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IV medication administration – morphine

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Okay today i will be taking care of miss sandy jones and i receive an order from her provider i’m looking at my mart and right now i determine that mr. jones has 150 ml normal saline running per hour with 20 milliequivalents potassium chloride and my providers order is morphine sulfate 2 milligrams every four hours for pain actually this pra before i’m getting my

Medication ready i want to make sure that that morphine is compatible with the one running right now with my patient which is the normal saline with potassium chloride so what i want to do is pull up my skyscape so i’m looking it up so i found out that more fitness okay it’s compatible with with potassium chloride and normal saline and it says er i could administer

It on a white flight which is what my patient has and it says that and it says here also on my skyscape that i should be administering it within two to five minutes so it’s kind of little slow information so after determining that i will do my dimensional analysis to compute my dosage and i determine that my vial has 2 milligrams per ml and morphine sulfate so

I determine that i will be needing 1 ml for my patient for pain so i got my 10 ml sodium chloride for that to mix with i also got 3 ml to flush and now i will be mixing my preparing my medication for my patient so i would wash my hand and i wouldn’t want to clean my vial first cleaning my vial and with that since i am going after i checked my all my supplies if

It’s not expired if it’s not tampered so it means i’m good to go so i have 1 ml so what i want to do is drop air 1 and melt ok and now i will be in 1 ml era air well here making sure there’s no bubbles just with some 10 make sure there’s no bubbles okay if i see that there’s no more bubbles i’ll be getting my sodium i’m at the med room right now so it’s just me

So on you just make sure to prime it okay here okay there’s no air but my sharps container cover my here okay it looks good if i see more bubbles i just want to make sure there’s no bubbles and i want to make sure that i don’t spill any medication because more fitness pretty precious medication so i want to make sure you’re supposed to filling in i want to make

Sure i get all that one ml in my normal saline so after doing that i wanted to label my morphin so date time and my initials so i’m labeling that here okay and now i am going to my patient’s room so i’m gonna bring my vial with me make sure i tried that and some goes bad i mean i’ll call that so what did i think instrum now knock knock knock hi mr. jones my name

Is bianca and i’ll be your nurse today how are you fine okay are you having any pain so my patient told me that she’s in pain right now she’s at night and she said she don’t want some pain meds oh my god okay i miss santa jones i got some medication for you for your pain and i see i’m checking on my actually before doing that i should have checked out my patient

Some identification first so miss jones can you tell me your full name and date of birth so i determine that and i determine her allergies so if i have a scanner i will be scanning her name and looking at the mar if it’s the same with mattress and i am again double checking on my mark and i’m just again my medication make sure it’s all compatible and it’s all it

All matches so what i want to do is i want to access first i want to wash my hands i want to assess first mrs. sandra jones iv site if there’s any infiltration or any signs of lip by this so i’m checking it looks good there’s no signs of infection and anything looks normal to me so i will be explaining to miss jones the medication that she’ll be getting and that

She’ll be getting some morphine it’s for pain now what i want to do is stop the primary bag and again i’m going to wash my hands and i will be injecting the morphine out of my face so before doing that i want to make sure it’s not clamp so it’s not clamped this is stopped at mr. jones i will be giving you some pain medication so i’m cleaning the port for at least

15 seconds here okay so i’m gonna inject the morphine sulfate to my patient so i’ll be infusing it at least around two to five minutes slowly so what i mean i want to document the time that i started so i’ll be documenting on my paper so let’s say it’s two o’clock right now so i’m injecting it and let’s say after five minutes i’ll be also documenting the time

That i stopped so after infusing that i will be flushing with three ml normal saline that and the purpose of flushing is to make sure that the medication goes all the way into my patients pain somehow maybe stop here so flushing looks good so after flushing hey right so discard all the things that i’ve used and i’m continuously obsessing my patient skin the site

And after doing that i’ll document and start the primary bag again

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IV medication administration – morphine By bianca bergfeld