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Hi Guys,

Hi guys welcome back to my channel so finally coming to this channel with a new video i know it has been a while since i uploaded my last video but you know i love the blog and vlog it’s like a hobby for me it’s just that i don’t have time most of the times to do it and right now i’m in kind of a holiday i am back home not home haiti but yourself for my best friend’s

Wedding and well i got some time so i decided to make this video which actually planned to do a long time ago i just didn’t have time for it and and many times i want to do blog a lot of things but i just don’t have time it’s so annoying but i keep on blogging and blogging because i still believe that people my learn may learn something from whatever i’m doing like

Whatever it’s something to do with skincare hair or my life experiences in general like struggles in life things i go through i always think that some people may learn are getting courage i got hopes in life from listening to my own life experiences anyways long story short so i’m coming to you with a new video and this video skincare video so this is about my acne

Skin i don’t know if i’ve ever mentioned this on the channel but i battled a lot with acne a really bad acne when i was the younger age same guy the last time i had really clean skin was on my twelve thirteen and then i got like explosion of acne on my face and i tried everything literally everything until i think around ten years ago i got on accutane roaccutane

Or isa 39 as many of you may know it and this that time it was horrible my dermatologist was terrible um i don’t even want to talk about it but it did help me but i wasn’t doing everything right as i shoot for instance one of the worst things was that i wasn’t even taking pregnancy tests every month they let me do it just once and i didn’t do any of the liver

Tests i think i did it once and that’s take and i took the pills for eight months it’s hard but i don’t even maybe one day i’ll make a video about all the details of this and the dangers but i’m on it again because my acne came back after i think maybe five years and it was i tried everything if you know me i eat healthy i exercise i have like a pharmacy and in

My room with all kind of came care from high-end to drugstore to natural things like olivera whatever i tried it all and i was just fed up so i decided to go back to a qt do give it another try for i hope the last time and this video is actually an update about my skin i’m not gonna talk about everything in skincare i’m just gonna show you it has been five months i

Think five months i would say or four months and a half because i’m actually off it right now because i’m in the caribbean and i actually don’t mind using it in the caribbean it’s just that i want to go to the beach a lot and i don’t know you know when i was back home when i use a ten years ago it was okay but right i don’t feel like doing it and my lips you know

I don’t want to use makeup because the thing that it does i think i don’t know if you can see it right now because i’ve been off it for a week so my lips are kind of recovering but it does like my main problem with this drug is my lips they get tri they peel and they look way lighter than my skin tone and one side effect about a cutaneous also it makes me darker

I don’t know about other people but doesn’t make me quite darker and i already noticed that in the netherlands that my foundation was a bit slightly too light for me and then when i came here even worse so yeah it does make me darker and then the palin is making me darker i mean lips look wider and a kind of inflamed it was horrible and i don’t feel like dealing

With it here because i’m not going to use makeup as much like back in the netherlands are when i was in body i use foundation and around my lips as well just to kind of give it a little skin tone color but planning to go to the beach lot here so i’m not gonna have a lot of makeup and stuff like that i don’t want to use a lot of makeup so i don’t want to have this

Big contrast between the color of my lips and my skintone and my lips peeling and sun damage and sun cream and blah blah blah anyway long story short i’m not using right now which will be one month i’ll be here so actually didn’t even talk to my dermatologist about it i did tell her to go on holiday and she knows and she can’t give it to me if i haven’t done the

Pregnancy test so she already know and she told me like when you come back from holidays we’ll see and i took the decisions it’s just scar i have actually pills but i decided to not take it i have at least for two weeks i think anyways so i didn’t take hit and um when i go back home we’ll see but for now i just want to show you my skin is actually clear like it’s

Completely clear in my opinion right now i get once in a while one people and the next day it’s gone it’s crazy but it’s quite clear mmm i think my main side effects are my lips very dry skin are terribly dry skin here i experienced it i’m in the caribbean and my skin is kind of combination i would say but back in the netherlands it’s horrible it’s so dry it’s

Crazy and my body is even worse than my face it’s itchy because it’s right and as i mentioned before for dark-skinned people your skin gets very dark and my opinion i got you can’t see you know if you can see it no but i get my face got darker maybe right not because i’m in holidays you don’t like this is getting darker anyway so you don’t really see it but i’m not

Sitting well you know i’m not even sitting well i’m under i’m on my knees on this chair anyway so on my website i put the link downstairs in the information section i have actually but is it called an article about the i think the first week the first street i think and it doesn’t say much but it’s just so you can see before and after pictures i probably make a

Video later but now i don’t want this video to be too long so i’m just going to come forward so you can see how my face is so far i mean it’s clean from acne but um i have the scars left from years of big crazy egg knees that i had but i think it’s um since right now it’s clean no have these little holes in my face because i had better things going on growing up

Oh i’m thinking 20 milligrams per day and right before i moved here move came here holiday right before i came here my dermatologist give me the just well told me we could start with 30 milligrams and then started because i decided to stop it but yeah i did four months of twenty milligrams and it was now that i should have start with the 30 min occurs i don’t know

How long she plans to keep me on it but i think probably six months yeah i think that’s the plan actually um i don’t want this video to be long so i’m just gonna cut it off and maybe next time i’ll come do another video with more explanation if you want some skincare routine or anything you know you just let me know also make up i can do a makeup tutorial while

I’m on it okay packing it here and i can do it one another makeup store i’m in the netherlands this it thank you very much for watching don’t forget to ask any questions if you have it if you want so want to know about the story of ten years ago when i was on accutane i can also make a video about it and yes this is it this is the it’s in dutch you can read it

If the great annoying and while once again guys thank you very much for watching coming back and don’t forget to like and subscribe and i hope to see you soon again

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