still it’s with

My rate my rate was going straight on and when i got a pimple wasn’t like a pimple here come over here like no it’d be too big a jean was like this one or this one big ass john right there and uh yeah when i got acting you didn’t gentles would be big like and i’m jealous come in bunches shit’s not cool felt like hobo hands hopping beside the point went to my

Dermatologist was like no i can’t put you in acting team cuz not severe enough and it oh oh dermatologist doing like doing that sorry i feel you got food but he was prescribing me that was my body up anyway i was getting rashes and all over my body like though you mother to give me a containment if the other medicine that ate as bad it still me up like at least

I won’t have acne no more i have to do something no so it then i i had no insurance anymore so i was like are damage screws so went on the internet search for a contain and found his website i post a link in the little description of the video whatever my little website writing right now wolf han and i bought 10 milligram isotretinoin tablet so it was like 190

Tablets or something like that this affordable is better than going to the dermatologist and doing it through that way just by that shut off the internet they ship it from india know me and then i should come there don’t mind this stain that’s on it that’s unattractive it yeah they get i bought it in 10 milligrams at first because i mean i wanted you to try it

And low dosage first just to see if my body will have a bad reaction to it it did him everything was good but with the 10 milligrams out i started off with like 10 milligrams they didn’t i had no effect but i was like this ain’t working so they’re not bumped it up so 40 milligrams in the morning then 40 at night so i was taking four out of ten then another four to

Ten the pills look like this i was reading some message board and somebody was like owed the the red and white pills not meaning or fake they’re not working not he should saying fake my dude like like they sent me two different they sent me two different two different things or these red and white ones and then one came like this they got like little orange dots

On them that like that they both ten milligrams so i’m about to take my four but a day just like my third or fourth week trying it and you know was working when your lips feel like they got to fall off i mean so one cam and i got that little john’s in the trash i just wanted to show other people around me how crazy this is like this is what they sent me in the

Mail it’s like celesta says treat a isit isotretinoin dennis esto les they’re right there and it says the milligrams or whatever you get and then that’s what this is from the small small circle circular ones and this one this is what the the red and white ones come in just to let people know that now i mean if you get it like this iniciative legit all right her

Call for so yeah like um if you scared about the side-effects don’t take it yeah but if you like looking in the mirror every day like damn no like i’m tired of going out having my face look like that take the just take the just take it and if something happens just gotta deal with it like that’s all it is it’s a related david yeah i figured this bellavista

Logic i used when i was about to take this i was like you know what if people can pop mollies and ecstasy and xanax and all this that has no real purpose i could take some to clarify scared like i just deal with the consequences and so far it’s no um there’s no consequence it was like before my news like like my news is not shiny right now like it still is

Still working his magic i still got some things on mind you know i mean i didn’t wash my face today i’ll wash my face like you know i mean like this is drying my skin out like in any time of day especially in the afternoon and morning i could wipe my nose and my fingers shining my fingers just cool like my skin is all drying up but the lips things are like y’all

It’s bad but it’s not like unbearably oh you just keep sun keep some on your lips and i mean that’s how you know the ship is working coming what else the price wasn’t bad like i said i mean i how much you want to pay like this is for people who like really got like a problem like if you got like blue fishes a career card i have was it like don’t take funk don’t

Do it don’t do it it’s no there’s no point but it’s like if you have acne like and nothing else roots like i mean you wash your face you do everything it isn’t it’s not your diet because it’s like now i mean you could be a pig and eat pizza ice cream and just feed all that and then just be good like i need something we just got beautiful skin like no matter what

That you so if i eat the same and i get acne it’s still a problem right it’s still a problem and aside my body so it’s just yes so basically if you got acne i would recommend trying it like i said try it in well i tried it in small doses but i mean if you tried in big doses if you just don’t want a big ass effect to come out of nowhere but i mean the big dose is

Ensures that not me this phone gets it to your face you failed me and whatever reaction that you get that’s the reaction that you’re going to get but me like it has been three to four weeks i haven’t been counting on you i just been popping these jobs like i’ve been counting the days and the weeks i’m not about to do a whole accutane journey but i’m just saying that

I have noticed a change in my skin already on chapped lips and headaches like sometimes i get headaches but they’re not even crazy they’re not crazy at all like my meal just feel it like it’s like a headache like a small headache and i mean anything like i sit down and like i can still function and go to work i could eat just be like a little a little something

Going on up there but it you know what’s the price that you willing to pay to have clear skin if you grew up your whole life like yeah i grew up my whole life having acne like my whole important part of my life like i didn’t have it in elementary school but in middle school yeah i had acne in sixth grade how you getting pimples in a six breed i had a bit yellow

Mustard huge pimple son dad was the worst i had a right ear dog i still remember that my man was like yo that’s a boil i’m like no it’s not a boy you all know what it is and i was in the sixth grade my grave like that is not cooling ever since sixth grade on acne pimples or you’ll get bumps on my chest i’m in my aunts and like that just embarrassing but its

Life like nah man and and you know everybody who do they roll accutane videos and but you brave i just like a whole lot of people like me when they got problems and like that health problems or beauty problems or whatever now i mean you kind of feel timid like all gone but they’re about to just hot now like you feel like introverted or whatever by the way i

Look at your people that way bigger problems than that like admin is a big problem that a sector is who yeah i watch the news just said this was born without forearms and calves like how you not going without forearms and calves that’s a big ass problem like i mean he would rather have accurate i bet like not me so an overall score the things ain’t that big a

Deal but it’s like a tron bag i can’t bag no girl i can’t bag no good-looking girl with a big-ass pimple on my nose and a big-ass pimple on my cheeks talk about what’s up like she gonna be like oh nothing i mean it’s just the way i that’s that’s the way i see it what is this life ain’t all got no game either so no game and ask me that’s not gonna work but on yeah

What all right you get a little bit of headaches what i got a little bit of aids i don’t have the rashes i’m not itching my doctor put me on bactrim vs that me i had a boy sickle a fixed drug eruption google it and every picture that you see yeah they have it not everyone but like you know overall you take drug adduction from back from dss double strength action

And i was allergic to sulfur which is the main ingredient in that good that was the worst so if you know i mean just you just do your research but are your doctor best thing you can do is just find out everything that you’re allergic to if you’re allergic to anything of any medication don’t take it the possession you up like if i ever take another sulfur drug

There’s a chance i might die like that’s how rid of is but it’s just like this this uh this isotretinoin and like a little bit about it like nah man mom my skin it just like it feels like healthy i mean like it feels like not oily i mean i hope they should do something for my beer so there should be like either you know i mean i shouldn’t even at all something

Nutritious metrical so come on in so like i said i doubt i’ll include the link for the for the the company in the company that sends the medication is from india like you’re gonna get a package from india that’s why they got all the medication in the like that without you cuz here they always worried about money like i do i’ll go through your insurance and then

You just like your that you gotta get a new prescription for what like that i’m gonna miss like this like six billion people on this earth dog like man like you can’t be going through all that he’s doing image medication but i’m yeah man that’s it so i will have me i go so you got any questions anything like that comments think i’m sexy for me women think

I’m cute hit me yet we could no i mean hahaha

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Isotretinoin (No prescription) By FreddyXNature