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Joe Rogan on Adderall, People Are Doing Speed!

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Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1280 w/Michael Yo:

Ya see starbucks is way up the chart look at it there starbucks tall is like closing in on 200 and what does look it looks like about 270 yeah i think that’s somewhere in the range of 270 milligrams of caffeine but that’s a coffee that’s not right so coffee it would be better to go to starbucks and get a tall coffee that there’s an espresso see how low it is it’s

Below 100 yeah so that’s why i’m drinking so many up so when i drink five i guess i think 500 mili less than drinking two of these things say yeah these caveman nitros these are the yeah i live off these goddamn things they’re responsible for half my productivity basically i’m too to go on adderall so i just i just drink this stuff there’s nothing wrong with

Coffee i’m scared at all but people will admit they’re alert they’re addicted to coffee and everyone’s like god me too if you go dude i am so addicted to adderall they’re like okay joe i’m not calling you like that you’re gonna think i’m lame but til five years ago i didn’t even know what adderall it was no i think you’re smart like i like all my friends in houston

They do it and i asked my friend like i text them and i go hey man you got what’s your a d and he goes yeah we got adderall i’ll say what are you taurus to go to your house like literally he thought i was talking about adderall and then he explained to me like when you’re in a club and you want to stay up and you want to stay like energized you take adderall and i

Was oh okay but i i don’t drink so i can stay up til 3 4 o’clock in the morning be fine what’s fascinating about adderall is what they’ve essentially done is taken an amphetamine and made it so that if you prescribed it for a condition right like they give it to people what ad d is one right whatever the that means and it’s very debatable whether or not you have

It or don’t have everybody here saying i have it for sure if it is real if it’s real i have it but they give you adderall yeah it’s just speed and because it’s a medication that you give to somebody who has supposedly has a condition and by the way i’m not diagnosing you if you’re out there you’re getting frustrated with me right now just listen to me it’s speed

Maybe you need speed maybe you’re that person that needs speed maybe you do need it legitimately as a medication but there’s a fuckload of people that are just doing speed so by somebody giving you speed is supposed to slow you down so you won’t have a dd is that the reason they say legit if you have the legit a dd look i am not doubting that some people have 100

I have worse than i have yeah there’s a spectrum right with everything but for some people when they take adderall or similar type of substances it actually lets them focus and they can they can actually be on track so by speeding it up somehow it focuses at it i think it’s i think the idea is that it’s proof that their system is wired wrong which is why when you

Give them that speed they can center out and mellow out

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Joe Rogan on Adderall, "People Are Doing Speed!" By JRE Clips